Thursday, August 27, 2009

Frommer's Travel Guide Considering Pushing Arizona Boycott Because Of Open Firearms Carry

Frommer's Travel guide guru Arthur Frommer said yesterday in his blog that he is considering recommending an Arizona travel boycott because of recent open carry of firearms in a non secure area at an Obama speech location there. And what was the police and Secret Service action that was taken to these citizens openly carrying guns there? Precisely what it should have been. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No reaction whatsoever.

Although his travel guide is not urging a boycott, not just yet anyway, Frommer said that he will not travel in any state where people can legally carry loaded weapons in the open as a means of political protest. He believes that this open carry is a "threat to the future of our democracy." He is also afraid of his own personal safety there.

He calls people who carry guns openly at political events "extremists," and asks his readers if a boycott should be put into effect.

He won't travel where there is open carry, but what about his traveling in the states that allow concealed carry?

It may come as a shock and surprise to him that the people carrying guns openly were most likely vastly outnumbered by Arizonans carrying legally concealed handguns at the same place.

But, what about the people who carry discretely and legally in 47 other states where concealed handgun permits are granted, in some states granted more liberally than others?

Perhaps when he finds out when he travels across the rest of the USA that he considers "safe" that he will be surrounded by hundreds of gun carrying people and not even know it. Not knowing that the person next to him is legally armed will certainly make him more comfortable.

Somewhere along the way he may find out that, God forbid, he will be standing next to a little old lady legally carrying a Ladysmith .38 in her purse at a Frommer's recommended tourist attraction, or a union member with a hidden .45 renting a car at a Frommer's recommended car rental agency, or a man in a business suit and his wife carrying concealed his and her's Glocks at a Frommer's recommended restaurant, that he is a just little bit safer when he is among a law abiding, well armed population.

To view his paranoid blog, you must do a search for "Arizona Boycott" on his blog.

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