Friday, April 30, 2010

Illinois SWAT team Called In To "Manage" Tea Party Protesters At Obama Speech

The Quincy, Illinois SWAT team was called in to intimidate Tea Party demonstrators at Obama's latest speech on April 28, 2010.

Here's the self congratulatory Police press release.

"News Release
April 29, 2010

The purpose of this news release is to relay factual information regarding the deployment of the
ILEAS Region 8 Mobile Field Force Team at the Oakley Lindsay Civic Center during President Obama’s
visit on 04-28-10.

First, let me say that the Quincy Police Department, teamed with other area law enforcement
including the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and Illinois State Police, worked hand in hand with the
United States Secret Service coordinating the security of what I would consider a successful event. As
one could imagine, the security of such an event taxes all agencies involved. As plans were being made it
became clear that it would be prudent to enlist other resources to be adequately prepared for any crowd

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) is the statewide agency that coordinates mutual
aid requests for Illinois law enforcement agencies. There are crowd control teams, Mobile Field Force
Teams (MFFT), which are equipped, trained and coordinated through ILEAS. These teams are made up
of law enforcement officers from a variety of police agencies from within the ILEAS Region where they
work. Members of these teams are trained and equipped to adequately and appropriately respond to any
variety of crowd control issues. Quincy is in Region 6; we are part of a MFFT in this region. Due to the
number of our members who were otherwise engaged during this presidential visit, it was decided to ask
for a MFFT from another region. Members of the MFFT from Region 8 came to Quincy per our request.
Fifteen members of this team came to assist; they are all employed by other law enforcement agencies
and were paid for their time by their own agencies.

During President Obama’s address, at approximately 1530 hours, the MFFT was deployed. A
group of individuals positioned themselves on the south side of York Street near 3rd Street. This was
within the area that was to be kept secure at the request of the U. S. Secret Service agents in charge of the
site. Prior to the event only ticketed individuals were to be in this area; during the event it was restricted
to the general public completely. Secret Service personnel requested these individuals leave the area and
to go back to the north side of York Street. They did not comply. Quincy Police Department personnel
made the same requests and again they did not comply. At that time the MFFT was deployed to stand
post between the individuals and the site and, if necessary, remove the individuals. Once the MFFT was
in place, the individuals agreed to move. Once everyone complied and the site was again secure, the
MFFT returned to their staging point. No physical force was used during this deployment.
With the exception of this small glitch, the entire event went very smoothly. I would like to thank
everyone from the law enforcement agencies and other city, county and state departments who assisted
with this event.
Thank you.

Robert A. Copley
Chief of Police"

Here are videos of the "MFFT" SWAT team sent to quell the Tea Party "Insurrectionists."

Compare these Tea Partiers with real thing, determined leftist violent rioters. You won't see this at a Tea Party gathering.
Here are the G20 summit violent protesters in Pittsburgh last year.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seattle Area Legal Medical Marijuana Provider Banned From Buying Guns Under Federal Law

Due to a Federal Administrative legal opinion, It can now be assumed that medical marijuana providers in states where that is legal are now federally banned from owning and possessing firearms. 

The Seattle area man who shot and killed a man who broke into his house where he was growing the medical pot has been prevented from buying guns to replace the ones seized by police after the shooting.
Steve Sarich has a Washington State medical marijuana card and legally grows and uses marijuana. He has no criminal record, but failed his National Instant Criminal Background Check when he tried to legally buy a pistol and shotgun to replace the ones taken by police after the buglary. This was the second home invasion attempt at his home since he has been growing marijuana.

A gang of five people have been charged with this break in. Other criminals now know where to go to find an unprotected  house with legal marijuana being grown in it.

When police investigated the home invasion, Sarich showed them his medical marijuana card. The Sheriff then sent the burglary report to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System Legal Staff.

The Feds legal staff responded to the Sheriff by informing him that possession of a state medical marijuana card was sufficient to infer current marijuana use, and was enough to prevent gun ownership. Although this legal opinion was regarding the Sarich case, it can be applied nationwide. 

 Even though medical marijuana use is legalized by some state laws, its possession and use is against federal law, regardless of the current administration's taking a hands off approach to legalized medical state use.  Sarich is now banned from owning and possessing firearms during the one year period from the date of the police report.

Sarich was wounded by shots from one of the home invaders and is recovering. One of the men shot by him has had surgeries resulting from the shots and has had a leg amputated. 

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obama Thanked Himself For Giving St. Patrick's Day Party At Whitehouse

Just one year ago at a St. Patrick's day party at the White House on 03/17/09, Irish Prime minister Cowen was just a few lines into his speech when he stopped reading from the teleprompter and told Obama that he was reading the same speech that Obama had just read.

Obama took to the stage again to try to save the day, and when he reached the stage, the teleprompter switched to the correct speech for the prime minister. Barack Obama started reading the Irish Prime Minister's speech, and thanked himself for giving the St. Patrick's Day party at the White House, when he realized the mistake.

Perhaps it was the green beer that made the Irishman for the day, Barack O'bama, unconscious to what he was reading.

Obama is not a great speaker, as his flunkies would have those who are gullible in America to believe. He is just a talking head like those who give the 6 o'clock news.
If its not preprogrammed onto his teleprompters, he is at a loss for words.

Incredibly, Obama is so smooth at reading from a teleprompter and that he doesn't even know or comprehend what he is reading to the world. Hopefully, some prankster won't let Obama read from the teleprompter that the 101st Airborne landed just south of the Moscow city limits for maneuvers. Obviously, what's next is an embarrassing open mike moment, where Obama spontaneously says what he is really thinking.

The video was not released by the MSM to keep the embarrassment confined to the ballroom.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Canadian Jeweler Who Shot Robber 5 Times Wants Country To Have Greater Gun Rights

A Canadian jewelry store owner who believes that police and the Canadian government can’t control crime anymore shot an armed robber five times last year. He is pressing for greater personal firearms rights in Canada. He saw the two men as they were getting ready to enter his store. They were wearing gloves, sunglasses and hats. They drew their guns as they came inside. He was fortunate enough to be able to get the gun out of storage that Canadian laws require. He and his wife were alone when the armed robbers came in.
The jeweler was lucky enough to be able to get into his vault to get his heavily regulated handgun as the thugs held a gun at his wife’s head.

As one of the men came at him and began lifting his firearm, he began firing his 9mm. There’s usually not enough time to get a gun out of lockup when a robbery is happening. The store owner emptied the magazine at the robbers. He went back to the vault and reloaded. One of the robbers  was shot five times in the torso and shoulder and is permanently paralyzed from the chest down. He is being prosecuted on robbery charges.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police wanted to charge the jeweler too. They wanted him to be charged with unsafe storage and careless use of a firearm, but prosecutors declined to proceed against him. The robber had turned and began to leave the building when he was shot. Canadian guns have to be registered and “properly” stored. They can be used in self defense, but people can only use as much force as necessary. Galloway believed the entire event was unfortunate.

But, the recently formed Canadian Association for Self Defense gave him a bravery award. They are working for the right to carry concealed handguns as long as the owner has proper firearms training.  They believe that current Canadian law leaves its citizens defenseless, which of course it does. Many Canadians believe that law enforcement services there are incompetent.
The jeweler had been robbed two years ago, and the culprits were never caught.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals Says Man May Have 2nd Amendment Defense To Losing Firearms Rights To Lautenberg Law Sanctions

AR-15 SP1

The United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Lautenberg Law forbidding firearms ownership by a person convicted of domestic violence could be invalid, at least in one case. This is in the light of the groundbreaking Heller decision. The ruling will not set precedent in the 4th Circuit because the case ruling is unpublished. However, a good attorney can use the case as a persuasive ruling in other U.S. Federal courts. It is another loss to the anti gunners and is significant.  

The case is US v. Chester, No. 09-4084 (4th Cir. Feb. 23, 2010). Here is part of it.

“A grand jury sitting in the Southern District of West Virginia indicted William Samuel Chester, Jr., for possession of a firearm after having been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(9).  Chester moved to dismiss the indictment, arguing that application of the federal statute to him violated his Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms as explained in District of Columbia v. Heller, 128 S. Ct. 2783 (2008).  The district court denied the motion.  Thereafter, Chester pled guilty but reserved his right to appeal the district court’s denial of his motion to dismiss the indictment. He now reiterates his Second Amendment challenge to § 922(g)(9).
In the proceedings below, the district court did not address whether Heller required the Government to justify individual laws that restrict Second Amendment rights.  Instead, it dismissed Chester's claim in reliance on Heller’s much-noted language as to “presumptively lawful” gun regulations—notably, the felon-dispossession laws.  JA 60-61.  Following the pattern of other lower federal courts, it drew an analogy between felons and domestic violence misdemeanants, concluding that the Heller language should be read to include both because the potential violent acts of those found guilty of domestic violence is often far greater than that of those who commit non-violent felonies. JA 61.
We find that the district court erred when it failed to scrutinize § 922(g)(9) apart from the language in Heller.  We agree with the Seventh Circuit decision in United States v. Skoien, 587 F.3d 803, 808 (7th Cir. 2009), insofar as it held that challenges to firearms regulations under the Second Amendment must be individually analyzed because such regulations restrict the exercise of a constitutional entitlement.  In this case, the district court neither determined the most appropriate level of scrutiny of § 922(g)(9), nor did it substantively apply that level of scrutiny to an analysis of § 922(g)(9), and therefore, we vacate and remand this case for further proceedings.”

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Friday, February 26, 2010

BATFE Believes M4 Airsoft Guns Can Be Converted To Bullet Firing Full Automatic Rifles

United States Customs seized 30 M4 look alike Airsoft rifles pictured left in Tacoma. The Feds  claim they can be easily be converted to actually shoot full automatic with live ammunition.  BATFE says that parts could be switched out quickly to allow them to fire live ammunition. This is sure to cause differences of opinion over whether the Airsoft gun can actually be converted to fire 5.56mm ammunition on full automatic.

These toy rifles look like M4’s.  They do not have the bright orange tips to show they are toys. BATFE Agents say that they felt like and weighed approximately the same as a real M4. They apparently have been available for sale in the USA under the brand name TTI M4 CQBR (WE Tech) Gas Blow Back Airsoft Rifle.

The seized toy guns were labeled as “Toys and Parts” and came from a Taiwan manufacturer. They were designed to shoot Airsoft pellets and had no serial numbers. Of course, toys normally don’t have them. They do look very realistic and they accept detachable Airsoft M4 lookalike magazines, and the user can load the toy with Airsoft pellets.

The government claims that the shipment arrived without the proper shipping documents. They entered the country in October, and there has been an ongoing investigation.

Here’s the sales ad product description for the Toy Rifle that sells for $400.00 in the USA.

"The WE M4 CQBR Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle from WE TTI is the best airsoft rifle on the Gas Blowback market. WE has taken an existing design from AFC and updated it for a more powerful reliable rifle. The WE M4 is regarded by many as the best GBB M4, and possibly the best GBB airsoft rifle.
The WE TTI M4 CQBR does feature the latest internals and a reinforced steel bolt stop. The steel bolt stop is an upgrade from the original and is much more durable.  This model also features a steel CO2 nozzle. The RIS unit on the WE M4 CQB features rail slot markings for simple reattachment of accessories in their correct location.
Operationally, the WE M4 CQBR is identical to a real AR-15 or M4 Carbine. The charging handle pulls back the bolt, which can be locked to the rear with the bolt stop. Pressing the bolt stop or pulling the charging handle will release the bolt stop. Each magazine has a latch which will lock the bolt open when the last round is fired; this latch can be turned off. This function allows for realistic training which mimics the real rifle.
With the advent of the WE M4, SWAT teams, Law Enforcement, and any other individuals who are interested in training in a tactical environment have the perfect tool. The WE M4 is economical to train with compared to .223 rounds, and can be used in dense environments where firearms training is impractical. Due to the similarity of the WE M4 to real AR-15s, they are an ideal training tool, as the muscle memory is identical between the GBB airsoft rifle and a real rifle.
Many military units and law enforcement departments already using the WE M4 GBB for training have remarked that it is the best training rifle they have ever used.
The WE M4 CQBR is shooting between 450fps and 457fps. It also include a 6.03mm tightbore barrel.
The WE TTI M4 CQBR, also known as the AWSS (Advanced Weapon Simulation System),  has some confusion regarding 'versions'.  Most of the differences regarding versions, editions, etc is mere marketing.  The three functional differences are in the hop-up unit, trigger pack, and bolt stop.  Almost all WE M4s carry the steel bolt stop, with only the first few off the line using a weaker pot-metal bolt stop.  All current WE M4s have the newest hop-up rubber.  While some people will talk about the 'older hop-up unit' as compared to the new one, they are the same unit, with the same adjustment; only the rubber piece itself is different.  Any rifle with an older hop-up rubber can be converted to the new one simply by installing the 6.02mm WE M4 tightbore barrel we sell, which includes the new hop-up rubber.  The trigger pack in the current rifles is reinforced as compared to some older rifles, though the design is identical.
- Anodized Metal Body
- Laser Engraved Rail System
- Realistic Field Stripping
- Metal Bolt Carrier
- Functional Forward Assist Button
- Optional Empty-Firing Mode, does not hold bolt open with empty magazine
- Steel Bolt Stop
- Steel C02 Nozzle

C02 Compatible
Magazine Capacity: 30 ( 6mm )
Length: 768-850mm
Barrel Length: 363mm
Weight: 3050g
System: Gas Blowback, Semi / Full Auto, Hop-Up
Muzzle Velocity: 480 FPS ( with 0.2g BBs & green gas )
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual, BB Loader"

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Killings As Were Predicted By Anti Gun Rights Groups In Our National Parks As Firearms Carry Law Changes

  1. File:Mountain lion.jpg

Many campers actually welcome the added protection against human and animal predators by armed, responsible gun owners in campgrounds at our National Parks. And, contrary to the image projected by anti gunners, the new regulations do not allow target shooting in National Parks,  nor do they open up hunting where it is already prohibited. 

Police in well inhabited areas can usually be at the scene of a life threatening emergency in minutes, when seconds count. With the vast areas in National parks, emergency response time can be measured in hours. 

A week has passed after the prohibition against carry of firearms in our National Parks was rescinded on February 22nd. There have been no shootings, no killings, and no one has been reported as acting like a fool while carrying open or concealed in national Parks. Carry must be done according to the laws of the state that the park is located in. Care must be taken in parks located in multiple states like Yellowstone, where firearms carry laws vary state to state.

In a press release, anti gun zealots such as a group of  retired national park service employees tried to scare the public with visions of "Assault rifles" on Mather Point overlooking the Grand Canyon... Handguns on the Filene Center concert lawn at Wolf Trap in the Washington, D.C. suburbs... Shotguns at Lamar River Valley in the backcountry at Yellowstone National Park, the world's first national park..."  
Yes, what a good idea. They are no longer "gun free" victim zones. 

Hopefully, those carrying firearms in parks will be as conscientious about firearms safety inside as they are outside the Parks, and when to use one or not use one in self defense. If there is ever an unwarranted shooting of a grizzly that is just grabbing salmon or grazing, then the press and anti gun groups will surely go nuclear, and say, "See, we told you so." We will then have a whole new can of worms to deal with.  

The scare tactics used by anti gun rights advocates regarding our National Parks reminds us of the familiar tactics used by these organizations that there would be gun fights at every "fender bender," in states considering legalizing concealed handgun carry permits. It just didn't happen after handgun carry permits were issued by the thousands.  And, dire predictions like those won't be fulfilled in our National parks either. 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Anti Firearms Groups Merge To Boost Failing Gun Control Efforts

The “Freedom States Alliance," ironically named because they are an anti gun freedom group, has merged with the “States United To Prevent Gun Violence” in an effort for both to try to be relevant after their and other anti gun groups failure after failure to disarm us. 

One of their latest usual attempts used by all anti firearms failed miserably. It was to blame the gun the murderer used, the magazines, and the bullets used for the deaths at Fort Hood, and not the murderer himself. 
This recent failure was in joining the Bradys and some twenty other anti gun groups in writing a letter to Obama begging  him to ban the importation of the FN 5.7mm handgun, also known as the Five-seveN and its magazines. 

The “Freedom States Alliance” is also dropping their bizarre name and adopting the “States United To Prevent Gun Violence” moniker.

Here’s their press release.
 “Merger Will Better Coordinate and Leverage Resources to Advance Life-Saving State Agendas”
(Chicago) – Two gun violence prevention organizations, Freedom States Alliance and States United to Prevent Gun Violence are joining forces to strengthen state-level advocacy efforts to save lives.
Freedom States Alliance (FSA) will merge with States United to Prevent Gun Violence (SUPGV) and assume the States United to Prevent Gun Violence name effective immediately.
The mission of the organization, SUPGV, is to support existing state-based gun violence prevention organizations and to expand the network of groups working to reduce gun violence throughout the United States.
The merger will maximize resources and allow for better coordination to reduce the devastating toll from gun-related deaths and injuries. Each year, guns kill over 30,000 people in the United States. Another 80,000 people are shot and injured, leaving physical and emotional scars that last for years.
“Despite the tragic and ongoing epidemic of gun violence in this country, policymakers remain unwilling to take any meaningful action to address this urgent public safety issue,” said Sally Slovenski, executive director of States United to Prevent Gun Violence. “We believe that aligning our efforts through the merger will increase opportunities for the sharing of resources and replication of successful strategies for state groups. This will in turn provide greater opportunities for progress on this issue in state houses across the country.”
For example, the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE) recently launched a 450 mile tour with a display of 450 shirts, representing the victims of gun violence in Wisconsin in one year, to raise awareness and engage the public in their work to prevent gun violence. Additionally, Ceasefire New Jersey mobilized to help pass a one-gun-a-month law in New Jersey. “These success stories are great examples of the kind of results and replication of model programs we anticipate” Slovenski continued.
“We are coming together in a more coordinated way to leverage resources and better coordinate our efforts,” said Barbara Hohlt, the new interim board chair for SUPGV. “Individual state groups urgently need added resources and tools to advance their life-saving agenda. This is exactly the kind of support SUPGV can provide.”
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Walmart Employee Who Shot Fellow Employee In The Head At Work Is Exonerated

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A Walmart employee who shot a co-worker in the head on a loading dock while at the store is released.  The County Prosecutor said that 49 year old Craig Schmidt acted lawfully under the Montana’s “Castle Law” Doctrine. Under that law, a person has a natural right to use firearms in self defense, and doesn’t have to call 911 before using what is considered justifiable force.

Schmidt was facing charges of assault with the firearm, but the law's existence required that the police investigate further to see if Schmidt believed his life was in danger. That further investigation showed that Schmidt was within his rights in drawing and firing the firearm.  

Schmidt and 32 year old Daniel Lara got into an argument about  Lara taking an extended break. Schmidt bumped Lara’s shoulder. Mr. Lara took that as a beginning of a fight and started attacking him.

Schmidt was shoved around and punched by Lara. Lara also hit Schmidt extremely hard twice in the head. As the hitting and shoving of Schmidt continued, Schmidt was pushed down and fell on a metal rack. Schmidt feared that the next blow would seriously injure him, so he drew his sidearm and fired. Schmidt said that he couldn’t retreat any further, and was almost on his back. He believed he was in store for a severe beating.

His .25 caliber round hit Lara’s forehead, but didn’t penetrate his skull. Witnesses called Lara the aggressor, and the medical reports showed that Schmidt had serious injuries from being continually hit by Lara.

Also, Schmidt was 6’2’ and weighed 145 pounds as opposed to Lara being 5’10” and 260 pounds. The prosecutor didn’t believe a jury would convict Schmidt.

In El Paso, use what is at hand if you don’t have a gun to protect yourself. 

 17 year old Ivan Rodriguez stopped a burglary at his home when a 14 year old burglary suspect broke into his house. Rodriguez hit the young thug with his skateboard and gave him what he called’ A good beating.”

When the police finally got there, they found a small caliber handgun on the 14 year old home invader. The 14 year old was taken to a hospital, and will be charged with burglary.

Across the Atlantic: 

A 20 year old Ghana, Africa armed robber who killed a pregnant woman and seriously hurt her husband last spring will spend 100 years in prison there.

Muhammad Musah, better known as “Red Bone,” was found guilty of robbery and conspiracy to rob. He got 1,200 months in prison. The Judge told him at the sentencing that, “People like you aren’t fit to mingle with law abiding citizens.”

“Red Bone” also faces more trials on similar charges elsewhere in the African country.

100 years in a dingy, overcrowded Ghana prison will certainly be a memorable experience for Mr. “Red Bone.”

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Retired Park Service Employees Try To Scare Public About Firearms in National Parks

A dramatic snow-covered peak.

The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees lost a fight to keep a ban on firearms in place in our National Parks. Now they are trying to scare the public in the last few days before the ban is lifted. Here’s their statement.

“TUCSON, AZ, Feb. 9, 2010 - Assault rifles on Mather Point overlooking the Grand Canyon? Handguns on the Filene Center concert lawn at Wolf Trap in the Washington, D.C. suburbs? Shotguns at Lamar River Valley in the backcountry at Yellowstone National Park, the world's first national park?

These are just some of the things that Americans can reasonably expect to see in national parks across the U.S. as of February 22, 2010, when a dangerous new gun law will go into effect in our nation's national park areas. To mark this unfortunate development, the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees (CNPSR) is highlighting what visitors may soon experience in 11 representative national parks.

An amendment to the Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights Act of 2009, authored by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), and promoted by the NRA, passed by the Congress and signed into law by the President on May 22 of last year, permits park visitors to possess firearms in national park areas consistent with the laws of the state in which the area is located. This is a significant departure from long-established, common-sense gun regulations that allowed visitors to possess guns in parks only if they were stowed out of reach and unloaded.

Doug Morris, a member of the CNPSR Executive Council and a former law enforcement ranger and park superintendent in the NPS for many years, said: "We believe that the public should be aware of the consequences of Coburn's amendment. While federal law prohibits the carrying of guns in any federal building where federal employees work on a regular basis, in many states there are few, if any, other prohibitions."

While scores of national parks will be impacted to one extent or another, CNPSR highlighted the following 11 parks to show the range of likely harms:

Yellowstone National Park (WY, MT, ID): In the world's first national park - Yellowstone, while watching Old Faithful erupt you could be in the company of other park visitors wearing holsters and hand guns. In the evening campfire circle, you may sit next to someone who can legally carry a shotgun or rifle to that special place. Anyone hiking in the backcountry can openly carry guns, increasing the risk to other hikers and park wildlife.

Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts (VA): Virginia's gun laws are very permissive. The grounds of Wolf Trap, including the "lawn seating area," will be open to people carrying firearms.

Grand Canyon National Park (AZ): Arizona's gun laws are very permissive and while standing on Mather Point, enjoying the breathtaking view of the canyon, you could see another visitor with an assault rifle slung on his shoulder. At your campsite in the park's campground, you could see guns prominently displayed in the campsite next to you.

Mesa Verde National Park (CO): Colorado law is very permissive about open carry of firearms except in some cities. During your visit to Cliff Palace, you could be listening to the ranger's interpretive discussion while standing next to someone with a handgun and holster prominently displayed.

Gettysburg National Military Battlefield (PA): Pennsylvania is also a very permissive state relative to gun laws. During your tour of the battlefield, you could encounter other visitors legally carrying rifles – and not the historic kind.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park (NM): At the evening bat flight program and even on the cave tours, you could be joined by others openly carrying firearms. As you wander through the park's restaurant and gift store, looking for a bite to eat or a souvenir to buy, other visitors might be seen legally carrying firearms.

Everglades National Park (FL): Florida's gun laws are more restrictive, so you are not likely to encounter others openly carrying guns while walking on the Anhinga Trail as you enjoy some of the most spectacular wildlife and bird sighting anywhere.

Statue of Liberty National Monument (NY): New York's gun laws are very restrictive, and visitors to the Statue are protected by laws prohibiting the open carrying of firearms.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park (TN and NC): This park is an example of one of the problems visitors will face with the new law. In North Carolina, there are few gun restrictions and visitors could be seen openly carrying guns. However, if you happen to be a gun-carrying visitor, you will need a "carry permit" when you cross into the part of the park located in Tennessee.

Mount Rainier National Park (WA): While hiking the famous "Wonderland Trail" you could encounter other hikers openly carrying handguns, rifles or shotguns.

Denali National Park and Preserve (AK): While riding on an NPS-licensed bus operated by the park concessioner on a day-long trip on the "park road" (the only way to get into the heart of the park other than to hike) you could be sitting next to someone with a handgun in a holster.

Bill Wade, chair of CNPSR's Executive Council and former superintendent of Shenandoah National Park said, "This is a sad chapter in the history of America's premier system of heritage areas. On the heels of the Ken Burns documentary about the importance of national parks to America and after a year of increased visitation to parks despite a poor economy, this law will have a chilling effect on how visitors behave in national parks. A feeling of safety and security will be replaced by wariness and suspicion. This diminishes some of the "specialness and reverence" our citizens have long accorded to their national parks."

While many states, and therefore the national park areas in them, will soon allow individuals to openly carry firearms, most states are much more restrictive about concealed-carry, and most require a permit to do so. Visitors with a permit from one state may or may not be able to carry a concealed gun into a national park in another state, depending on reciprocity agreements. Similarly, visitors who have "long guns" in vehicle racks traveling from a park in one state to a park in another state will have to understand the differing state requirements.

Members of CNPSR strongly opposed this new law for several reasons:

1) More guns in national parks increase the likelihood of shooting at wildlife and some historic resources, such as prehistoric petroglyphs.

2) More guns in parks increases the risk to rangers.

3) More guns in parks increases the risk to visitors in places like campgrounds where disagreements, often fueled by alcohol, sometimes occur.

4) National parks have always been hospitable to visitors from around the world and are seen as "sanctuaries" where people could get away from the routines, threats and risks they face in their daily lives. But more guns will change those perceptions.

5) Until now, one regulation pertaining to firearms applied to all 392 areas in the National Park System. But now each of those areas will be subject to the laws of the state in which it lies. This is likely to lead to significant confusion by visitors traveling though parks in a number of states.

6) Federal buildings in parks will now have to be signed to prohibit firearms and conceivably security devices will need to be used.”

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Monday, February 8, 2010

British Police Departments Dress Non-Muslim Female Officers In Burqas

What next? Now the Somerset and Avon police departments in England have put non-Muslim women officers in Burqas. Its ostensibly to improve community understanding. A female community service officer and two female police sergeants were recently dressed in head to foot Burqas for the day. It was not an undercover assignment.

The goal for the day? Shopping. This costuming was part of a police program called “In your shoes.”  But the program has been severely criticized as taking officers off the streets when they are actually paid to do such mundane chores as investigating crime and arresting criminals. Some have called it an “institutional nervous breakdown.”

This wasn’t the first time that British female police have dressed as Muslims. In Bamsley, England, female officers put on bright colored full length Muslim outfits called jiljabs and wore niqabs, which covered their faces except for slits for the eyes earlier this year.

Let’s hope that this isn’t conditioning for the officers and the first step in enforcing Sharia law in England.

And, in Lagos, Nigeria, the Police Department has approved the hiring of 53 imams and chaplains for their police department. These Imams and chaplains are also active duty policemen who enforce the Nigerian laws. They are to be used to help officers who require “spiritual cleansing and remedy.” The department says they will help “mold their character.”  Some policemen are wary of  the way they act in front of the Imams and Chaplains when on duty because they are afraid that they will be called in for counseling.

There's no provision for counseling for police who aren't Muslim or Christian because the police department only recognizes those religions. 

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cuban Residents Must Register Their Firearms…No, This Isn't 1959

It surprises most; however, there are still a lot of privately owned firearms in this Communist paradise.
The Cuban government has announced that there will be a two month long amnesty for those with unlicensed guns to take steps to keep them. But, and there is always a "but" when it comes to gun licensing everywhere, only those who can pass aptitude and psychological tests can keep their firearms. It may be hard to pass those psychological tests because the Castro brothers likely believe that anyone who would want a firearm in Cuba should be declared crazy.

Apparently, it isn't that unusual to find firearms in Cuba, but most are improvised guns, made from household materials, or guns smuggled into the police state. Generally, the only people allowed to have guns in Cuba are the active military and plain clothes " state security agents." The ban even applies to police who have to leave their side arms in a regional barracks or at the station when on leave or vacation. Even military conscripts use unloaded guns for most military exercises.

The state run news agency, Prensa Latina, announced that the amnesty will begin February 12th. No reasons have been given for the sudden "legalization" of remaining personal firearms. However, gun owners have to pay registration taxes, meet acceptable social behavior norms, and meet security conditions to keep their firearms. The licensing process will be facilitated by security and protection agents, detectives, and bodyguards.

Cubans were required to register all their firearms after Castro gave former dictator Batista the boot in 1959. As typical with dictatorships, Cuban police then used the registration list to go door to door to confiscate firearms on the list. Funny how history repeats itself, isn't it? The police even took antiques firearms from their owners.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Irish Version Of ACLU Says Burglars Have Rights in Your Home When They Invade It

Now, the Irish are weighing in on the proposed change in British law to expand the right of inhabitants to self defense. Ireland's version of our ACLU wants to continue giving their burglars their "protected" status. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties said that changing laws to allow householders to have more freedom to fight back against invaders in their homes would lead to more violent burglaries.
Current British law doesn't allow lethal force against home invaders. Today, Irish burglars know that if householders use more than non-lethal steps to stop their home invasions, that the householders will find themselves in prison, with the burglar himself probably getting probation.

The ICCL is against laws that would justify the use of lethal force to prevent someone from "simply" entering their property. They say that the burglars would come prepared to meet violence with violence, as if they aren't prepared already. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties even said that "Burglars had rights," and one of those rights was not to be killed. But they also said that burglar's rights are diminished if the break into a home and are aggressive.

The practical effect is that the householder  in Ireland has to wait to see if the home invader is going to be aggressive, or if he is armed. By then it is usually too late to act. If he is just there to steal your TV while you are watching it, then you fear the law if you use force to stop him. The ICCL stated that the Law Reform Commission had gone too far in putting the right of defense of property (meaning defense of the home and Irish families) above the right of life.

The Law Reform Commission has proposed a change that would allow householders to use lethal force to keep someone from entering their homes or stealing. there The Commission suggests that the right to self defense extends to their driveways, fields, gardens, and yards.

Just as the Bradys predicted shootouts at every disagreement, and that the U.S. would become a new Wild West with liberalized gun carry laws, the ICCL says that a change in their law would allow landowners to shoot children who steal apples from their orchards. This is extreme warped Brady logic in action. If an American shot children doing this, he would face severe criminal charges, as it should be.  People have been prosecuted and are spending long sentences here for similar reckless r behavior.

One Irish lawmaker lamented that the stress, trauma, worry, and fear he experienced after he was burglarized five years ago has never gone away. He still worries when his wife goes downstairs, and is still alert for her scream.

Home invasion victims should have the state's protection instead of the home invaders having it.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Over 14 Million NICS Firearm Purchase Background Checks Done In 2009

A record 14.033,824 NICS Instant Background checks were performed in 2009. This means that after the denial process takes place, some 13,753,147 guns were sold by FFL dealers alone to United States residents. That does not include private sales.The FBI, which administers the NICS system, says that the historic denial rate as a result of the checks is under 2%. 
Sales began to skyrocket in September, 2008 when it became apparent that Barack Obama would win the Presidency. 

Is it coincidence that the FBI has reported that the national Crime rate dropped 10% during the same period of the highly publicized run on gun purchases? Mayor Bloomberg credits New York City's Crime rate drop on tough gun laws and good policing. But, how does he explain the corresponding crime rate drop in states without repressive gun laws like New York? 

Number of Transactions Conducted
Number of Denials Rendered
 Denial Rate Percentage


The total checks in 2008 was 12,393,553. That's a total check number of 68,773,133 NICS checks since the program began in 1994. 

It is important to know that a full 20% of all of the background checks since 1994 happened in 2009! 

The NICS System will deny approval of a firearm purchase from a FFL for a variety of reasons. 

The reasons below are for denials and there are the number of denials in the FBI files since the Brady Act took effect:
(How many of these people were actually prosecuted?)

A1           Convicted of a crime punishable by more than one year or a misdemeanor
 punishable by more than two years 331,537 5.83%

A2           Under Indictment/Information 243 0.01%

B             Fugitive from Justice 364,550 6.41%

C             Unlawful User/Addicted to a Controlled Substance 1,361 0.02%

D             Adjudicated Mental Health 888,807 15.63%

E              Illegal Unlawful Alien 3,978,988 69.96%

F              Dishonorable Discharge 16,149 0.28%

G             Renounced U.S. Citizenship 14,337 0.25%

H             Protection Restraining Order for Domestic Violence 976 0.02%

I              Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence Conviction 53,609 0.94%

M            Federally Denied Persons File 37,005 0.65%
Total Active (Denial) Records in the NICS Index 5,687,562 

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