Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Killings As Were Predicted By Anti Gun Rights Groups In Our National Parks As Firearms Carry Law Changes

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Many campers actually welcome the added protection against human and animal predators by armed, responsible gun owners in campgrounds at our National Parks. And, contrary to the image projected by anti gunners, the new regulations do not allow target shooting in National Parks,  nor do they open up hunting where it is already prohibited. 

Police in well inhabited areas can usually be at the scene of a life threatening emergency in minutes, when seconds count. With the vast areas in National parks, emergency response time can be measured in hours. 

A week has passed after the prohibition against carry of firearms in our National Parks was rescinded on February 22nd. There have been no shootings, no killings, and no one has been reported as acting like a fool while carrying open or concealed in national Parks. Carry must be done according to the laws of the state that the park is located in. Care must be taken in parks located in multiple states like Yellowstone, where firearms carry laws vary state to state.

In a press release, anti gun zealots such as a group of  retired national park service employees tried to scare the public with visions of "Assault rifles" on Mather Point overlooking the Grand Canyon... Handguns on the Filene Center concert lawn at Wolf Trap in the Washington, D.C. suburbs... Shotguns at Lamar River Valley in the backcountry at Yellowstone National Park, the world's first national park..."  
Yes, what a good idea. They are no longer "gun free" victim zones. 

Hopefully, those carrying firearms in parks will be as conscientious about firearms safety inside as they are outside the Parks, and when to use one or not use one in self defense. If there is ever an unwarranted shooting of a grizzly that is just grabbing salmon or grazing, then the press and anti gun groups will surely go nuclear, and say, "See, we told you so." We will then have a whole new can of worms to deal with.  

The scare tactics used by anti gun rights advocates regarding our National Parks reminds us of the familiar tactics used by these organizations that there would be gun fights at every "fender bender," in states considering legalizing concealed handgun carry permits. It just didn't happen after handgun carry permits were issued by the thousands.  And, dire predictions like those won't be fulfilled in our National parks either. 

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