Monday, March 23, 2009

After Police Killings, Let's Make Parolee's Possessing Firearms And Murder More Illegal

The city of Oakland will be looking for new laws that will stop the primal urge to kill after the murders of four policemen. None have worked so far. It appears that more regulation, more laws against possessing guns, and more laws against killing will keep murderers from killing.

A former San Francisco police chief believes that these California police killings are a good reason why "assault weapons" should be banned.

He probably didn't notice that "assault weapons" are already banned in California. They have been since 2000. You can't even inherit one.

Law enforcement officials also say they believe this is an example of why parolees should not be allowed to have guns.

They probably temporarily forgot that parolees in every state, including California are prohibited by laws from owning or possessing guns as a condition of parole.

The parolee, Lovelle Mixon, was on parole on an assault with a deadly weapon charge. Mixon, who also had a current arrest warrant, killed three motorcycle policemen with a handgun, and killed a SWAT officer with an "assault rifle" at an apartment.

These laws didn't matter to this killer because he was already on the run for parole violation, and would have gone back to prison if apprehended. He believed that he had nothing to lose.

Since the laws against killing, against parolees having guns, and the "assault weapon" ban that are already in place in California don't work, California, Oakland, and the Bradys will want new laws to make these crimes even more illegal. This makes perfect sense to the socialist mindset. Good luck.

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Zee said...

Our parole system has let down the safety of the American public! All over America parlee's has been the corner stone of American violence with or without firearms! More and more Parolee's have murdered American Police Officers in the line of duty for the 5 years and it will get worse if we as a people don't do something about it! First, Protecting the 2nd Amendment against criminals who use firearms and other related tools and createing more systems to incarcerate these individuals who are apt to conseiving more deadly crime upon Americans at will! We have technologies to perform these tasks ah hand if we want to! Let the American government write a " STIMULAS " package for the American Prision Systems ( Wow, more Jobs, Mr Obama! ) that are needed to up-grade; Let's start with the currenent Parole System and let's enhance the system for better use of detaining dangerous people inside the walls of " Justice "! Ours right to keep and bear shall not be infringed by the American criminal! Together, Let's do was right for the American Firearms owners, keep criminals off the American landscape!