Thursday, October 8, 2009

That Ain't Workin. That's The Way You Do It. Get Your Money For Nothin. Get Your Chicks For Free

Dire Straits got it right when they sang, "That ain't workin. That's the way you do it. Get your money for nothin. Get your chicks for free.

Sixty to sixty five thousand showed up at two Detroit locations to get their free money. They want a piece of the 3,500 grants of $3,000.00 each in free money from Obama to "Prevent homelessness." Its from the economic stimulus.
Fights broke out when the applications weren't being passed out fast enough to suit the free money crowd, and when applications ran out. The Detroit Police Department Gang Squad was called out to try to restore order. Some sold phony applications outside the locations for $20.00 a copy.

These giveaways, along with the rest of the Obama welfare state, has many considering retirement to get Government subsidized housing, food, healthcare, and now, money for nothing.

Does the crowd know that the source of the money is from taxpayers from whom Obama took it from to "Spread the Wealth? Do they care? NO.
Ken Roguluski from WJR in Detroit interviewed people in line for stimulus cash.
ROGULSKI: Did you get an application to fill out yet?
WOMAN: I sure did. And I filled it out, and I am waiting to see what the results are going to be.
ROGULSKI: Will you know today how much money you're getting?
WOMAN: No, I won't, but I'm waiting for a phone call.
ROGULSKI: Where's the money coming from?
WOMAN: I believe it's coming from the City of Detroit or the state.
ROGULSKI: Where did they get it from?
WOMAN: Some funds that was forgiven (sic) by Obama.
ROGULSKI: And where did Obama get the funds?
WOMAN: Obama getting the funds from... Ummm, I have no idea, to tell you the truth. He's the president. (Umm..Umm...Um)
ROGULSKI: In downtown Detroit, Ken Rogulski, WJR News.

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