Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is Obama Getting Ideas From Honduras' President's Refusal To Be Term Limited?

The Honduran army kicked out leftist President Manuel Zelaya who was elected in 2006 for one 4 year term, but intended to maneuver stay on the job after 2010. Having goals in mind similar to those of Barack Obama, Zelaya has not finished converting his country into the paradise that other countries under Central and South American Marxist dictatorships have produced.

Many of us are outraged that Barack Obama joined his leftist/communist friends in the Organization of American States, the UN, and Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro in condemning what is in reality a refusal of the people of Honduras to fall under unending leftist dictatorship that currently subjugates both Venezuela and Cuba.

In the pre-Zelaya era, Honduras used to be friendly to the United States, but not since 2006. It has been pointed out that the Hondurans figured out that their freedom was much easier to maintain than to try to regain.

Staying in office beyond an original term limit would be very appealing to Obama. After all, there are so many more ways that he can transform our country into his own image, something that the founding fathers would not even recognize. If he can push through something as harmful to the country as Cap and Trade, ending his term limit under the 22nd Amendment will be mere child's play.

Obama continues to not act in our country's best interests and still apologizes for America at every opportunity. But his apologies and actions against our best interests do not reflect the heartbeat of this country. He continues to tear down principles such as self reliance and free enterprise that helped make the United States the country of which we are proud.

Elections do have consequences, whether here or in other countries. The United States' enemies, and we have many, perceive us as weak now that Obama is at the helm of the ship of state. Like the Titanic's Captain, he is steering this ship of state with a too small rudder.

Korea would never think of shooting a missile toward Hawaii on the 4th of July if we had a strong president who acts only in the country's best interests, and is not afraid to do so. Can you even begin to imagine the reaction of a President, such as Reagan, to such a North Korean threat toward the United States? Hopefully, Obama himself will be term limited in 2012.

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