Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The NRA, Conservative Radio, And Guns Must Go

Just reading the news in that last few days has shown that the NRA, Conservative radio, and guns are the reasons that many people have snapped and taken their frustrations out on others by picking up a gun and killing.

Newspapers, anti gun groups, and liberal "journalists" blame the NRA by insinuating that the NRA and similar groups intentionally promote killing while protecting our rights. This happening, while the Bradys seem hardly able to conceal their glee when new shootings take place that they can use to further their own agenda.

Conservative radio has become the fall guy for all of America's problems. Some liberals have suggested that talk show commentators like Glen Beck and Limbaugh, incredible as it sounds, are responsible for all of our problems, including gun massacres. They want them off the air in a classic example of "Kill the messenger." While Democrats try to silence these voices, their feeble attempts at "progressive" radio like Air America have been dismal failures. They just can't get an audience. No one wants to hear fact free daily liberal rants.

The MSM has its problems too. The typical way that MSM TV falsifies news reports is by showing people shooting legally owned machine guns and implying by the pictures and the story reporting that these guns are the guns commonly owned in the US and are the ones that should be banned in light of the 47 people killed on seven incidents since March 10th. They ignore that these guns have been heavily regulated since NFA 1934. Can you recall a single crime committed with a legally held full auto? Its no wonder that newspapers are failing everywhere too as more people turn to other media like the internet for their news. They have pretended for years to be objective in their reporting, while heavily opinionated and biased news stories and editorials have dominated the pages of papers, under the pretense of non bias of papers like the Washington Post and the NY Times. MSM will be next to fall. Fox has chipped away at CNN for years and has finally topped CNN in the ratings.

And just like you've heard for years, unattended guns are jumping off tables everywhere and are killing people everywhere. The Bradys, Eric Holder, and Bobby Rush can't show where gun control has stopped any killings, anywhere.

South Africa instituted national gun control with their "National Firearms Act" under the blessing of the UN in 2000. Gun crime has become so bad there since then that the average citizen is afraid to walk on streets in broad daylight, let alone at night.

With the signing of a pen, two million more of the south African's currently and legally held guns were made illegal guns last Tuesday. The Act felonized current legal possession of the guns. See the "Sowetan" newspaper article- http://www.sowetan.co.za/News/Article.aspx?id=973689
Does anyone really believe this will stop crime and mass murder?
Does anyone really believe that this isn't the goal here?

Any new gun control laws proposed by the the Bradys will not stop crime or stop people from killing each other. Nothing will prevent murder when someone is intent on doing it.

If any new laws are needed, let's increase mandatory minimums for gun crime and gang violence. Let someone who uses a gun criminally spend ten years in prison before beginning the sentence for the actual crime. Do not allow the gun use charge to be plea bargained away. Otherwise, it will join the ranks of the other 20,000 useless gun laws. Let's increase the cost of doing business for gun carrying thugs. Get them away from our families and put them with their contemporaries in prison, where they can only kill each other.

So, it appears that based on all the facts presented by liberals, that the only solution is that the NRA, Conservative radio, and all guns must go.