Saturday, February 25, 2012

More American Soldiers Murdered By A "Trusted" Afghan - Its Past Time To Pack Our Bags There

File:Flag of Afghanistan.svg
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان

All US and NATO troops in all Afghan Ministries have been ordered back to their bases today after another Afghan killed two more soldiers. This time it was in the heavily defended Afghan Interior Ministry building. It is dangerous for any Americans there to turn their backs on armed Afghans. They were apparently killed by an Afghan Police officer "working" with the Military. Its believed that they were shot because of the Koran burning a few days ago. Will this prompt More Obama apologies? 

Over 1900 Americans have died in Afghanistan since 2001. Where  are any Afghan apologies for that?  Over 1,000 more military personnel from all outside countries involved there have been killed. That's almost 3,000 dead soldiers sacrificed for a people who could care less. And, thousands of Americans have been wounded and maimed in battle. No apologies from them for that either. They just expect everyone else to shed blood for them.

All of this is happening in retaliation for burning some Korans. These Korans were used by Muslim prisoners who wrote covert messages to each other on their pages while incarcerated. Isn’t that defacing a Koran? Apparently it’s not when they do it themselves.

We heard one commentator say recently that this reaction is understandable because there would probably be a similar reaction to someone burning the bible in the Deep South. That statement is political correctness run amok. It’s just plain nutty. Granted, some in the Deep South would want to have a very serious “chat” with the perpetrator, but there would not be Americans rioting in the street, pillaging of everything in sight, and killings of anyone they thought was responsible for this act. There is just mindless violence and hatred of the West in Afghanistan. So, let them kill themselves. We’ve given them plenty of training and military supplies to do that. There is nothing anyone can do to stop this mindless violence and slaughter. 

The only apologies we hear comes from Obama and his underlings as the Apologize For America Tour continues. The Afghans who are rioting don’t give a damn about apologies. And, the riots are now entering their fifth day.  Apologies from Obama are viewed as weakness by this enemy, and other enemies worldwide. These apologies are from a man just occupying the White House, and not from the majority of the American people. He does not speak for millions who are horrified and repulsed by the Afghan rioters and murderers. 

It’s about time that we pack up and leave the people  there to their own devices. But first, we need to destroy everything we may have to leave behind. No foreign aid should be given to them either. We have aided them enough. Our foreign aid was the American blood already spilled there. The corrupt Karzai government is doomed to failure because our military is the only thing propping it up.

Let it fall. Let it fail. Let the country land flat on its face.  Let the government go into exile with their opium fortunes in their pockets. Who cares anymore? Let the Afghanis kill each other. It is clear that the Afghans and many others in the Mideast have no regard for their own lives or anyone else’s.

If we find that the country is being used for terrorist training camps, which it surely will be, then Obama can deal with this detached and from afar, as he likes to do when faced with problems. No rational country in the world would object to a rain of Hellfire missiles from a drone being directed into a terrorist training camp there. 


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