Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bloomberg After Gun Shows Again With Another Firearm Purchase Sting

Michael Bloomberg hired undercover investigators who traveled to 7 gun shows in Tennessee, Ohio, and Nevada to secretly videotape firearm purchases. Bloomberg says that the sales were illegal.

These investigators had audio recorders in their watches and video cameras in their caps. They would negotiate a gun purchase and tell the seller that they likely couldn't pass the instant check. The guns were sold anyway in 19 of 30 purchase attempts. 11 sellers knew the law.

He also complains that these states have not closed the "Gun Show Loophole." Occasional gun sellers can sell guns. Even though the city has no legal authority over the sellers, Blomberg hired them to make an anti gun point. he city has no legal authority over the dealers and is using its findings to make a point.

The buys took place this summer, and the million and a half dollar cost was picked up by NYC taxpayers. 1 1/2 million is just chump change to billionaire Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is sending a copy of the City report on the "Sting" operation to BATFE and every member of Congress.

We were recently at a gun show in Michigan, and heard a man tell a seller that he couldn't pass a background check, and told the seller that he would send his wife later to buy it. The man who owned the guns on the table asked the man for his wife's name so he could hold the gun. After the man left, he told a friend at the table that he would not sell the gun to the wife either if she showed up.

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