Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jesse Jackson And Others Up In Arms About Open Firearms Carry At Public Meetings

In the often heard cry, "Its a return to the Wild West," the Rev. Jackson has blasted the open carry of firearms in states where it is legal at places where public officials are present. Several people carried firearms, including a shoulder slung AR 15 in the open at a non-secure area where Obama was speaking recently.

The good reverend, in a statement to an Arkansas TV station yesterday, said that the people who had guns, "...were responding to calls by a right-wing radio host who sought to organize people with guns near the president to make a political point."

Also citing the Homeland Security report, ""Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,"
Jackson exclaimed that, "This isn't just harmless macho posturing. What we are witnessing is a dangerous and toxic mixture of hate groups and laws that allow them to carry guns, even to a presidential event."

Of course, Jackson follows the liberal line that all who listen to talk radio are tin foil hat wearing, mind numbed robots who are programmed to follow electronic orders beamed from talk show radio waves.

And, so what if they did do this on the suggestion of a talk show host? Jackson knows that political speech takes many forms. He himself has used many alternative forms of political speech, but he believes it is perfectly reasonable for him to use his own methods.

Our country is changing, and large numbers of constituents are becoming vocal and sometimes loud as they realize that running this Republic isn't just a matter of voting every two or four years and ignoring what happens in between elections in Washington and state legislatures. The party line isn't necessarily what the people want in reality.

Politicians who have practiced "business as usual" by ignoring what the voters want for years are becoming increasingly and painfully aware that the "business as usual" of ignoring those they represent will o longer be tolerated.

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