Tuesday, January 12, 2010

British Gangs Turning To Renting Contraband Firearms

Scarcity of guns has hit rival gangs in Great Britain. The Indian Times reports that there are now firearms “middle men” who are renting out guns to criminals. Those rent-a guns have been involved in multiple shootings and drive bys throughout Great Britain. It could also be that a bad economy means that criminals  who can’t afford to buy their own contraband guns have to resort to renting them.

British criminals and gang bangers  are actually having to rent shared guns. The National Ballistics Intelligence Service has records of pictures and boasts of gang members about their rented guns on Facebook and other networking sites. 

Apparently the same guns are being used over and over by different gang members because of their scarcity. Sometimes, the same gun is used in both sides of different gang shootings.

Defying  the flawed Brady gun ban logic, and in a country with an almost complete gun ban, there have been  nearly 10,000 firearms crimes in Great Britain in the last ten years. Apparently many thugs didn’t get the word that there’s a gun ban there. Or, maybe they’ve just been too busy renting guns or committing gun crimes to turn them in.

The British gun ban and the new gun rental business is more concrete proof to show that when a gun ban is in effect, both the street thug and enterprising criminals will find ways to get their hands on them.

And, what do the rental men do when a thug doesn’t return a rented gun? Do they  send Cousin Guido to break some kneecaps?  

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