Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Accused Killer and Terrorist Major Hasan Out Of Intensive Care

Jihadist murderer Nadal Malik Hasan has been transferred out of the Intensive Care Unit that he has been in since his murders at Ft. Hood. His attorney said that his gunshot wounds inflicted on him by police when they stopped his Jihad during his killing spree has left him paralyzed from the chest down. They have also left him incontinent. The condition will be permanent for whatever life he has left.

He has been moved to a private room. His privately retained defense attorney says that he should be moved closer to the base, unless there is some compelling reason to keep him in that hospital.
His attorney would like more access to him.

His incontinency and impotency could be a problem when he meets his "72 virgins" and Allah.

Anti gun fundraising groups are still blaming his handgun for the killings, and not the murderer for his deeds.

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