Monday, February 8, 2010

British Police Departments Dress Non-Muslim Female Officers In Burqas

What next? Now the Somerset and Avon police departments in England have put non-Muslim women officers in Burqas. Its ostensibly to improve community understanding. A female community service officer and two female police sergeants were recently dressed in head to foot Burqas for the day. It was not an undercover assignment.

The goal for the day? Shopping. This costuming was part of a police program called “In your shoes.”  But the program has been severely criticized as taking officers off the streets when they are actually paid to do such mundane chores as investigating crime and arresting criminals. Some have called it an “institutional nervous breakdown.”

This wasn’t the first time that British female police have dressed as Muslims. In Bamsley, England, female officers put on bright colored full length Muslim outfits called jiljabs and wore niqabs, which covered their faces except for slits for the eyes earlier this year.

Let’s hope that this isn’t conditioning for the officers and the first step in enforcing Sharia law in England.

And, in Lagos, Nigeria, the Police Department has approved the hiring of 53 imams and chaplains for their police department. These Imams and chaplains are also active duty policemen who enforce the Nigerian laws. They are to be used to help officers who require “spiritual cleansing and remedy.” The department says they will help “mold their character.”  Some policemen are wary of  the way they act in front of the Imams and Chaplains when on duty because they are afraid that they will be called in for counseling.

There's no provision for counseling for police who aren't Muslim or Christian because the police department only recognizes those religions. 

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