Friday, April 3, 2009

Buying a Gun Legally In Mexico Is No Fiesta

Everyone has heard about strict gun laws in Mexico. Its nearly impossible to get a legal gun there unless you are politically connected and wealthy.

The Mexican Army runs the only location where a person can buy guns legally in Mexico. That, of course, does not take into account for what you can buy from them and others illegally elsewhere by cash, other bribes and favors.

All of the requirements for Mexican gun ownership would be welcomed here by gun control groups in the USA. The Bradys would love the steps required to buy or carry any gun in Mexico.

To buy from the National Defense Secretariat in Mexico City, the purchaser has to get a Mexican Army issued permit. All who want to buy a legal gun must demonstrate a "need" for the gun. They also have to show proof of legitimate employment. The permit process can be months long, and has to be renewed each year.

If you want to carry a gun, then additionally, you have to get a psychological and medical exam. You probably can get what you want here too with some cash.

Mexican Gun owners are limited to ownership of a maximum of ten guns. They can't get more than two handguns.

All guns have to get registered by the Mexican Military. If you get a handgun through a "home defense permit," then the gun can't leave the premises of the home. If you move, then the government must be notified to update your registration. Should you decide to sell a gun, then the purchase must be approved by the Mexican Military in Mexico City, and the transfer has to happen there.

There's rationing of ammunition too. Gun Owners are limited to buying only ammunition for the registered guns they own. It is a felony to have illegal ammunition in Mexico. Remember the case of the Texas businessman who forgot that he had a few loose shotgun shells under his seat left over from hunting and drove into Mexico? Busted.
There is a limit to the amount of ammunition that they can buy. The limit is 200 bullets for a large bore firearm every six months, and a .22 owner can buy up to 500 monthly.

Some of the current Mexican requirements have already been proposed or are here. Many states require permits to buy, a showing of a need to carry, and many have de facto or actual registration. Some guns are banned totally. On the gun control wish list here too are requirements for Notification to the government of a move of a firearms owning American, along with mandatory licensing in Congressman Bobby Rush's HB45 too.

We all know that these Mexican laws prevent violence in Mexico. There is no little or no gun violence in Mexico as a result of their strict laws. Right. US gun control groups seem to be after the same results here that Mexicans experience.


Auntie Coosa said...

Would you please go to and click on Elected Officials and then Click on Senate and then Leaders and then click on the leadership and email the Democrat leaders your article? And then do the same with the House and email the Democrat leaders your article. And if you're a mind, send it maybe shortened to 300 words to the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times and some other newspapers? You've proven that the Democrats are correct in their assumptions, as you state so eloquently: "We all know that these Mexican laws prevent violence in Mexico. There is no little or no gun violence in Mexico as a result of their strict laws."

Anonymous said...

To: Auntie Coosa

Don't waste your time on this. The traitors in DC and in the MSM are not interested in the facts.

Do you really think that the scumbag Republicrat / Demicans care about emails?

There is a WAR going on here to eradicate the caucasian middle-class. With 13.2 million unemployed and 5.1 million dumped in the streets since Dec 2008, Civil War II is looming.

Auntie Coosa said...

Maybe your CongressCritters don't respond, but my 3 do. I get letters and emails from them. Chambliss nearly lost his Georgia Senate Seat and has been toeing the Conservative line since reelection. Isakson is probably going to be replaced by a more Conservative Republican. Deal doesn't say much, but he does vote Conservative most of the time.

Evil prevails only if good men and women do nothing. The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

PS, don't be anonymous!

Anonymous said...

The only difference between Mexico and the USA concerning gun laws and policy is that in Mexico nearly ALL the bad guys have guns and next to none of the average citizens have them. At least here responsible citizens can choose to arm themselves and defend their families.

TheTruth said...

This is an old blog, but I believe you guys are idiots trying to prevent citizens from owning weapons. I know how it is in mexico, but when I was a child and having a drunken moron pointing a gun at me new years eve was the worst experience ever of my life. What could my parents do when I went back to them. Absolutely nothing the police wouldn't go and the political system is any set up to make politicians rich. The don't care about the well being of someone. Having the right to bear arms allows you to protect your family in time of need. We don't bear arms to show of that we have a gun no it's for security. If you take that right from us who will have the weapons the bad guys! So before you criticize our laws look at how their country is doing. Are they prospering? No they are jumping the border to have a better life here.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to read the blogs before making the statements that you did. Mister the truth.

jgh said...

Yes, this is an old blog. However, every word written in it on the day it was published is still accurate today.

Geoff Cruz said...

Yeah I agree with @jgh that this is an old post but it is still as true now everything you have read still exists in Mexico and is still the way they do business there .

Auntie Hose said...

How difficult, in practical terms, is it to legally buy a firearm in Mexico? And what are the parameters of concealed carry? Is that even allowed, and if so, what are the criteria?