Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama Sticks To His Foreign Policy Guns- Shoots Self In Foot

Obama is trying hard to make nice to the world to counter George Bush's America first policies. After seeing Obama in action for just 3 months, is he fulfilling the predictions of those who voted against him?

Obama reacts like a kid I knew in high school who was always picked on by bullies. He tried to get along starting with one in particular, and got the end of his nose bitten off in an attack at a hamburger place when he tried to buy a bully a coke.

For a man who hadn't previously even made the decisions necessary to run a Junior Achievement Club, here's part of his foray into foreign policy. What's Obama done to make this country more safe through improved international relations?

In addition to closing Gitmo, changing the names of some of our policies to politically correct ones, and releasing memos describing American coercive interrogation techniques for terrorist camps to train against, here's some other diplomatic gems.

He makes a well produced apologetic video and send it to the President of Iran. Iran replies by saying they have completed 9,000 uranium enrichment centrifuges. They convict an American woman for spying and sentence her to 8 years.

Obama goes to Mexico and proposes a new anti gun treaty. He believes that all of Mexico's problems are caused by the USA and apologizes. Are we paranoid about our gun rights for no reason?

He shakes hands with Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, and pats him on the back and apologizes for America. Chavez makes nice and gives Barack a cheesy gift like Obama is used to giving to foreign heads of state. Its an anti USA book. This, from the man who destroyed Democracy in Venezuela.

Obliviously, Obama grins and proudly holds it up for the cameras and the world to see. Chavez says he wants to be Obama's buddy. Something good did come from the book gift. It rises from number 50,000 to number 20 on Obama leaves and Chavez calls him an Ignoramus when he's gone.
At least Obama left with his nose intact.

While Obama is rapidly nationalizing American business, lets see him try to nationalize Venezuela's CITCO operations here. He'll see what a friend Chavez really can be. Cuba isn't invited to this party though.

But, Obama has other plans for Cuba. He announces lifting family travel provisions to there and easing of currency restrictions. Castro is pleased and wants to be Obama's
friend. Castro slams Obama over the weekend for not immediately lifting the trade embargo like a good comrade should.

Strength is the only thing that bullies really relate to and understand.

And, there's another kid I knew in high school who had his back broken while trying to get along with a bully...

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