Monday, March 30, 2009

To Barack Obama-"Yes We Can"... And Will ...Keep Our Firearms

A wise old Uncle told me when I was a kid that gun rights were in danger. But being proverbially young and stupid, I ignored him until the Clinton Administration.
We all know that the Brady's goal is absolutely no guns in America. Period. That is, except for the criminals. Although this may be attempted by law, we all know that gun carrying criminals will never give up the tools of their trade. getting caught with a gun is just a cost of doing business with them. In reality, a thug's carrying a gun just enhances their street reputation. It is amusing though when they are many times inept enough to shoot themselves with their own gun.

Encouragingly, the national landscape has changed since the last national gun ban. 48 states now allow some form of concealed carry. Most of this has happened since the Clinton era. Gun carry permit applications, and Firearms and ammunition sales are off the charts since Obama's election. Gun owners are looking at tough times ahead. They must be equally tough to meet the challenges. The crisis escalating and is coming like a runaway freight train, and it's approach is coming fast.

Like many Americans, seeing the hatred of guns by liberals and their actions, I had been complaining to my family, supporting gun rights groups, and writing emails to Senators and Congressmen about opposition to the coming gun grab. So, rather than just email and complaining to family and friends, I decided to publicly write about various thoughts and opinions, that I believe many share. And to encourage others not to just wait for things to happen to their gun rights, but to make things happen for them, and become active in supporting our firearms rights. Its all about mobilization now, while we can mobilize, and mobilize before its too late.

Its not hard to find something to write about. Just watching what is going on in statehouses and in Washington gives plenty of things to get writing mad about. Obama gives plenty to write about every day he's in office. If nothing else, for me, writing is therapeutic. Its a fact that the government wants to take our guns, redistribute our money, and take our individual and state sovereignty through bigger and more intrusive government. We are all getting fed up with it.

Several days ago ago, I posted a blog titled, "Gun Rights Groups Are All That Stand Between You And Obama's Gun Crusher." I was lambasted by several people about my support for the imperfect NRA. I said then, and repeat now that they have made serious mistakes in the past. If you don't like what the NRA is doing and are a member, then don't just sit there. Let them know. Let them know in mass. Change the organization. However, we can't defend our Second Amendment rights without being organized.

If we can't prevent a government gun seizure by our supporting the organized groups like the NRA and other gun rights organizations in huge numbers through our contributions, time, and pro-activity, then any other later action is just going to be too late.

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