Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama Shakes Hand With Mexican Official- Man Dies Mysteriously One Day Later

President Obama, while in Mexico, shook the hand of a Mexican official who died the next day. Obama's aides denied any connection between Obama's handshake and the man's death. The Mexican government gave Obama political cover by saying that the man died of Swine Flu.

Suggestions were made by Obama and PETA that the new flu strain be named the Bush Flu or Conservative Consumption. This due to the fact that the flu must have actually been created by the Bush administration at a secret biological warfare lab on Bush's ranch in Crawford.

After hearing Robert Madden, Health and Consumer Protection Director General, say that it was unfair to name the flu after pigs, Obama, in his latest apology spree for America and for political correctness in renaming things, then apologized to all pigs in the world for the unfortunate American naming of the flu as "Swine Flu, which disrespected a whole class of animals world wide. Many liberals cheered the move.

Obama also wanted to rename "Swine Flu" because it is disrespectful of Muslims. No self respecting Muslim wants to become ill or be be smitten by anything connected to Swine. The Jews weren't happy with the name either.

PETA immediately congratulated the President for his bold initiative that will elevate their razorback friends to a new politically correct status.

Fearing that he would be accused of using the Bush Flu as a political football, and trying to make slandered pigs get their self esteem back, he took several Presidential steps.

He issued an Executive Order banning all county fair greased pig contests and pig racing. He also issued a denial that the Flu has any connection to the record pork spending coming from Congress with his approval.

Obama also has made it a priority to get the NFL to stop making footballs from pigskin, but instead from the skins of of recently deceased Republicans.

Although none of the above has a shred of truth in it, anything is possible with our "Dear Leader," Its hard to not feel some unearthly reality and unreal truthfulness when reading this.

Its just a curious coincidence that the Bush/Conservative Flu epidemic began shortly after Obama's Mexico visit. If the flu had showed itself after a Bush Visit, George Bush would have certainly been held responsible for the existence of the illness and its worldwide spread.


Republicat said...

Did you copy this post from David Duke's website? Disgusting. What does this have to do with Second Amendment rights? Do I have to be a racist to be a legitimate firearms owner?

jgh said...

I have no clue who David Duke is. The only David Duke I have ever heard of is is a Klan fanatic, which I think is disgusting.