Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama's Teleprompters Would Have Fled In Panic

Joe the Plumber didn't need a teleprompter when he spoke yesterday. If Obama's teleprompters had been there, they would have turned their tails and run away with their cords tucked between their legs, cowering at the sight of 5,000 people who were opposed to Obama policies, and the sight of "Joe the Plumber," who was in Lansing, Michigan to speak at the taxpayer protest tea party. It was on April 15th, 2009, the day that income tax payments were due for everyone who is not a cabinet member of the Obama administration. Governor Granholm said that those who attended tea parties were part of a radical fringe right wing group. Sound familiar? Anyone who has views not those of Obama are in that category.

Tea parties swept the nation, bringing out huge sign carrying crowds nationwide just as Homeland Security tried to discredit the protest the day before with the release of the "report," "Right wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment" by Obama's Homeland Security Department. It was a liberal smear attempt of the day's attendees and an attempt to paint all those who oppose Obama with a wide radical brush.

But it just wasn't "right wing" Republicans who were there. There were Democrats and Independents who believe that wrong is just plain wrong.

People were expressing their rights of free speech and peaceful assembly. They were tired of being pushed around by Obama's big socialist government, pork, and his spending money as fast as he can print it. This mass national turn out coming after just three months of his administration. There has never been such a large protest in the history of the country coming from non liberal gatherings.

It was from the high up on the steps of the Capitol building that "Joe" could see thousands of disgruntled taxpayers. They covered the entire front of the Capitol building grounds from street corner to street corner as they chanted in chorus, "Nobama, Nobama, Nobama," "USA,USA, USA," and "Vote them out, Vote them out." These chants continually interrupted all of the speakers. They couldn't have cheered and yelled louder and more enthusiastically at a Michigan State playoff football game.

One speaker asked all to get out their cell phones as he gave out the main switchboard number of Congress from the podium, and asked he thousands gathered there to enter it and to symbolically push "Send" in unison as they roared their approval. Most people did, and so many people called that many got an error message that said, "Network Busy" as thousands of calls went to Washington simultaneously.

Joe opened his speech by holding up a copy of tax day's USA TODAY and reading this headline to the large crowd, "Most Americans OK with Big Government." He asked the gathering, "Is that the way you all feel today?" You could tell from the crowd's reaction that USA TODAY hadn't asked this crowd their opinion of big government as they expressed their rage and disgust toward Obama policies. Joe also said to the lively crowd that, "I'm here to talk about common sense. Common sense does not die. It does not get old."

One sympathetic Congressmen, Mike Rogers, and State legislators were seen in the crowd in support, but it was not their day. It was the people's day.

Joe the Plumber

Joe motivates the crowd as he speaks from the Michigan Capitol Steps

A small part of the crowd

Another view of part of crowd

The "old" becomes the new

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