Friday, July 24, 2009

U.S. Areas With Strong Gun Laws Have An Overabundance of Corruption

Before The Thune Amendment for Concealed Handgun Carry reciprocity among the states failed in the Senate, New Jersey Governor John Corzine had this to say.
I urge every lawmaker, every citizen in favor of "local control of our safety and security," to make their voices heard in opposing this so-called "Respecting State's Rights and Concealed and Carry Reciprocity Act. It does not respect state's rights, in fact, it endangers the safety of law-abiding Americans throughout New Jersey, and throughout this great nation by effectively nullifying state laws for non-residents."

Never mind Chicago. They have been upstaged. This time its in another state with some of the strongest anti gun laws in the country.

2 New Jersey lawmakers and 3 New Jersey Mayors in "local control of our safety and security" that Corzine referred to were arrested for receiving bribes from a cooperating government informant who posed as a crooked businessman. 37 other people were arrested, including a member of the Governor's cabinet.

It is certainly comforting to the residents of New Jersey that corrupt New Jersey government officials who are in charge of their "safety and security," yet who disarm the average state resident with impunity, are safely locked away behind bars for the protection of the public they were supposed to serve and safely locked away from those whom they would "protect and secure."

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