Monday, November 16, 2009

Gun Registration Amnesty a Dismal Failure

The Philippine government is experiencing the same kind of compliance with their Gun Registration Amnesty as New Jersey had with their “assault weapon” turn in program of the 1990’s. It was virtually ignored too. The Amnesty has received less than stellar response. It is being ignored by thousands.

Over 119,129 “loose” firearms have been registered in the Philipines gun registration amnesty. If a firearm isn’t registered with the Philippine police, it is considered “loose.”

The police director general has proposed that all owners of “loose” firearms be classified as a member of a "terrorist group." The Bradys haven't even come up with that one...yet. They would love to have everyone having an "unregistered" firearm be branded as a terrorist here in the United States.

Interestingly enough, both Philippine Army soldiers and Al Qaeda terrorists in the South part of the Philippines put down their firearms and roadside bombs, and fighting temporarily stopped when Manny Pacquaio made history when he won the boxing match broadcast in the Philippines, by defeating Miguel Cotto, and winning the WBO welterweight title in las Vegas recently.

“Police action” will begin against registration scofflaws and holders of those “loose” firearms when the amnesty period ends. The National Police will offer a reward for people who “help police” recover “loose” firearms. It’s a national snitch program like Obama's Whitehouse healthcare snitch website tried to be.

Over a thousand gun owners have chosen not to register their firearms arms under the government’s Final and General Firearms Amnesty in the Philippine Islands in just one small city, despite what the Government says was ample time to register them.

Police estimate that only 2,147 of the 3,800 unregistered guns in a typical city Philippine city, Cagayan de Oro City, were registered. Some 8,000 guns were registered in the area around the city. The acting city police commissioner was disappointed by the low registration. Police want the national Congress to pass tougher legislation against unregistered guns, which if the lack of the current registration is any indication, tougher laws will be ignored too.

Homemade guns are not required to be registered there. The Bradys aren’t on top of that Philippine gun “loophole.” Those participating in the amnesty have to pay a hefty fee for the registration fee. The usual Neuro-psychiatric examination usually required for gun registration is being waived.

The Philippine Elections Commission wants a total ban on civilian ownership of guns during the next national elections.

The first deadline for amnesty was August 12th. It was extended to October, 31, in hopes of greater compliance, and now it’s been extended to November 30th. But, they say this will not be extended again.

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TechSlice said...

No matter how many people turn in their firearms there will always be those unwilling to do so.