Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama's Excellent Adventure

Obama has concluded his his latest "Excellent Adventure" overseas. Are we any better off for it? In one word, no.

He embarrassed our nation once again by giving another cheesy gift to Queen Elizabeth. What's with him and the British? Who makes the White House gift giving decisions? He could use one but the Liberals haven't added a "Secretary of Gifts" to the cabinet yet, it would go well with a "Secretary of Peace" position. We really don't need one of those though. We have Obama.

Anarchist Crowds did their usual riots and destruction at the G20 showing no respect or deference to the Messiah. We were led to believe that the whole world would love us once Obama became our fearless leader. What went wrong? Who will riot next?

Our great leader did manage to find the time to do a complete "from the waist" bow in submission to Saudi royalty. It was a submissive bow that would have made any normal thinking president cringe. It made red blooded Americans ashamed.

Rather than talking up the USA with pride that even Jimmy Carter might have done as President, Obama chose the low road by apologizing for America. How dare him to do that? We didn't elect an apologist in chief, but that's what we got.

Obama and his wife cozied up with Sarcozy and his wife. It was a big step in making us more French. He told Sarkozy that he was learning French He said that he was having trouble with a few French words. He asked Sarkozy what the French words "Ménage à trois" meant. He actually didn't do that, but nothing naive Obama does surprises anyone.

He didn't manage to find time while in France to pay real respect to true American heroes who are in their graves in Normandy. The French even made the offer to take him there several times. He is making his grand trip to the Normandy beach this summer. He didn't want to interfere with that publicity. Maybe his staffers can find the same rock pebbles brought in by Clinton staffers and put on the gravel free sand
beach for Slick Willie to thoughtfully arrange in the shape of a cross when he visited there. Maybe Obama will make a sand castle copy of the Palace of Versailles on Normandy beach to "one up" Bill.

He did find time to visit a Mosque while in Turkey. After he removed his shoes in respect to his heritage and his past/current/future religion, he beamed when shown the name of Mohammed's grandson, "Hussein", in the Koran.

Then, it was time to move on to demoralize our troops in Iraq. He did get a better reception this time than when he met a group of marines previously, when they sat on their hands and said nothing as he entered the room and spoke.

He told the world that he wanted to stand down on nuclear weapons deterrence. This, even as North Korea develops a missle that can carry an atomic warhead to American soil. America is weaker with this man.

He told the world that the USA wasn't at war with Islam. We aren't. But we are at war with Islamic extremism. Even if Obama wants to call it " Overseas Contingency Operations.

Its impossible to decide what the biggest embarrassment to the US that Obama did was. The trip was just a snapshot of Obama. There is the liberal world of Obama and there is the real world we live in.

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