Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anti Gun Groups Spank Obama For Delay Of New Gun Laws

Anti gun groups such as the Freedom States Alliance and the Bradys are enraged over Barack Obama's apparent backing off repealing the Tihart Amendment, which would allow invasive Federal tracking of Firearms. The Bradys and FSA want to use the data to file new anti gun lawsuits against gun dealers and other nefarious purposes.

The FAS is especially mad about Obama's deletion of his and Biden's stated desire to repeal the Tihart Amendment from Obama's official White House Web Site. The following quote is from the Freedom States Alliance press release that bitterly stated, "Perhaps most galling is that on President Obama’s official White web site, under his urban policy agenda, the President advocated for removing the Tihart restrictions. That official White web page under urban policy has now changed."

The Bradys also took a shot at Obama in a statement by Brady President Paul Helmke when he said, "We are profoundly disappointed that President Obama has failed to follow through with his promises for 'openness' by reaffirming much of the so-called Tihart Amendments. This means a continuation of the reckless Bush-era policies that endanger public safety and make it easier for criminals to obtain illegal firearms."

These and other anti gun groups are seemingly oblivious to recent Gallop Poll results showing that the majority of Americans do not support stronger gun control laws, or perhaps they are just in a state of denial. It may be a matter of financial survival for the anti gun groups as well. As support for gun control wanes among the American public, so does financial support for radical anti second Amendmnet groups such as the Bradys and the FSA. But, there's always billionaire George Soros who can bail them out. The name "Freedom States Alliance" in itself is certainly an oxymoron for such an anti-Constitutional rights group.

This is not the first time that these groups have been disappointed in Obama. Attorney General Eric Holder and the anti gunners were sucker punched by Obama when Obama, Polosi, and Harry Reid disavowed Holder's comments on bringing back a new Assault Weapons ban. Obama says that he is too busy doing "other things."

But, over the years Obama has made too many speeches showing his true anti gun nature and instincts. As long as Obama is the fox guarding the proverbial hen house, gun owners must remain vigilant.

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Anonymous said...

I wish that any person or persons in office could look at history and learn from the mistakes made by others. So far, none have been wise enough to do so. Looking into the other english speaking countries (i.e. Canada, the United Kingdon, and Australia) you could see an incredible increase of crime rates after passing gun restrictions. After passing a gun ban (that even went as far as to ban BB guns without registration) in England and Wales the crime rate almost doubled from 1998-9 to 2002-3. Almost doubled, also serious violent crime rate increased by 68% and overall violent crime increased by 118%.

But you say that's only England and Wales right? Maybe they just screwed up. Okay, let's take a look at Australia: in 1996 Australia passed the Port Arthur gun-control measure that banned most firearms nationwide. Afterwards violent crime rates increased by about 32% from 1997 to 2002. Armed robbery increased by 74%. That's an incredible increase from laws that were reportedly arranged to lower violent crimes.

Well, what about Canada? Canada has gone through a gun registration process that requires any gun owner to register their firearm with the Canadian Mounted Police, a registration that now costs over 500 times the amount they originally reported (the actual cost of this registration is $60 for a non-restricted firearm and $80 for a restricted firearm, this registration must be renewed once every 5 years.) This countermeasure was put into place to make all weapons traceable or unusable to lower violent crime rates. However, the Canadian government has just recently announced that they could not identify a single violent crime that had been solved through this registration process.

Also, Canadian crime rates increased after this measure by over half the crime rate in the United States. The United Kingdom and Australia are facing results that compare to the Canadian results, England and Wales now has a general violent crime rate that is DOUBLE those of the United States, and so does Australia.

Does gun control truly decrease violent crime rates? The only way to know is to try, right? I just gave 3 examples of countries that have tried, and failed.

A smart man learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.