Friday, February 13, 2009

"We Are All Socialists Now"- Goodbye Firearms

This is on the cover of the February 16, 2009 Newsweek magazine. When I read this, a cold chill went through me. It wasn't like the tingle running up and down the leg of MSNBC's Chris Matthews when he thinks of Barak Obama.
The article says, "In many ways our economy resembles a European one. As Boomers age, and spending grows, we will become even more French."

Do we really want to be French? Do we really want the European model for anything in the United States? We have seen the problems brought on by unfettered immigration in Europe and here. Are we prepared to live with all the benefits that Socialism brings?

The era of the nanny state has arrived where those in power believe they can take care of all our needs, raise our families and children, and protect us better than we can ourselves. They not only have a belief, but they are putting their plans in action.

What benefits will we be getting? Benefits such as European style "free" long wait for medical treatment under socialist medicine.
For example, when a colon polyp is suspected, an immediate colonoscopy is required to prevent the polyp from becoming cancerous. And, that's what we get under the current American medical system. Unfortunately, in England, with socialist health care rationing, the wait is too long, and most colon polyps become full blown colon cancer before a patient can have his procedure. But, many people are blind to socialized medicine's problems because health care is "free" and available to everyone

And, there's the European system of gun control, which is epitomized by United Nations efforts to control our Second Amendment rights.
The United Nations has been after our firearms for years.
Just consider the following from the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress about the U.N. General Assembly adoption in May 2001 of a Protocol Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Their Parts and Components and Ammunition in the crime venue, which would regulate guns worldwide.

"The U.N. Convention was signed by the United States on December 13, 2000, and
transmitted to the Senate, along with two protocols, on February 23, 2004 (108th
Congress, 2nd Session, Senate Treaty Document 108-16). The Senate Foreign Relations
Committee held hearings on June 17, 2004, with no further action. The United States
took no action on the firearms protocol, neither signing it nor transmitting it to the Senate..."

"On July 9, 2001,then U.S. Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs John R. Bolton, in a statement to the Conference, noted that Small arms and light weapons, in our understanding, are the strictly military arms —automatic rifles, machine guns, shoulder-fired missile and rocket systems, lightmortars — that are contributing to continued violence and suffering in regions ofconflict around the world.
We separate these military arms from firearms such as
hunting rifles and pistols, which are commonly owned and used by citizens in many
countries. As U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft has said, “just as the First and
Fourth Amendments secure individual rights of speech and security respectively, the
Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms.” The United
States believes that the responsible use of firearms is a legitimate aspect of
national life. Like many countries, the United States has a cultural tradition of hunting and sport shooting. We, therefore, do not begin with the presumption that all small arms and light weapons are the same or that they are all problematic."...

"While U.N. bodies have adopted resolutions and a “firearms protocol,” these efforts
have focused on the availability of firearms manufactured and obtained illegally and on the use or misuse of these firearms in the criminal arena, including for organized crime,and/or to facilitate the spread of or prolongation of conflict. During meetings and negotiations in U.N. bodies, U.S. representatives have focused on the need to combat organized crime and to reduce out-of-control violence and conflict by limiting the availability of firearms, light weapons, and small arms that contribute to and aggravate these situations.
They have made it clear that the reduction of crime and conflict is a primary goal of the United States. They have supported U.S. Second Amendment rights of citizens to firearms. As the experience with the OAS Convention and the U.N. Protocol illustrates, any international treaties in this area would not bind the United States unless these documents were acted on favorably by the U.S. Senate, if the President decided to transmit the treaty to the Senate for its consideration."

American gun owners were fortunate when the Senate Foreign Relations Committee refused to act on the United Nations Firearms control protocol in 2004, when the committee was Republican controlled.
This UN gun control program died in the United States in 2004. It is still on the table at the United Nations. But, will it rise from the ashes here? The Senate Foreign Relations is under the control of Barack Hussein Obama now. Ambassador John Bolton is gone, along with our government's resistance to United Nations programs like the KYOTO Treaty and this.

We have seen changes in this country in the last year that no one could have possible conceived of before. Being a part of what the United nations and Barack Obama consider the "world community," I do not look forward to what may be in the cards for us here. As for me, I choose not to be a Socialist.

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Anonymous said...

I do not know about anyone else but I am not a socialist, never have been and never will be. When are people in this country going to wake up and start doing something about it.

Write or call your congressme regularly and let them know you will not put up with this nonsense. If they won't listen then maybe it will come a time when we have to take more drastic actions. Hopefull not, but our freedoms are ours to lose. If we let the liberals destroy this county then we deserve what we get.

Stand up and fight back. Quit being afraid to be heard. They work for us (so far) we don';t work for them. That is why we have the First Amendment, use it or lose it, along with several other rights.