Friday, February 20, 2009

Canada Cuts Off Free Firearms To Instructors

Many Canadian firearms instructors believe that a new Canadian regulation will make training in safe use of firearms impossible. Canadian firearms instructors typically were given firearms to use as training aids from police departments. They were free, but with big strings attached. The training aids "prop" guns must all be deactivated.

As part of the requirements to be a Canadian basic instructor, each must have five deactivated long guns with different actions. They must also have two deactivated handguns. They must also have deactivated ammunition.

A new Canadian regulation forbids police or any public agency from providing seized guns to firearms instructors to use as training aids in the future.
The policy that was ended allowed instructors to receive forfeited guns from the police and take them to private machining companies who would deactivate them.
The instructors would pay for the firearm's deactivation.

The machinists would turn a working firearm into a "harmless" — but realistic — "prop" as a training aid. At $75 per deactivation, the cost was minimal. The instructors would pay only for the "gunsmithing."

Instructors will now have to buy the rifles and handguns themselves, and immediately destroy them to be able to use them in training others. They will have to pay for the gun, plus the "gunsmithing" cost of permanently deactivating (destroying) it.
Costs of guns to be destroyed for the instructors can reach into the thousands of dollars.
Many instructors believe that startup costs will now be prohibitively high for new instructors to enter the firearms training and safety profession.

Making entering the firearms training profession as expensive as possible, and cutting the number of new firearms instructors and training instruction, and use of a non functioning firearm and ammunition, fits perfectly into the Canadian scheme of gun control. After all, why bother with firearms training when Canada doesn't want the citizenry to own and use firearms anyway, especially in self defense?

Canada has a severe problem with drug gangs, and all the gang related shootings, armed robberies, and killings that go with the illegal drug trade.
I doubt that armed drug thugs bother to go to firearms training classes.

Rather than direct all available resources toward fighting violent criminals, and allowing citizens to protect themselves from armed thugs, Canada has once again taken the politically correct low road to continue to do everything possible to keep the law abiding Canadians disarmed, untrained in firearms use, and at the mercy of those violent criminals who obey no laws.

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