Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hang The Pirates From The Highest Yardarm

Laws and rules can't stop piracy, murder, kidnapping, or robbery anywhere, let alone on the high seas. There's only one effective way to stop pirates. Its the old fashioned way used since piracy began hundreds of years ago...the use of force against force. Our sniper Seal team and the MSC Melody Cruise ship proved that.

No matter the supposed good intentions, laws and rules never have stopped anyone who is really intent on committing violence, and they never will.

It would have been a prize worth millions in ransom; however, a band of Somali Pirates got a taste of dodging bullets themselves when an armed Israeli team aboard the MSC Melody fought back at the pirates attacking their cruise ship. While the crew doused the pirate boat with water cannon in an attempt to swamp it, and the Israelis shot handguns, the passengers did their part before by throwing deck chairs and everything not attached to the deck at the pirates and into the pirate's boat as they tried to board on grappling ropes. They soon retreated in shocked disbelief as chairs rained down and shots from the ship were heard. When it was over, the cruise ship had over 200 bullet holes. The pirates didn't care who was hurt or killed.

The cruise line should be congratulated on the forethought in having an armed and trained security team. An armed defense team makes more sense than disco night or karaoke in the lounge. If passengers on a cruise liner, the crew, and armed security teams can work together at fighting back against pirates intent on kidnapping before they can board and take over their ship, then it should be done by all shipping and cruises lines.
Some cruise lines use discreet security teams. This ship's captain had handguns on board to be distributed to the security team in case of an emergency like this. Many of those are composed of recently discharged Israeli army veterans.

Just as restrictive anti gun laws in America leave unarmed citizens vulnerable, maritime law and some port rules and regulations currently are aimed at deterring victims from protecting themselves at sea. Let the pirates wonder if they will be met with armed resistance and a bullet between the eyes from a determined effort from a big ship while plying their piracy trade from a small boat.

The current law leaves those on ships just as vulnerable as Chicago ordinances do for a jogger on a Chicago street. There is no down side to self defense from an armed attacker. The current ban on self defense at sea must end before there is more loss of innocent life.

Obama Renames "Swine Flu" - Gun Control To Be Renamed Soon

As predicted by this blog on Monday, 04/27/09, the Obama administration, through Janet Napoiltano, has changed the official name of "Swine Flu" to another name. It is now to be called "H1N1 Flu." We predicted that Swine were being disparaged to the point that Obama would require a more politically correct name for the illness.

We said in jest on Monday, "After hearing Robert Madden, Health and Consumer Protection Director General, say that it was unfair to name the flu after pigs, Obama, in his latest apology spree for America and for political correctness in renaming things, then apologized to all pigs in the world for the unfortunate American naming of the flu as "Swine Flu, which disrespected a whole class of animals world wide. Many liberals cheered the move.

We also stated that Obama also wanted to rename "Swine Flu" because it is disrespectful of Muslims. No self respecting Muslim wants to become ill or be be smitten by anything connected to Swine. The Jews weren't happy with the name either."

This name change joins the ranks of "Overseas contingency operations" for the War on terror," Man made disasters" for terrorist attacks, and "Detainees" for Terrorist Enemy Combatants. We are still sticking to this blog's earlier prediction that gun control will be renamed "Gun redistribution" sometime during this administration.

Of course, Monday's blog was written in jest, but it just shows that fantasy can become reality quickly with Obama, and anything is possible with this man.

Look for other Obama name changes for:
Income tax
nationalized health care
global warming/ environmental change(already evolving)
pork bills
deficit spending
national defense
The Constitution
The Bill Of Rights
The Second Amendment
The Bible

Feel free to add to this list.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama Shakes Hand With Mexican Official- Man Dies Mysteriously One Day Later

President Obama, while in Mexico, shook the hand of a Mexican official who died the next day. Obama's aides denied any connection between Obama's handshake and the man's death. The Mexican government gave Obama political cover by saying that the man died of Swine Flu.

Suggestions were made by Obama and PETA that the new flu strain be named the Bush Flu or Conservative Consumption. This due to the fact that the flu must have actually been created by the Bush administration at a secret biological warfare lab on Bush's ranch in Crawford.

After hearing Robert Madden, Health and Consumer Protection Director General, say that it was unfair to name the flu after pigs, Obama, in his latest apology spree for America and for political correctness in renaming things, then apologized to all pigs in the world for the unfortunate American naming of the flu as "Swine Flu, which disrespected a whole class of animals world wide. Many liberals cheered the move.

Obama also wanted to rename "Swine Flu" because it is disrespectful of Muslims. No self respecting Muslim wants to become ill or be be smitten by anything connected to Swine. The Jews weren't happy with the name either.

PETA immediately congratulated the President for his bold initiative that will elevate their razorback friends to a new politically correct status.

Fearing that he would be accused of using the Bush Flu as a political football, and trying to make slandered pigs get their self esteem back, he took several Presidential steps.

He issued an Executive Order banning all county fair greased pig contests and pig racing. He also issued a denial that the Flu has any connection to the record pork spending coming from Congress with his approval.

Obama also has made it a priority to get the NFL to stop making footballs from pigskin, but instead from the skins of of recently deceased Republicans.

Although none of the above has a shred of truth in it, anything is possible with our "Dear Leader," Its hard to not feel some unearthly reality and unreal truthfulness when reading this.

Its just a curious coincidence that the Bush/Conservative Flu epidemic began shortly after Obama's Mexico visit. If the flu had showed itself after a Bush Visit, George Bush would have certainly been held responsible for the existence of the illness and its worldwide spread.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama To Regulate Ammunition- And Other White House Brainstorming

In his latest effort to be all things to all people, Barack Obama has developed a gun control program that will appease both the pro and anti gun sides. The news will be that you will still be able to own all the guns that you want. However, he will regulate possession of ammunition to only one bullet. You can choose any caliber you want as long as it is under .50 cal Browning Machine Gun.

Taking pride on well thought out decisions, and after a marathon "Andy Griffith Show" viewing marathon with his full cabinet, Obama decided that the Barney Fife method of gun control is perfect for America. The bullet will be further regulated by a requirement that it be kept in your shirt pocket. If you don't have a shirt pocket, you can wear it on a chain around your neck. It is rumored that this chain carrying method was developed in deference for gang members, who can wear theirs on a gold chain. But, Obama warns them not to allow fellow gangsters to determine their "street rep" in their gang by the size of their bullet.

Other White House Ideas since tongue lashing of credit card CEO's, and car manufacturer and bank takeovers:

1. No more $12.00 beers at airports: Just like sudden credit card interest rate hikes, why should people go to a bar at an airport and be ambushed by price gouging on beer prices.

2. Regulation of sports:

Basketball: In an effort to make Obama's favorite, basketball, more competitive, he will level the "slam dunk" playing field. The officials will be able to push a button that gives the rim a 220 volt electric charge to any player who hangs on to it while slam dunking. To further make the game more competitive, players who are especially good shots will face a similar electric shock that is activated by sensors in their Reeboks when they cross the key lines. This will force all their shot trys to be three pointers.

Childrens Bowling: To increase all children's self esteem, children will bowl with two balls attached together by a bar like the weights weightlifters lift. The balls will both roll down the gutter together, and the bar will knock down all the pins. This will prepare children for the real world,and assure that every child has a strike every time they roll. This will further The self esteem goals of the NEA and further ingratiate them to his administration.

Baseball. Anyone who runs too fast will have weights attached to their legs to compensate for their unfair advantages. Obama got this idea from new regulations he imposed on businesses taken over by him. Pitchers who throw too many strikes will have to pitch with a bag over their head. Anyone who steal bases will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law by Eric Holder. Of course, the perfect Obama ideal will be to share scores if any team gets too far ahead.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama Sticks To His Foreign Policy Guns- Shoots Self In Foot

Obama is trying hard to make nice to the world to counter George Bush's America first policies. After seeing Obama in action for just 3 months, is he fulfilling the predictions of those who voted against him?

Obama reacts like a kid I knew in high school who was always picked on by bullies. He tried to get along starting with one in particular, and got the end of his nose bitten off in an attack at a hamburger place when he tried to buy a bully a coke.

For a man who hadn't previously even made the decisions necessary to run a Junior Achievement Club, here's part of his foray into foreign policy. What's Obama done to make this country more safe through improved international relations?

In addition to closing Gitmo, changing the names of some of our policies to politically correct ones, and releasing memos describing American coercive interrogation techniques for terrorist camps to train against, here's some other diplomatic gems.

He makes a well produced apologetic video and send it to the President of Iran. Iran replies by saying they have completed 9,000 uranium enrichment centrifuges. They convict an American woman for spying and sentence her to 8 years.

Obama goes to Mexico and proposes a new anti gun treaty. He believes that all of Mexico's problems are caused by the USA and apologizes. Are we paranoid about our gun rights for no reason?

He shakes hands with Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, and pats him on the back and apologizes for America. Chavez makes nice and gives Barack a cheesy gift like Obama is used to giving to foreign heads of state. Its an anti USA book. This, from the man who destroyed Democracy in Venezuela.

Obliviously, Obama grins and proudly holds it up for the cameras and the world to see. Chavez says he wants to be Obama's buddy. Something good did come from the book gift. It rises from number 50,000 to number 20 on Obama leaves and Chavez calls him an Ignoramus when he's gone.
At least Obama left with his nose intact.

While Obama is rapidly nationalizing American business, lets see him try to nationalize Venezuela's CITCO operations here. He'll see what a friend Chavez really can be. Cuba isn't invited to this party though.

But, Obama has other plans for Cuba. He announces lifting family travel provisions to there and easing of currency restrictions. Castro is pleased and wants to be Obama's
friend. Castro slams Obama over the weekend for not immediately lifting the trade embargo like a good comrade should.

Strength is the only thing that bullies really relate to and understand.

And, there's another kid I knew in high school who had his back broken while trying to get along with a bully...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ten More Reasons To Love Our New Socialist State

1. I will have my own teleprompter in my house. It will be connected directly to Obama's TOTUS in the White House. Instead of having to think, I will just read out loud to everyone what Barack wants me to think and say.

2. CNN and MSNBC will be my eyes and ears. They will watch anyone who may disobey the directions of Barack Obama, and have unbiased news reports, unlike other non mainstream media. They were especially effective in exposing who was really behind the so called Tea Parties.

3. I won't have to worry about domestic terrorism anymore. We have been warned that all returning war veterans are going to become someone like McVeigh and kill people. Obama and the Homeland Security Department told me so in their report "Right wing Extremism" that just came out.
I have reduced mine to wallet size and laminated it.
Perhaps we can keep track of all these crazy returning military people's whereabouts and put them on a list like sex offenders have.

4. I will know who the rest of the right wing extremist radicals are. Anyone who disagrees with Obama's plans is an extremist radical. I'll volunteer to go undercover to all of those stupid "Tea Parties" that they will have here in town and take pictures of the nut jobs there and give them to the FBI. They just cause traffic jams and regular people can't find parking places to shop. Maybe I'll set one of those useless American flags on fire and make them look bad.

5. Obama will make the world live in harmony.
We all saw how effective that he was when he went to the G20 meeting overseas. Everyone loves us now.

6. No one will have those vicious guns. I won't have to worry about crime anymore.

7. I will not need electricity or other power that is created by polluting sources. I will just flip a switch, and all the power I need will just come out of the air.
The same goes for fuel for my car.

8. The government will give cars and houses to everyone, which will create jobs.

9. Everyone will have a dog like Obama's. We will get free dog food too.

10. Term limits for presidents will be abolished under Obama. Maybe Obama can serve as long as Hugo Chavez has in Venezuela. Look at all the good Chavez has done without worrying about reelection.

Ten Reasons To Love The Coming Socialist State (Revisited)

1. I won't have to think for myself. Oh my God, its so hard to make decisions or plans for my future anymore. I can depend on President Obama for the rest of my life to do all my thinking and make all decisions for me from now on. If he is too busy, someone who works for him will. What a load off my mind. I trust him so much.

2. All my needs will be provided for. I'll just wait for my monthly government check. As long as there are wealthy people to provide for us and the government printing presses are well oiled, we will never run out of money. As I heard someone else say on Barack's election day, "I never thought this day would come. I'll never have to work to pay for gasoline again. I'll never have to work to pay my mortgage anymore." Well said.

3. My college tuition will be free. Why should I leave my parent's house and struggle to get a grant or a student loan or pay tuition when everything will be given to me? I hear that under Obama you will get a "B" for just showing up in class now.

4. There will be no world conflict because we will all get along now. Everybody loves Obama. Terrorism has begun to end now that the world knows we are harmless. We no longer have anything to fear. The shootings in Mumbai were aberrations, and didn't affect us because it happened so far away, and not here.

5. No one will hate America anymore. Everyone knows that the only reason that all the world hated us was because of George Bush. Problem solved.

6. I won't have to worry about gun violence or crime. Obama is against guns guns and is against concealed carry of handguns. His attorney general has announced that Obama has a few things he wants to do with guns. We can join Europe in making guns illegal. They have no crime problems.

7. My health care will be free. We will model our free health care after the efficient systems in Canada and England. Health care is for the healthy and the young. Valuable resources won't be squandered in treating the elderly because they have lived their lives. We will give them some free pain pills and send them home to relax.

8. My housing will be free. There are lots of vacant houses now. If I don't like the one I live in now, I can just move into the one you recently vacated. I can depend on Obama, or maybe even you to pay my mortgage for me if I ever need to get one.

9. And, of course, free food too. Some people get free food now, but the program will expand for everyone. Instead of shopping, I will just show up at a government warehouse free super market and get all the free food that I can eat. I will always be thoughtful and courteous and not take too much.

10. The wealthy will pay for everything. Need I say more?

11. Bonus Reason. I will never have to worry about anything ever again.

12. Bonus Reason. Chicks dig socialists too.

13. Bonus reason No one will have those vicious guns. I won't have to worry about crime anymore.

14. CNN and MSNBC will be my eyes and ears. They will watch anyone who may disobey the directions of Barack Obama and have unbiased news reports, unlike other non mainstream media.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama's Teleprompters Would Have Fled In Panic

Joe the Plumber didn't need a teleprompter when he spoke yesterday. If Obama's teleprompters had been there, they would have turned their tails and run away with their cords tucked between their legs, cowering at the sight of 5,000 people who were opposed to Obama policies, and the sight of "Joe the Plumber," who was in Lansing, Michigan to speak at the taxpayer protest tea party. It was on April 15th, 2009, the day that income tax payments were due for everyone who is not a cabinet member of the Obama administration. Governor Granholm said that those who attended tea parties were part of a radical fringe right wing group. Sound familiar? Anyone who has views not those of Obama are in that category.

Tea parties swept the nation, bringing out huge sign carrying crowds nationwide just as Homeland Security tried to discredit the protest the day before with the release of the "report," "Right wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment" by Obama's Homeland Security Department. It was a liberal smear attempt of the day's attendees and an attempt to paint all those who oppose Obama with a wide radical brush.

But it just wasn't "right wing" Republicans who were there. There were Democrats and Independents who believe that wrong is just plain wrong.

People were expressing their rights of free speech and peaceful assembly. They were tired of being pushed around by Obama's big socialist government, pork, and his spending money as fast as he can print it. This mass national turn out coming after just three months of his administration. There has never been such a large protest in the history of the country coming from non liberal gatherings.

It was from the high up on the steps of the Capitol building that "Joe" could see thousands of disgruntled taxpayers. They covered the entire front of the Capitol building grounds from street corner to street corner as they chanted in chorus, "Nobama, Nobama, Nobama," "USA,USA, USA," and "Vote them out, Vote them out." These chants continually interrupted all of the speakers. They couldn't have cheered and yelled louder and more enthusiastically at a Michigan State playoff football game.

One speaker asked all to get out their cell phones as he gave out the main switchboard number of Congress from the podium, and asked he thousands gathered there to enter it and to symbolically push "Send" in unison as they roared their approval. Most people did, and so many people called that many got an error message that said, "Network Busy" as thousands of calls went to Washington simultaneously.

Joe opened his speech by holding up a copy of tax day's USA TODAY and reading this headline to the large crowd, "Most Americans OK with Big Government." He asked the gathering, "Is that the way you all feel today?" You could tell from the crowd's reaction that USA TODAY hadn't asked this crowd their opinion of big government as they expressed their rage and disgust toward Obama policies. Joe also said to the lively crowd that, "I'm here to talk about common sense. Common sense does not die. It does not get old."

One sympathetic Congressmen, Mike Rogers, and State legislators were seen in the crowd in support, but it was not their day. It was the people's day.

Joe the Plumber

Joe motivates the crowd as he speaks from the Michigan Capitol Steps

A small part of the crowd

Another view of part of crowd

The "old" becomes the new

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CDC Study Says Its Unhealthy For Children And Young AdultsTo Carry Guns

The CDC released its latest study on unhealthy behaviors by those who are between 10 and 24. These statistics point to a failure of parenting and a failure of the liberal attitudes found at public schools. Students are taught to "get along" at school and not fight back when assaulted by others. In most schools when a student is physically harassed or attacked and fights back, the victim is also punished by the schools. This liberal ideal is in part why Virginia Tech students willingly lined up against a wall when told to by their killer and were executed one by one down the line.
We are not suggesting that K-12 students should carry guns to use to fight back.

The study showed students had these behaviors in the 30 days before they were surveyed.

Behaviors that Contribute to Violence

Carried a Gun
Nationwide, 5.2% of students had carried a gun on at
least 1 day...*NOTE: It is not known if the study was conducted during hunting season.

Carried a Weapon
Nationwide, 18.0% of students had carried a weapon
(e.g., a gun, knife, or club) on at least 1 day...

The survey showed the following happened in the 12 months before the survey.

Injured in a Physical Fight
Nationwide, 4.2% of students had been in a physical
fight one or more which they were injured and had to be treated by
a doctor or nurse

Dating Violence
9.9% of students
nationwide had been hit, slapped, or physically hurt
on purpose by their boyfriend or girlfriend...

Forced to Have Sexual Intercourse
7.8% of students had ever been physically
forced to have sexual intercourse when they did not want

Carried a Weapon on School Property
Nationwide,Nationwide, 27.1% of students had had their property
(e.g., car, clothing, or books) stolen or deliberately damaged
on school property...

Threatened or Injured with a Weapon on
School Property

7.8% of students nationwide had been threatened or injured with a
weapon (e.g., a gun, knife, or club) on school property...

In a Physical Fight on School Property
12.4% of students had been in a physical fight on school property...

Did Not Go to School Because of Safety

5.5% of students had not gone to school on
at least 1 day during the 30 days before the survey because
they felt they would be unsafe at school or on their way to
or from school...

Had Property Stolen or Damaged on School

27.1% of students had had their property
(e.g., car, clothing, or books) stolen or deliberately damaged
on school property one or more times...

It is up to parents, and not the schools, to raise their children by example and caring discipline for them to become productive members of society. Children will either rise to the level of their friends and parents, or, unfortunately, sink to their level.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The New Gun Control for 2009- Make Them Too Expensive To Buy

Shortly after Jiverly Wong killed 13 people at an immigrant center and then killed himself with legally owned guns, Assemblymen in Albany debated several bills to further "control" guns.

One current New York proposal is to require that gun dealers have a continuing one million dollar liability insurance to cover crimes committed with guns that they sold legally. That's a million dollar policy per gun in perpetuity foisted on gun store owners.

This cost of doing business would have to be passed on to the ultimate consumer- the buyer.

This is a back door effort to go after legal gun dealers for crimes that a customer, or someone who stole a gun from a customer has committed with a legally owned gun. Gun suits against manufacturers for liability for this type of crime have not been successful to this point, so its apparently time for the Bradyophiles to try an end run on a previously failed tactic.

The Illinois legislature had its own failed million dollar plan. HB 0687 was a requirement for all State gun owners to have a million dollar liability policy on every gun they own. It specifically covered any damages resulting from willful acts involving the use their firearm while it is owned by them.
Fortunately, the Illinois bill was tabled by its sponsor on April 4th, 2009. Even New York gun control advocates admit that this type of measure would have done nothing to stop Wong's killing rage.

Even though it makes for good anti gun press, the latest round of "feel good" legislation fails to consider that huge insurance policy requirements will not be practical. No insurance company offers coverage such as this one that gun controllers dream of. No insurance company will ever insure against deliberate criminal acts of this kind.

Both Illinois and New York are Bi Polar when it comes to guns, The Daley Chicago political machine and downstate New York are fervently anti gun, whereas, the rest of Illinois and upstate New York are just as adamantly pro gun.
Even if such hair brained schemes were feasible, there would be great resistance from the pro gun legislators in both states.

In a further effort to complicate gun sales, the Bradyites know that the million dollar policy would lead to a plethora of law suits against gun stores. This would also increase consumer purchase costs.

Normally, when a person has an insurance policy, such as an auto policy, the target point in negotiation for settlement is the policy face value.
For example in the insurance and lawsuit world, where a car owner facing liability has a $100,000 policy in liability coverage, the personal injury lawyer representing the injured party will ask for maybe three or four more times that amount to get to the $100,000 prize as a bargaining tactic. He looks for the deepest pockets possible. If the Insurance carrier balks at the higher figure, which they will, and will not negotiate to the $100,000 coverage cap (read 1 million in gun cases)then a lengthy and expensive law suit will be filed.

Fewer gun sales, higher costs and lawsuits against gun sellers are the goal of this type of tactic. Apparently, Obama has backed off another of pursuing another AWB. It seems to be a losing fight with Congress at this moment. But, when one anti gun tactic doesn't work, it must be replaced with another.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Civilian Marksmanship Program Running Low On Rifle Ammunition- Sets Purchase Limits

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has set a purchase limit of 10 cans of .30-06 surplus ammunition per year this month. But, the ammunition supply may not last that long.

Buy it while its still available or before Barack Obama, Carolyn McCarthy, or Diane Feinstein step in. You must also show that you belong to a recognized shooting organization and proof of birth, such as a birth certificate. While we support selling Government surplus ammo to US citizens only, you have to show more proof of citizenship to buy ammo than a recent presidential candidate had to show. This is the last of the cheap surplus ammo that you will see for the foreseeable future.

There has been an unprecedented number of orders received for rifles, ammunition, and all other surplus products in the last six months at the Civilian Marksmanship program. As of 04/10/09, the sales and processing department there is shipping orders received at the end of January, 2009, and have several thousand orders to go from February and March of 2009.

They have 9,000 orders for M2 ball HXP non corrosive .30-06..240 rounds in in 20 round boxes and will fill current orders, but no more are accepted. .

No order new acknowledgment will be made until 30 to 45 days after they receive the order, and delivery times are 90 to 120 days out.

They have completely sold out of surplus Lake City .30-06 ammunition. 192 round Greek surplus HXP non corrosive M2 ball .30-06 ammunition in 8 round enbloc clips in spam cans is still available at $75.00 plus shipping.

For cheap surplus .30-06 ammunition, Visit CMP at -

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama's Excellent Adventure

Obama has concluded his his latest "Excellent Adventure" overseas. Are we any better off for it? In one word, no.

He embarrassed our nation once again by giving another cheesy gift to Queen Elizabeth. What's with him and the British? Who makes the White House gift giving decisions? He could use one but the Liberals haven't added a "Secretary of Gifts" to the cabinet yet, it would go well with a "Secretary of Peace" position. We really don't need one of those though. We have Obama.

Anarchist Crowds did their usual riots and destruction at the G20 showing no respect or deference to the Messiah. We were led to believe that the whole world would love us once Obama became our fearless leader. What went wrong? Who will riot next?

Our great leader did manage to find the time to do a complete "from the waist" bow in submission to Saudi royalty. It was a submissive bow that would have made any normal thinking president cringe. It made red blooded Americans ashamed.

Rather than talking up the USA with pride that even Jimmy Carter might have done as President, Obama chose the low road by apologizing for America. How dare him to do that? We didn't elect an apologist in chief, but that's what we got.

Obama and his wife cozied up with Sarcozy and his wife. It was a big step in making us more French. He told Sarkozy that he was learning French He said that he was having trouble with a few French words. He asked Sarkozy what the French words "Ménage à trois" meant. He actually didn't do that, but nothing naive Obama does surprises anyone.

He didn't manage to find time while in France to pay real respect to true American heroes who are in their graves in Normandy. The French even made the offer to take him there several times. He is making his grand trip to the Normandy beach this summer. He didn't want to interfere with that publicity. Maybe his staffers can find the same rock pebbles brought in by Clinton staffers and put on the gravel free sand
beach for Slick Willie to thoughtfully arrange in the shape of a cross when he visited there. Maybe Obama will make a sand castle copy of the Palace of Versailles on Normandy beach to "one up" Bill.

He did find time to visit a Mosque while in Turkey. After he removed his shoes in respect to his heritage and his past/current/future religion, he beamed when shown the name of Mohammed's grandson, "Hussein", in the Koran.

Then, it was time to move on to demoralize our troops in Iraq. He did get a better reception this time than when he met a group of marines previously, when they sat on their hands and said nothing as he entered the room and spoke.

He told the world that he wanted to stand down on nuclear weapons deterrence. This, even as North Korea develops a missle that can carry an atomic warhead to American soil. America is weaker with this man.

He told the world that the USA wasn't at war with Islam. We aren't. But we are at war with Islamic extremism. Even if Obama wants to call it " Overseas Contingency Operations.

Its impossible to decide what the biggest embarrassment to the US that Obama did was. The trip was just a snapshot of Obama. There is the liberal world of Obama and there is the real world we live in.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The NRA, Conservative Radio, And Guns Must Go

Just reading the news in that last few days has shown that the NRA, Conservative radio, and guns are the reasons that many people have snapped and taken their frustrations out on others by picking up a gun and killing.

Newspapers, anti gun groups, and liberal "journalists" blame the NRA by insinuating that the NRA and similar groups intentionally promote killing while protecting our rights. This happening, while the Bradys seem hardly able to conceal their glee when new shootings take place that they can use to further their own agenda.

Conservative radio has become the fall guy for all of America's problems. Some liberals have suggested that talk show commentators like Glen Beck and Limbaugh, incredible as it sounds, are responsible for all of our problems, including gun massacres. They want them off the air in a classic example of "Kill the messenger." While Democrats try to silence these voices, their feeble attempts at "progressive" radio like Air America have been dismal failures. They just can't get an audience. No one wants to hear fact free daily liberal rants.

The MSM has its problems too. The typical way that MSM TV falsifies news reports is by showing people shooting legally owned machine guns and implying by the pictures and the story reporting that these guns are the guns commonly owned in the US and are the ones that should be banned in light of the 47 people killed on seven incidents since March 10th. They ignore that these guns have been heavily regulated since NFA 1934. Can you recall a single crime committed with a legally held full auto? Its no wonder that newspapers are failing everywhere too as more people turn to other media like the internet for their news. They have pretended for years to be objective in their reporting, while heavily opinionated and biased news stories and editorials have dominated the pages of papers, under the pretense of non bias of papers like the Washington Post and the NY Times. MSM will be next to fall. Fox has chipped away at CNN for years and has finally topped CNN in the ratings.

And just like you've heard for years, unattended guns are jumping off tables everywhere and are killing people everywhere. The Bradys, Eric Holder, and Bobby Rush can't show where gun control has stopped any killings, anywhere.

South Africa instituted national gun control with their "National Firearms Act" under the blessing of the UN in 2000. Gun crime has become so bad there since then that the average citizen is afraid to walk on streets in broad daylight, let alone at night.

With the signing of a pen, two million more of the south African's currently and legally held guns were made illegal guns last Tuesday. The Act felonized current legal possession of the guns. See the "Sowetan" newspaper article-
Does anyone really believe this will stop crime and mass murder?
Does anyone really believe that this isn't the goal here?

Any new gun control laws proposed by the the Bradys will not stop crime or stop people from killing each other. Nothing will prevent murder when someone is intent on doing it.

If any new laws are needed, let's increase mandatory minimums for gun crime and gang violence. Let someone who uses a gun criminally spend ten years in prison before beginning the sentence for the actual crime. Do not allow the gun use charge to be plea bargained away. Otherwise, it will join the ranks of the other 20,000 useless gun laws. Let's increase the cost of doing business for gun carrying thugs. Get them away from our families and put them with their contemporaries in prison, where they can only kill each other.

So, it appears that based on all the facts presented by liberals, that the only solution is that the NRA, Conservative radio, and all guns must go.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Are Obama and the Democrats Pushing People Over The Edge?

The first mass murder shooting in the USA was August 1, 1966, when Charles Whitman shot and killed killed 14 people and wounded 32 others from atop a clock tower at the University of Texas in Austin.

And then came Virginia Tech.

And now, there's today. Is the despair that Barrack Obama is creating causing a nationwide shooting spree? Is he causing the loonies to come out of the woodwork? Seven mass shootings in the US since the second week of March? Obama and the Democrats have done everything they can to destroy the American Dream. They have played on racial hatred, mass depression, and class warfare. When people who could be prone to violence are pushed over the edge, here's what can happen.

03/10/09 Ten people killed in Georgia murders.

03/21/09 Four Oakland policemen killed by a parolee in Oakland. The parolee, carrying guns forbidden to a parolee, did the shootings in what some in San Francisco sympathetically labeled as rage, frustration, and panic.

03/29/09 Six people killed in a Carthage North Carolina. nursing home by a double barrel shotgun wielding man apparently looking for his wife. A gun free zone.

03/30/09 Six people killed in a murder killed in Santa Clara California. Two adults and four children were shot dead in an apparent murder-suicide. This is not to suggest that children should arm themselves for protection against their parents.

04/03/09 A gunman killed 13 at a Binghamton, NY immigrant center. he shooter had lost his job at IBM, and people made fun of his accent. A gun free zone.

04/04/09 An Orting, Washington man shot his 5 children to death, and himself after finding that his wife was leaving him for another man.

04/04/09 Three Pittsburgh policemen were killed in an ambush. The killer was unemployed, and was being evicted from his home because his dog was urinating on the carpet.

Of course, guns are being blamed for these tragedies, and not the people using them. The Brady's are having to put on hip boots to dance in the blood in their push to disarm us all. These current shootings were caused by those who pushed themselves off the edge from life's problems that they lost control of. Job loss, marital dysfunction, eviction, etc. But did they get a push?

Of course, another push is on for more gun control. Diane Feinstein is chomping at the bit. So are Carolyn McCarthy and Black Panther Bobby Rush. Even if gun control were desirable, and it is not, gun control cannot change the past or shape the future in preventing people from snapping.

What it is time for is crime control. It is time for more self defense. It is time for more to carry guns to protect themselves without restriction were they carry. Concealed carry should be a personal choice. Neither denied by government, or forced on anyone. Some will take advantage of it, and some will not. Murders like these are the ultimate tragedy.

When people who could be prone to violence are pushed over the edge, for whatever reason, we must be able to protect ourselves from them and do it unfettered.
Gun control simply creates another liberal dream "Victim Class." These people are the ones who will comply with disarmament.

And isn't it interesting that the Binghamton Police Chief said that there was no more killing after they arrived two minutes after the first 911 call. Of course not. The gunman had already shot all the victims and had already shot himself. It was already over. A classic example of police being there to help in minutes, when seconds count.

Although they are always used by liberals as tools, emotion and fear should not control the future of the country. As White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel says, this is a crisis the liberals will not to waste.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Buying a Gun Legally In Mexico Is No Fiesta

Everyone has heard about strict gun laws in Mexico. Its nearly impossible to get a legal gun there unless you are politically connected and wealthy.

The Mexican Army runs the only location where a person can buy guns legally in Mexico. That, of course, does not take into account for what you can buy from them and others illegally elsewhere by cash, other bribes and favors.

All of the requirements for Mexican gun ownership would be welcomed here by gun control groups in the USA. The Bradys would love the steps required to buy or carry any gun in Mexico.

To buy from the National Defense Secretariat in Mexico City, the purchaser has to get a Mexican Army issued permit. All who want to buy a legal gun must demonstrate a "need" for the gun. They also have to show proof of legitimate employment. The permit process can be months long, and has to be renewed each year.

If you want to carry a gun, then additionally, you have to get a psychological and medical exam. You probably can get what you want here too with some cash.

Mexican Gun owners are limited to ownership of a maximum of ten guns. They can't get more than two handguns.

All guns have to get registered by the Mexican Military. If you get a handgun through a "home defense permit," then the gun can't leave the premises of the home. If you move, then the government must be notified to update your registration. Should you decide to sell a gun, then the purchase must be approved by the Mexican Military in Mexico City, and the transfer has to happen there.

There's rationing of ammunition too. Gun Owners are limited to buying only ammunition for the registered guns they own. It is a felony to have illegal ammunition in Mexico. Remember the case of the Texas businessman who forgot that he had a few loose shotgun shells under his seat left over from hunting and drove into Mexico? Busted.
There is a limit to the amount of ammunition that they can buy. The limit is 200 bullets for a large bore firearm every six months, and a .22 owner can buy up to 500 monthly.

Some of the current Mexican requirements have already been proposed or are here. Many states require permits to buy, a showing of a need to carry, and many have de facto or actual registration. Some guns are banned totally. On the gun control wish list here too are requirements for Notification to the government of a move of a firearms owning American, along with mandatory licensing in Congressman Bobby Rush's HB45 too.

We all know that these Mexican laws prevent violence in Mexico. There is no little or no gun violence in Mexico as a result of their strict laws. Right. US gun control groups seem to be after the same results here that Mexicans experience.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Handgun Permit Carry in Reciprocal States- Better Safe Than Sorry

Vast numbers of people have become concealed handgun permit holders since the election of Barack Obama. Many did because of personal safety reasons. Some did out of fear that Obama will curtail gun rights. Others did for the best reason...just because they can. No matter what the reason, care must be taken when traveling out of state with your handgun and permit to stay legal in the state traveled to.

Most states have permit reciprocity with other states, but not with all the other states. This is where a potential trap lies for the unwary new permit holders and the rest of us too. As extreme examples, New York and Illinois have no reciprocity with anyone. Illinois has no resident permits, and New York's laws are highly restrictive.

A permit holder must verify that the state traveled to will honor your own concealed permit.

Web sites that list permit reciprocity are a good place to start. Here are some sites to try first.

But...They can't guarantee to have the most current information. You are responsible for validating your own information as to the carry laws in a non-resident state you go to. If you don't, you may pay the price.

For example, sites show Wyoming having reciprocity with many states. That will likely soon change. The Wyoming Attorney General's web site says: "The Wyoming Attorney General’s Office is undertaking a thorough review of the concealed carry statutes of the 49 other states to determine which states have laws similar to Wyoming’s. Once that review is complete, this website will feature a list of the states from which Wyoming will honor concealed carry permits. Until then, the Division of Criminal Investigation will honor permits from those states with which Wyoming had reciprocity as of January 1, 2009." The Wyoming Attorney general previously said that he would end reciprocity with states whose laws weren't closer to theirs, even though they formerly had reciprocity.

If Wyoming or any other states change their reciprocity states, you have know and abide by the current law.

Go to the State attorney general's website, if there is one, for the state you are interested in. Or, make a phone call, or write a letter or email to the Attorney General’s office, or to the State police of the state you are going to to in order to verify your reciprocity and get a written response. If you can get a letter, that’s best. If you call the state police, get the name, badge number, and work location of the officer saying there is reciprocity. Carry it with you in that state and don’t lose it.

I know of an Ohio student who called the state police in Ohio before traveling from there to find out if he could carry his handgun in Michigan. That was his first mistake.

He should have contacted Michigan authorities, and not Ohio. This was in the days before Ohio had permits. The Ohio state police said, "Sure, you can carry in Michigan." He got to Michigan and was arrested when he told the officer he had a handgun in the car. (Which is what Michigan permit holders in Michigan must do.) He went right to jail.

The judge he went in front of saw no prior criminal record. He had a policy of always sentencing jail time to all gun law violators. Usually the person in front of him had hard core criminal gun charges such as gun theft or assault by firearm, or similar serious charges. His typical defendant was normally a really "bad guy." The Ohio student did get the felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor that was dismissed at the end of his probation. The Judge did make an exception for him. No jail, and subsequently a clean record.

The Ohio student's second mistake was not to get the name and badge number of the officer who told him that wrong information. He couldn't verify that he actually got wrong information from a State Trooper.

A defense to relying on wrong legal information and advice such as this, if you get it, is that you got the information from a person who should know the law and that you depended on that information. You have to have a name of a specific person that told you. In the above case...the name and badge number of a police officer in the state he traveled to.

His attorney did the best he could in getting the charge eventually dismissed. However, it would have been better if he could have put forth an argument in court that the policeman, who should have known the law, and whose name and badge number he had, if his client actually had written it down, gave his client the wrong information. Remember, defenses don’t always work. You really don't want to get to the point where a defense is needed. Criminal defense is very expensive. In the long run, its best not to get arrested in the first place.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama's Smart Meter- A Presidential First.

Obama has said that there is a need for each house to have a government "smart meter" to tell you when turn off your home's lights.

What's next, an Obama "smart meter" to tell us when we eat, smoke, drink, think, or have sex too much?

Here are some other "smart meters" we could use.

Obama has said that there is a need for each house to have a government "smart meter" to tell you when turn off your home's lights.
What's next, an Obama "smart meter" to tell us when we eat, smoke, drink, think, or have sex too much?

Here are some other "smart meters" we could use.

1. A "smart meter" that will make your TV screen flash when Obama is lying.

2. That will show you where the auto service entrance to the White House grounds is for your government guaranteed warranty work on our cars.

3. That will make your TV screen flash when Obama disobeys the teleprompter and ad libs around what his teleprompter is telling him to say.

4. That will call Hillary when Bill is fooling around when she is out of town.

5. That will call Bill when Hillary is fooling around when she is out of town.

6. That will show Obama's real birth certificate and birthplace.

7. That will show what other elected officials or appointed Obama officials are cheating on their taxes.

8. That will turn off Obama's teleprompter in mid speech.

9. That will show his Columbia college records.

10. That will show Obama and Eric Holder water boarding GM's Rick Wagner before firing him.

11. That will allow Obama's teleprompters to speak directly to Americans, thus bypassing him.

12. That will show if Obama turned off his lights Saturday Night during "Earth Hour"

13. That will predict and show in advance how much the stock market will drop each time Obama gives a speech on how he's going to fix the economy.

14. That will show the next ill conceived gun control idea.

15. That will give early warning of who his first Supreme Court nominee will be.

16. That will show where Obama is going to send Guantanamo "Detainees."

17. That will show Obama's private reaction to Iran's rebuff of his video recorded "peace initiative" that they couldn't refuse.

18. That will show how much money AIG executives gave Senator Chris Dodd's campaign in 2006 before he slipped in the provisions OK'ing bonuses to them in the pork bill this year.

19. That will show the next words like "war on terror," terrorism," and "enemy combatants" that Obama will change to something more politically correct.

Obama feels a continuing need to tell us how to run our households and lives. Perhaps we need a "smart meter" to turn his ideas off. Or, on the other hand, as Obama increases taxes for his programs and funds bailouts, he may take enough money from us to turn our lights off for us.