Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Untrustworthy GPS Directions...A Parable For Obama

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We use a GPS device in cars today to tell us how to get around. But, like with the Obama Administration, can we trust everything it tells us?

Too many people trust their GPS without question. In the past, people have trusted GPS units that have directed their cars onto railroad tracks to get stuck, and actually have directed people into a lake.

One couple put faith in their car’s GPS this week, and it got them stuck in the Oregon Mountains for three days.  They followed the GPS exactly as it told them, and it took them down what turned out to be the wrong road.  It was a very snowy road, and the car was mired in the deep snow.  Fortunately for them, they had blankets, food, and water. However, because of the trees, and the mountains, they were not able to get a signal out, and they were stuck on the road until they were rescued.  

You must periodically check to see if the GPS is leading you down the right path. The good thing about a GPS is that it tells us the direction we need to go. The bad thing is that it can lead us in the wrong direction.  

Our country was turned onto our own snowy side road by the blizzard empty promises, closed door meetings, and misdirected faith placed in the “Messiah.”  Many followed him blindly, and with complete trust. Enough followed him  to get elected. The rest of us who did not vote for him were simply taken along for the ride. And what a ride it’s been so far. How’s your “Hope and Change” nowdays?

Obama has consistently let all Americans down by his indecisiveness, and socialist agenda for the United States. He cannot or will not recognize terrorism for what it actually is. He is bad for the safety of Americans.

He calls the terrorist Major Nadal’s murders at Ft. Hood, an “isolated incident.” What else can we expect when he has to give a “Shout Out” to someone at a convention before he announces the Ft. Hood terrorist murders to the public on TV. Obama votes “present,”just like he did about 120 times in Illinois Legislature votes. He can’t make a decision. 

He must vascillate. He believes he can please all by taking no stand. Where was the Presidential outrage? Where is anything except his usual aloofness?

He called the attempted bombing of a Delta airliner coming from Amsterdam that was foiled by the terrorist’s incompetence  and the intervention of passengers another  “Isolated Incident.” That statement is an outrage. This is an “isolated incident” when the Nigerian terrorist admitted that he trained with 25 other terrorists for the same type of mission to down airplanes? They are on their way.

What is coming is at best a score of other “isolated Incidents” from the same Yemini Al Qaeda source…and others. We can take that to the bank. Obama again votes “present.”

Why does the Obama administration choose to deliberately lie to the American people? This isn’t just a little “white lie” from a politician. This is a major work of Obama’s lying. A 7th grader could see through this lie. You can see through this lie. And the American people are beginning to see through this lie.

Janet Napolitano, who is apparently not qualified to be Obama’s political appointee as Homeland Security Secretary,  said  that the security system worked perfectly in the matter of this Nigerian Al Qaeda operative.  We know that she backed off this lie the next day because it was a passenger who stopped the aborted attempt.

Obama’s administration of our security was insufficient. Airline passengers and crew are the last line of defense against an airborne terrorist, not the first line of protection. That is the job of the TSA and the FBI, and other law enforcement/intelligence agencies.  Her initial reaction is like her saying that the Titanic lifeboats worked perfectly. Well, they did, as far as they went. The life boats that made it to the cold Atlantic water worked just fine, there just weren’t enough of them. So, the lifeboat system was a failure.

And, just why in the world did it take Obama four days to publicly react to the attempted bombing? With the facts we know, why is it an isolated incident? Where was the Presidential outrage on this latest terrorism?  Obama votes “present.”

But, what does one expect when Obama denies there is a war on terror, and that terrorist attacks are to be politically correctly called “Manmade Disasters?” What can anyone expect when he takes months to act on his field commander’s immediate request for at least 40,000 more soldiers just to maintain a status quo there?  “Obama again voted “present. ”Our country, under Obama, is the laughingstock of the world. Even Al Qaeda must be rolling on the floor.

Obama insists that we must have national health care. All polls show that at least two thirds of Americans don’t want this abomination and Europeanization of America.  But, realize that he is doing exactly what he promised in his campaign. Just like the GPS directions tell you how to proceed.  

Even many Democrats are telling the President to back off of “Cap and Trade, ” the President’s next stop on his agenda, after the scandalous revelation of fraud in global warming “science.” Obama said himself that his plan of “Cap and Trade” would mean that energy prices would “Necessarily Soar.”  Is that what we really want?

Today’s Rasmussen Poll showed only 25% of voters strongly approve of Obama’s performance as President. 41% strongly disapprove of his overall performance. All polls have been consistently in this area. He has a Presidential Approval rating of -16. He has the worst first year rating of any President since Presidential polling began after WWII.

Obama continues to vote “present” as he did over 120 times in the Illinois legislature. Many of us have persistently re-checked  the snow covered road that our nation’s G.P.S, the "Great Public Socialist," is taking us down, like the wayward GPS in the news. And, we are fearful of the continued direction he is pushing us toward.

We should have been alerted to the wrong road with his push for everything to be done “now.” Just like when a wayward GPS says, “turn left now, ” and the left turn is over the edge of a ravine.  We should have stayed with the map that our forefathers laid out before us several hundred years ago.

Who will rescue us as the motorists were rescued after being sent down the wrong road? No one. It appears that we won’t be as lucky as the Oregon motorists.  

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