Friday, February 12, 2010

Walmart Employee Who Shot Fellow Employee In The Head At Work Is Exonerated

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A Walmart employee who shot a co-worker in the head on a loading dock while at the store is released.  The County Prosecutor said that 49 year old Craig Schmidt acted lawfully under the Montana’s “Castle Law” Doctrine. Under that law, a person has a natural right to use firearms in self defense, and doesn’t have to call 911 before using what is considered justifiable force.

Schmidt was facing charges of assault with the firearm, but the law's existence required that the police investigate further to see if Schmidt believed his life was in danger. That further investigation showed that Schmidt was within his rights in drawing and firing the firearm.  

Schmidt and 32 year old Daniel Lara got into an argument about  Lara taking an extended break. Schmidt bumped Lara’s shoulder. Mr. Lara took that as a beginning of a fight and started attacking him.

Schmidt was shoved around and punched by Lara. Lara also hit Schmidt extremely hard twice in the head. As the hitting and shoving of Schmidt continued, Schmidt was pushed down and fell on a metal rack. Schmidt feared that the next blow would seriously injure him, so he drew his sidearm and fired. Schmidt said that he couldn’t retreat any further, and was almost on his back. He believed he was in store for a severe beating.

His .25 caliber round hit Lara’s forehead, but didn’t penetrate his skull. Witnesses called Lara the aggressor, and the medical reports showed that Schmidt had serious injuries from being continually hit by Lara.

Also, Schmidt was 6’2’ and weighed 145 pounds as opposed to Lara being 5’10” and 260 pounds. The prosecutor didn’t believe a jury would convict Schmidt.

In El Paso, use what is at hand if you don’t have a gun to protect yourself. 

 17 year old Ivan Rodriguez stopped a burglary at his home when a 14 year old burglary suspect broke into his house. Rodriguez hit the young thug with his skateboard and gave him what he called’ A good beating.”

When the police finally got there, they found a small caliber handgun on the 14 year old home invader. The 14 year old was taken to a hospital, and will be charged with burglary.

Across the Atlantic: 

A 20 year old Ghana, Africa armed robber who killed a pregnant woman and seriously hurt her husband last spring will spend 100 years in prison there.

Muhammad Musah, better known as “Red Bone,” was found guilty of robbery and conspiracy to rob. He got 1,200 months in prison. The Judge told him at the sentencing that, “People like you aren’t fit to mingle with law abiding citizens.”

“Red Bone” also faces more trials on similar charges elsewhere in the African country.

100 years in a dingy, overcrowded Ghana prison will certainly be a memorable experience for Mr. “Red Bone.”

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