Monday, April 6, 2009

Are Obama and the Democrats Pushing People Over The Edge?

The first mass murder shooting in the USA was August 1, 1966, when Charles Whitman shot and killed killed 14 people and wounded 32 others from atop a clock tower at the University of Texas in Austin.

And then came Virginia Tech.

And now, there's today. Is the despair that Barrack Obama is creating causing a nationwide shooting spree? Is he causing the loonies to come out of the woodwork? Seven mass shootings in the US since the second week of March? Obama and the Democrats have done everything they can to destroy the American Dream. They have played on racial hatred, mass depression, and class warfare. When people who could be prone to violence are pushed over the edge, here's what can happen.

03/10/09 Ten people killed in Georgia murders.

03/21/09 Four Oakland policemen killed by a parolee in Oakland. The parolee, carrying guns forbidden to a parolee, did the shootings in what some in San Francisco sympathetically labeled as rage, frustration, and panic.

03/29/09 Six people killed in a Carthage North Carolina. nursing home by a double barrel shotgun wielding man apparently looking for his wife. A gun free zone.

03/30/09 Six people killed in a murder killed in Santa Clara California. Two adults and four children were shot dead in an apparent murder-suicide. This is not to suggest that children should arm themselves for protection against their parents.

04/03/09 A gunman killed 13 at a Binghamton, NY immigrant center. he shooter had lost his job at IBM, and people made fun of his accent. A gun free zone.

04/04/09 An Orting, Washington man shot his 5 children to death, and himself after finding that his wife was leaving him for another man.

04/04/09 Three Pittsburgh policemen were killed in an ambush. The killer was unemployed, and was being evicted from his home because his dog was urinating on the carpet.

Of course, guns are being blamed for these tragedies, and not the people using them. The Brady's are having to put on hip boots to dance in the blood in their push to disarm us all. These current shootings were caused by those who pushed themselves off the edge from life's problems that they lost control of. Job loss, marital dysfunction, eviction, etc. But did they get a push?

Of course, another push is on for more gun control. Diane Feinstein is chomping at the bit. So are Carolyn McCarthy and Black Panther Bobby Rush. Even if gun control were desirable, and it is not, gun control cannot change the past or shape the future in preventing people from snapping.

What it is time for is crime control. It is time for more self defense. It is time for more to carry guns to protect themselves without restriction were they carry. Concealed carry should be a personal choice. Neither denied by government, or forced on anyone. Some will take advantage of it, and some will not. Murders like these are the ultimate tragedy.

When people who could be prone to violence are pushed over the edge, for whatever reason, we must be able to protect ourselves from them and do it unfettered.
Gun control simply creates another liberal dream "Victim Class." These people are the ones who will comply with disarmament.

And isn't it interesting that the Binghamton Police Chief said that there was no more killing after they arrived two minutes after the first 911 call. Of course not. The gunman had already shot all the victims and had already shot himself. It was already over. A classic example of police being there to help in minutes, when seconds count.

Although they are always used by liberals as tools, emotion and fear should not control the future of the country. As White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel says, this is a crisis the liberals will not to waste.

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Anonymous said...

Just so you can fix them, it was Carthage NC, not Georgia. Too, your sentence regarding the Alabama shooting starts out with "In the worst mass shooting in Georgia history", instead of "In the worst mass shooting in Alabama..."