Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama Renames "Swine Flu" - Gun Control To Be Renamed Soon

As predicted by this blog on Monday, 04/27/09, the Obama administration, through Janet Napoiltano, has changed the official name of "Swine Flu" to another name. It is now to be called "H1N1 Flu." We predicted that Swine were being disparaged to the point that Obama would require a more politically correct name for the illness.

We said in jest on Monday, "After hearing Robert Madden, Health and Consumer Protection Director General, say that it was unfair to name the flu after pigs, Obama, in his latest apology spree for America and for political correctness in renaming things, then apologized to all pigs in the world for the unfortunate American naming of the flu as "Swine Flu, which disrespected a whole class of animals world wide. Many liberals cheered the move.

We also stated that Obama also wanted to rename "Swine Flu" because it is disrespectful of Muslims. No self respecting Muslim wants to become ill or be be smitten by anything connected to Swine. The Jews weren't happy with the name either."

This name change joins the ranks of "Overseas contingency operations" for the War on terror," Man made disasters" for terrorist attacks, and "Detainees" for Terrorist Enemy Combatants. We are still sticking to this blog's earlier prediction that gun control will be renamed "Gun redistribution" sometime during this administration.

Of course, Monday's blog was written in jest, but it just shows that fantasy can become reality quickly with Obama, and anything is possible with this man.

Look for other Obama name changes for:
Income tax
nationalized health care
global warming/ environmental change(already evolving)
pork bills
deficit spending
national defense
The Constitution
The Bill Of Rights
The Second Amendment
The Bible

Feel free to add to this list.


Anonymous said...

Income tax = Wealth redistribution
socialism = Liberalism
nationalized health care = "The peoples health care"
global warming/ environmental change(already evolving)=Bush's fault.
pork bills = Community improvement funding
deficit spending = Future revenue fiscal commitments

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