Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The "Good" Reasons And The Real Reasons For Gun Control

So, we've got the most anti gun administration in the nation's history. From Obama, to Eric Holder, to just about every cabinet member. The only thing that seems to stop them is the "Al Gore" effect from the 2000 election loss. We must be determined that public backlash from gun owners lasts.

We have groups like the Bradys, Violence Policy Center, Freedom States Alliance (what an odd name for an anti freedom group)and others who are created all the time to push their agenda and to make money on the fear of guns that they promote and feed on.
They feed on the tragedy created by insane people who murder, and its apparent, look forward to the next gun massacre to further their interests.
But, they continue to stumble in their effort to disarm the country.

There are companies with financial interests in the anti gun movement, such as the financial interest that Todd Lizotte, who developed microstamping technology, has in seeing his invention implemented nation wide. Fortunately, the many states that have introduced microstamping bills have not succeeded in getting them into law. This is in most part because microstamping has too many technical flaws. Aside from technical flaws, the primary flaw is that the technology focuses on the gun and not the person who commits a crime with it.

There have been significant losses to gun rights. There's the AWB in California and New Jersey. There's the limit to high capacity magazines that make possession of ones that hold more than ten rounds criminal. Hollow point bullets are regulated in some places. There's New York City and Chicago. There are holdout states that will not grant handgun licenses. But, the dire predictions of groups like Brady, and the predictions of many law enforcement officers who were against citizen carry of guns and predicted shootouts at every traffic accident haven't come true. Anti gun groups in Illinois and Wisconsin still promote these lies.

There have been gains too. There's Heller. There was the failure of the the Clinton AWB.There are law enforcement agency heads who made dire predictions about concealed permit holders who now support concealed carry. The Illinois Sheriff's Association supports concealed permits there. Also, 48 states now allow concealed carry. Who would have thought this possible 15 years ago? There are some politicians, such as Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, who made her own negative predictions about concealed carry, and has changed her mind about concealed carry. Even 65 Congressional Democrats have signed on in opposing another Assault Weapons Ban.

AWBs and other gun bans simply don't work, as seen from the police officer killings in California, home of a statwide AWB. The AWB in New Jersey has been a failure too.
People there didn't turn theirs in.

The anti gun movement is based on lies and statistics that are twisted to their purposes. Such lies as calling gang bangers shooting and killing each other "child deaths" from guns. Such lies as Illinois anti gun groups use when they say that crime increases when gun permits are lawful.

Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying (maybe so-maybe not) that people in politics do things for two reasons. They are: 1. A good reason, and 2. the real reason to do something.

The "good reason" that anti gun groups exist is supposedly public safety. The real reason is the money that the anti gun effort generates. God forbid that Sarah Brady and Paul Helmke should have to get real jobs. We all know that its not control of guns, but control of you and me.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Brady and Helmke know how to take care of you better than you do. The best gun control is hitting the plate every time.