Thursday, January 28, 2010

Irish Version Of ACLU Says Burglars Have Rights in Your Home When They Invade It

Now, the Irish are weighing in on the proposed change in British law to expand the right of inhabitants to self defense. Ireland's version of our ACLU wants to continue giving their burglars their "protected" status. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties said that changing laws to allow householders to have more freedom to fight back against invaders in their homes would lead to more violent burglaries.
Current British law doesn't allow lethal force against home invaders. Today, Irish burglars know that if householders use more than non-lethal steps to stop their home invasions, that the householders will find themselves in prison, with the burglar himself probably getting probation.

The ICCL is against laws that would justify the use of lethal force to prevent someone from "simply" entering their property. They say that the burglars would come prepared to meet violence with violence, as if they aren't prepared already. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties even said that "Burglars had rights," and one of those rights was not to be killed. But they also said that burglar's rights are diminished if the break into a home and are aggressive.

The practical effect is that the householder  in Ireland has to wait to see if the home invader is going to be aggressive, or if he is armed. By then it is usually too late to act. If he is just there to steal your TV while you are watching it, then you fear the law if you use force to stop him. The ICCL stated that the Law Reform Commission had gone too far in putting the right of defense of property (meaning defense of the home and Irish families) above the right of life.

The Law Reform Commission has proposed a change that would allow householders to use lethal force to keep someone from entering their homes or stealing. there The Commission suggests that the right to self defense extends to their driveways, fields, gardens, and yards.

Just as the Bradys predicted shootouts at every disagreement, and that the U.S. would become a new Wild West with liberalized gun carry laws, the ICCL says that a change in their law would allow landowners to shoot children who steal apples from their orchards. This is extreme warped Brady logic in action. If an American shot children doing this, he would face severe criminal charges, as it should be.  People have been prosecuted and are spending long sentences here for similar reckless r behavior.

One Irish lawmaker lamented that the stress, trauma, worry, and fear he experienced after he was burglarized five years ago has never gone away. He still worries when his wife goes downstairs, and is still alert for her scream.

Home invasion victims should have the state's protection instead of the home invaders having it.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Over 14 Million NICS Firearm Purchase Background Checks Done In 2009

A record 14.033,824 NICS Instant Background checks were performed in 2009. This means that after the denial process takes place, some 13,753,147 guns were sold by FFL dealers alone to United States residents. That does not include private sales.The FBI, which administers the NICS system, says that the historic denial rate as a result of the checks is under 2%. 
Sales began to skyrocket in September, 2008 when it became apparent that Barack Obama would win the Presidency. 

Is it coincidence that the FBI has reported that the national Crime rate dropped 10% during the same period of the highly publicized run on gun purchases? Mayor Bloomberg credits New York City's Crime rate drop on tough gun laws and good policing. But, how does he explain the corresponding crime rate drop in states without repressive gun laws like New York? 

Number of Transactions Conducted
Number of Denials Rendered
 Denial Rate Percentage


The total checks in 2008 was 12,393,553. That's a total check number of 68,773,133 NICS checks since the program began in 1994. 

It is important to know that a full 20% of all of the background checks since 1994 happened in 2009! 

The NICS System will deny approval of a firearm purchase from a FFL for a variety of reasons. 

The reasons below are for denials and there are the number of denials in the FBI files since the Brady Act took effect:
(How many of these people were actually prosecuted?)

A1           Convicted of a crime punishable by more than one year or a misdemeanor
 punishable by more than two years 331,537 5.83%

A2           Under Indictment/Information 243 0.01%

B             Fugitive from Justice 364,550 6.41%

C             Unlawful User/Addicted to a Controlled Substance 1,361 0.02%

D             Adjudicated Mental Health 888,807 15.63%

E              Illegal Unlawful Alien 3,978,988 69.96%

F              Dishonorable Discharge 16,149 0.28%

G             Renounced U.S. Citizenship 14,337 0.25%

H             Protection Restraining Order for Domestic Violence 976 0.02%

I              Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence Conviction 53,609 0.94%

M            Federally Denied Persons File 37,005 0.65%
Total Active (Denial) Records in the NICS Index 5,687,562 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

British Defense Attorney Believes Self Defense Law Change There Would Grant License To Kill

Allowing the God given right to self defense is gaining momentum in Great Britain. This right to self defense by law abiding people against criminal attack got a major boost in support from the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. He said that the law should be changed to lean as far as possible on the side of the householder.

The current law ostensibly allows one to use “reasonable force” against attacking thugs; however, the term “reasonable” has not been defined. It has been the practice to define what is reasonable by the perspective of a Judge, who is sitting on the bench in a safe environment in Court, rather than what is reasonable from the perspective of a person, who, along with his family, has been tied up in their home or robbed by armed men.  

We have been reporting the case of Munir Hussain, and his brother who attacked the man who tied up Munir, the brother, and Munir’s ’s family. The Hussain brothers got prison time. The home invader got probation.

Many, who want to liberalize the British law would like Courts to use a standard of review to decide if the response to thugs was "grossly disproportionate" in self defense cases there. This is grossly disproportionate to the more workable “Castle Doctrine” adopted by many American states.

Under the Castle Doctrine Law, a man’s home is his castle. There is a rebuttable presumption that when a stranger breaks into a home in Castle Doctrine states, the occupant does not have a duty to retreat from the home invader. It is presumed that the Home Invader is there to do harm to the home’s occupants. The threatened occupant can kill the home invaders if the occupant believes he is imminent danger.

But, as in the USA, there are those in Britain who are afraid of letting people defend themselves. Just like the Bradys warned of shootouts at every fender bender, The chairman of the British Criminal Bar Association, Paul Mendelle, said that a change to the “grossly disproportionate” standard of review would be a “license to kill.” He also believes that the change would create vigilantes. He believes that the current restrictive law works well, and is easily understandable by criminal juries, as if they cannot comprehend what self defense is.

And, God forbid, householders who kill burglars could actually be acquitted. He believes burglarizing home invaders should not be killed by householders for committing a maximum 14 year sentence crime. That’s regardless of the terrorization by the thug toward the house’s occupants, and householder’s level of fear for their own and their familiy’s lives and safety.

As the law stands now in Britain, there is absolutely no right to a trial by a jury. Judges are allowed to hear cases without juries, and personal anti gun bias can come into play.  

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Monday, January 25, 2010

One Brit Answers "How Do The British Defend Their Homes From Home Invaders? ...They Can't"

Our recent blog pointed out that the British face criminal sanctions for forceful defense of themselves from home invasions. One Brit, Munir Hussain, got 30 months for breaking a cricket bat over the head of a home invader who tied up his family. He was released shortly into his sentence. British star, Myleene Klass, was recently chastised by police for waving a kitchen knife and yelling at thugs breaking into her property.  
However, another Brit was against all British gun ownership. Here's what he said about the British "gun free" paradise and "free" healthcare, and our response to him.

Gary - Britain said..."We don't want guns thanks very much. Thankfully america (sic) is there to constantly remind us why guns for all is a terribly bad idea. We would rather have the freedom to live without the risk of being shot by a random nutter. In the UK we have the police to deal with crime, not vigilantes. But then we also have a free health care system and 4 weeks paid holidays a year. With a bit of luck one day america will achieve the rights and freedoms that Europeans have.

jgh said...Yes, and you can also be sent to prison for defending your family like Munir Hussain, who was sentenced to 30 months for doing that, and was just released by your appellate court for an "excessive" result in Court. Or, you can waive a knife and yell at teens breaking into your property like Myleene Klass, and be told by police that you have done something wrong. We don't have to leave our sheds unlocked for the convenience of criminals like you do. We really like your "protected" criminal class.You know that there is a move afoot there to legalize fighting back against criminals without liability. At last.

And, under your "free" healthcare that you pay dearly for in taxes and fees,and death. Your colon polyp will turn to cancer as you wait months for a colonoscopy to remove it. If you get Prostate cancer, you will be a dead man before it is treated. Or, you can come to America to pay to have double hip replacement, when you can hardly move because your hips have disintegrated, because the waiting list is too long.

As far as "random nutters," your chances are great that you will meet one in your house because he knows that he can tie you and your family up on the floor, ransack your home, put everyone in fear of their lives, and steal your TV with impunity while you are watching it.

Are you saying that it's OK for only criminals have guns in your house or on the street? Latvians are converting blank firing guns to shoot 9mm, and they are being sold on your streets for 1,500 pounds. These were used in 300 gun crimes last year. Your government even says that your criminals are renting guns.

Law abiding Brits can't have one in the home and defend their families as they are attacked, or are you saying that there are no home invasions there? Criminals will always get guns, even if they have to make them. Criminals believe that gun laws are just more laws to break. Thank God, we had that little unpleasantness with you in 1776, so we don't have to live in such an atmosphere that pervades and infects your Great Britain."

We should have pointed out that, although police do their best, Courts have held that they have no duty to defend you, and police are always there in minutes, when seconds count. 

Perhaps Gary in Britain would rather be stabbed than shot. 

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Trijicon Gun Sight Makers To Remove Biblical References From Military Sights

Trijicon will remove abbreviated bible verse references
from its Gunsights destined for the military. General David
Petraeus has called the references "a serious concern" and
"disturbing. Some soldiers and Marines have been concerned
about being captured by the terrorist enemy with weapons
 bearing Christian bible verses such as JN8:12.
The Marine Corps. was considering ending its contract with

Here's their statement.

"Trijicon, Inc. Offers to Voluntarily Remove Scripture
References on all Products Destined for U.S. Military

(Wixom, MI – Thursday, January 21, 2010) –
Trijicon, Inc. today announced that effective yesterday,
Wednesday, January 20, 2010, the company has offered
to voluntarily stop putting references to scripture on all
 products manufactured for the U.S. military – and will
provide, free of charge, 100 modification kits to the
Pentagon to enable the removal of the references that
 are already on products that are currently deployed.

In response to concerns raised by the Department of
Defense, Trijicon, Inc. initiated this action to ensure the
war-time production needs of the troops are met as
quickly as possible.

Specifically, Trijicon will:

Remove the inscription reference on all U.S. military
products that are in the company's factory that have
already been produced, but have yet to be shipped.
Provide 100 modification kits to forces in the field to
 remove the reference on the already forward deployed
optical sights.
Ensure all future procurements from the Department
of Defense are produced without scripture references.
Offer foreign military forces that have purchased
Trijicon products the same remedies for removing the
scripture reference and the elimination of these
references on future products.

Stephen Bindon, Trijicon President and CEO:
"Trijicon has proudly served the U.S. military for
more than two decades, and our decision to offer
 to voluntarily remove these references is both
prudent and appropriate," Stephen Bindon, Trijicon
President said. "We want to thank the Department
 of Defense for the opportunity to work with them
and will move as quickly as possible to provide the
modification kits for deployment overseas. We are
honored that our products were selected by the
United States military based on their superior
effectiveness and overall value. Trijicon's more
than 250 American workers are proud and
humbled to provide critical hardware for our
nation's brave service men and women and we
look forward to working with the Department
of Defense to ensure our immediate solutions
are in compliance with the military's standards

About Trijicon, Inc.:
Trijicon, Inc. has led the industry in the development
of superior any-light aiming systems since the
 company's founding in 1981. For two generations
Trijicon has supplied America's military with the
highest quality, innovative optical sighting systems.
We are proud and humbled by the opportunity to
provide critical hardware for our nation's brave service
men and women.

Contact: Tom Munson,Director of Sales and Marketing"
(248) 960-7700


John 8:12 (King James Version)

 12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama Gives Himself A "B+" as President...Brady Coalition Gives Him An "F"

It’s been disappointment after disappointment with Obama for lots of us; however, we expected nothing but bad news from his administration. But, of all people who are disappointed with Obama, now it’s the anti- gun rights Brady Campaign.   The Brady’s President, Paul Hemke, is apoplectic. We give the Brady’s an “A” for Asinine in their “Whine of the Month.” Here’s their press release from Tuesday.

“Weaker Gun Laws, Lack Of Leadership Earn President Obama A Failing Grade
Jan 19, 2010
Washington, DC - In his first year as President, Barack Obama’s continuing concessions to the “guns anywhere” mentality of the gun lobby and lack of leadership for common-sense gun laws has earned him a grade of “F” from the nation’s leading group fighting to prevent gun violence.

President Obama signed legislation letting people carry concealed weapons in national parks and in checked luggage on Amtrak trains, adopted the gun lobby’s empty rhetoric about just “enforcing the laws on the books,” muzzled Cabinet members who expressed any support for stronger gun laws and failed to appoint permanent leadership at the agency that polices the gun industry. This White House even voiced no objection to people carrying guns near Presidential events.

His White House staff removed statements from the White House website that declared support for gun violence prevention laws.  His spokesman repeatedly refused to express support for any proposed legislation to strengthen gun laws.  And President Obama and the White House staff avoided any mention of guns after horrific, high-profile shootings and the anniversaries of historic shooting tragedies.

For these reasons, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence today released a report on President Obama’s performance, 
President Obama’s First Year: Failed Leadership, Lost Lives:
The organization gives the President an “F.”

“If I had been told, in the days before Barack Obama’s inauguration, that his record on gun violence prevention would be this poor, I would not have believed it,” said Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Center. 
“Throughout his career, President Obama has understood the urgent need for strong, sensible gun laws.  We have been very disappointed by his first year record on this issue.”

“With more than 110,000 gun deaths or injuries last year, reducing gun violence needs to be one of our national priorities,” Helmke said. “We hope President Obama will work with us in the coming years to reduce gun violence in America.”

A review of the record of President Obama’s policy positions before being elected and his administration’s positions since occupying the White House shows a clear record of back-pedaling:

  • Candidate Obama said “I am not in favor of concealed weapons.  I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could [get shot during] altercations.”  Then he signed legislation allowing loaded, concealed guns in national parks.  Neither the White House nor the Obama Interior Department expressed opposition to the amendment that changed the Reagan-era ban on concealed weapons in parks. 
  • In April 2008, President Obama said “I’ve said before we should have a much tougher background check system, one that’s much more effective and make sure there aren’t loopholes out there like the gun show loophole.”  In response to a Helen Thomas inquiry about the gun show loophole, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said in April 2009, “I think the President believes that we can have a greater outcome in the short term working to enforce the laws that are on our books.”
  • On the second anniversary of the Virginia Tech University tragedy and the tenth anniversary of the Columbine High School tragedy - as well as after a shooting in Binghamton, New York that left 13 dead, the shooting of Dr. George Tiller, the shooting of four police officers by an Obama-hating white supremacist in Pittsburgh and the shooting of a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. - none of President Obama’s public statements included the word “gun.”
The avoidance of the gun issue has had international repercussions as well.  Despite horrific gun violence related to the war between drug lords and the government in Mexico and vast evidence that the overwhelming majority of firearms in the conflict came from the U.S., the White House silenced two Cabinet members who said the U.S. should consider changing gun laws.

At a February 25, 2009 press conference with the Attorney General of Mexico, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder reminded the audience of President Obama’s campaign statements favoring legislation “making the expired Federal assault weapons ban permanent.”  Three weeks later, Holder said of a possible assault weapons ban, “I think what we’re going to do is try to enforce the laws that we have on the books.”  Three weeks after that, CBS anchor Katie Couric interviewed Holder and asked about the assault weapons ban change.  Holder responded.  “I look forward to working with the NRA to come up with ways in which we can use common sense approaches to reduce the level of violence that we see.”

On March 25, 2009 in Mexico, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conceded that an assault weapons ban would be difficult, but said that the weapons “don’t belong on anyone’s street.”  Asked about her comment, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs acknowledged that President Obama had supported the ban as a candidate, but said he had no plans to ask Congress to reinstate it.  A few weeks later, Gibbs added that “the President believes particularly that there are other strategies that we can take to enforce the laws that are already on our books.”

Obama’s avoidance of the issue so far is remarkable for many reasons, but one is that the level of hateful rhetoric against him by gun rights extremists continues unabated.  The NRA’s website remains live 14 months after the conclusion of the 2008 Presidential election.  A young man in Pittsburgh reportedly indicated that he feared “the Obama gun ban that’s on the way” before he murdered three police officers last year.

“The gun lobby’s message during the campaign was ‘if elected, Barack Obama would be the most anti-gun president in American history,’” Helmke said.  “Last week, one journalist wrote that the National Rifle Association ‘should erect a statue of Barack Obama in front of its D.C. headquarters’ because he ‘has done more for firearm owners than any President in recent history.’ Avoiding the gun issue has done nothing to stop or slow the political attacks from the gun extremists.”

Last summer, after gun rights zealots began displaying firearms openly at “town hall” meetings as well as at the President’s public events, White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs went out of his way to defend the carrying of these weapons.  Rather than condemning these security threats, he stated, “There are laws that govern firearms that are done state or locally.  Those laws don’t change when the president comes to your state or locality.”

“This administration’s first year policy on gun violence prevention was, in a word, evasion,” Helmke said. “I am hopeful that President Obama will recommit to his long-held values and concerns on this issue. Lives literally hang in the balance.”

All emphasis added in the above press release was done by the Bradys. 

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Friday, January 15, 2010

How Do The British Defend Their Homes From Home Invaders? ...They Can't

A British celebrity, Myleene Klass, who is a popular broadcaster and model, brandished an "illegal" kitchen knife, and ran off a band of young intruders who entered her property last week . Police have told her that they believed she  acted illegally in showing the knife to defend the home.

She was in the kitchen when she saw the intruders in her garden acting suspiciously. They came toward the window she was looking out of, but turned away. They then tried to break into a shed on the property when she screamed and waved the knife to scare the intruders away.

She was informed by the authorities that the kitchen knife was an "offensive weapon", and that she was not allowed to brandish the knife to scare the intruders off, even if endangered on her property.

This is how the self defense system has worked in Britain for years. There is a movement in Britain now to finally allow people to protect themselves and have immunity in using force to fight off intruders.

This latest travesty comes after another Brit, Munir Hussain, was sentenced to prison for 30 months last year after defending himself and his family from a knife wielding home invader.  He, his brother, and Hussain’s family had been tied up by a home invader. The brothers worked their way loose and confronted the burglar. The brothers used a metal bar and cricket bat in fighting back.  They hit the burglar’s head so hard with the bat that it broke in half.

In a complete miscarriage of justice, after the home invader received a well deserved concussion, the Court said that the burglar wasn’t competent to plead to false imprisonment, and was given probation.  This career criminal had more than 50 previous convictions. In addition to Hussain’s 30 months, his brother was sentenced to 39 months. Both brothers were found guilty of causing “grievous bodily harm” to the home invader.

In sentencing the brothers, the Judge said that he believed that civilized society would collapse if people were allowed to take the law into their own hands and punish the intruder, instead of letting “justice” take its course, which in this case was probation for the intruder and prison for his victims. But was this punishment of the home invader, or did the brothers just take steps to protect the home's occupants and stop a vicious crime?  The criminal justice system failed these two men and their families miserably.

You may remember the case of British farmer, Tony Martin, who shot and killed a home invader in self defense several years ago, and was convicted of murder. That event set off a debate on self defense in Britain that hasn’t been resolved yet. We can consider ourselves fortunate indeed to have had forefathers with wisdom enough to affirm out pre-existing right to self defense, and to keep and bear arms.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

British Criminals Deal With Ammunition Shortage...With Scotch Tape

Yesterday, we wrote about British gangs having to "rent" guns. But, what do they do for ammunition? When guns and ammunition are in short supply, criminals are only limited by their imagination.

Britain, like the United States, has been experiencing a shortage of ammunition. Not only does that make it hard on the target shooter there, it also makes it tough on gang members to have enough ammunition to do business. But, the British crooks have a unique, though dangerous, solution to the problem. What does one do in Britain if you are a gang member, and only have access to center fire ammunition that’s a smaller caliber than required for the larger caliber illegal gun you have?  Wrap the smaller round with Scotch Tape to make it fit into the chamber.

Investigators at some recent shootings have found poor quality homemade bullets, and brass that has been wrapped with Scotch Tape to fit larger caliber guns than they are designed for. 
This improvised ammunition could end a criminal’s day with a real bang.

And elsewhere in the world of improvised firearms in Britain:

For several years, British Police have been contending with a new working firearm converted from a Lithuanian blank firing gun.  It is the Baikal gas powered gun, a blank firing gun, illegally converted into 9mm by re-machining the barrel to 9mm. 

These blank firing guns can be purchased for as little as 40 to 100 pounds in Lithuania. There’s a cottage industry in the Vilnius area that is converting these guns into functionality. They are then smuggled into Britain, already converted to 9mm, and sold for 1,500 to 2,000 pounds per gun. That's a hefty return on their investment.

This goes to prove that when the public is disarmed, criminals will find a way to get guns. They won’t turn theirs in, only law abiding "victims to be" will. They will steal them, they will buy them on the street, or rent them, or make something that will shoot from whatever is at hand. In gun free Britain, one forensics lab has linked 350 of these Baikal guns to gun crime in the last year.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

British Gangs Turning To Renting Contraband Firearms

Scarcity of guns has hit rival gangs in Great Britain. The Indian Times reports that there are now firearms “middle men” who are renting out guns to criminals. Those rent-a guns have been involved in multiple shootings and drive bys throughout Great Britain. It could also be that a bad economy means that criminals  who can’t afford to buy their own contraband guns have to resort to renting them.

British criminals and gang bangers  are actually having to rent shared guns. The National Ballistics Intelligence Service has records of pictures and boasts of gang members about their rented guns on Facebook and other networking sites. 

Apparently the same guns are being used over and over by different gang members because of their scarcity. Sometimes, the same gun is used in both sides of different gang shootings.

Defying  the flawed Brady gun ban logic, and in a country with an almost complete gun ban, there have been  nearly 10,000 firearms crimes in Great Britain in the last ten years. Apparently many thugs didn’t get the word that there’s a gun ban there. Or, maybe they’ve just been too busy renting guns or committing gun crimes to turn them in.

The British gun ban and the new gun rental business is more concrete proof to show that when a gun ban is in effect, both the street thug and enterprising criminals will find ways to get their hands on them.

And, what do the rental men do when a thug doesn’t return a rented gun? Do they  send Cousin Guido to break some kneecaps?  

Friday, January 8, 2010

N. C. State Senator R.C. Soles Indicted On Felony Firearms Assault Charge

North Carolina State Senator R.C. Soles, Jr. has been indicted on a felony firearms charge of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious bodily injury. Soles is the State’s longest serving lawmaker. The 74 year old Democrat could serve up to two years in prison if convicted.

He is accused of shooting Thomas Blackburn, a 22 year old Raleigh resident, in the leg last August.  Soles has characterized the shooting as self defense.  The local District Attorney removed himself from the case because of close personal ties with Soles. The Attorney General will handle the case.

Soles decided not to run for re-election because of the case making re-election more difficult.

The shooting is the latest in many confrontations between Soles and young men who used to be his former clients. Blackburn was freed from prison earlier in 2008 after violating his probation for a felony, a breaking  and entering.

Witnesses in the Soles case say that Blackburn and another person tried to break down Soles’ door, but were unsuccessful.

Police say that they have been called to Soles’ law office and residence 40 times since 2006. Some were routine calls, but others involved allegations of neighbors hearing screams, gunshots, loud arguments, and complaints about young people circling around his his residence on motor cycles.

Soles denies all claims of improper relationships with the young men.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Arkansas Bans Sales Of Realistic Looking Toy Guns

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The shooting of a twelve year old boy by police has precipitated a Arkansas law banning the sale of realistic looking toy guns. He was shot by police after they say that he pointed a gun at them which turned out to be a toy gun.
The boy’s mother says that the toy gun was “planted” on the child, and he was actually holding a bottle of soda when he was shot. She fought against the law being named after her son.  The gun “found” by police had an orange tip, and would have been legal to sell even under the new law.
Any store selling realistic looking toy guns in Arkansas will be fined $1,000.00

Little Robert Heydges, Jr. of Little Rock and his friends will not be amused.
Toy Gun Training