Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anarchists and Lunatic Fringe Liberals Have Begun G20 Demonstrations

Where is Nancy Pelosi's outrage today?

Anarchists and Lunatic Fringe Liberals, some wearing masks have begun demonstrations to disrupt the G 20 Summit in Pittsburgh. The would be Rioters are gathered in Arsenal Park and and are moving on into the streets. Pittsburgh is the latest city to fall victim to left wing radical Economic Summit protesters and the damage they will undoubtedly cause. Many businesses have already boarded up, and will be closed several days like they do during a winter storm.

Police have already fired teargas at the mob shortly after 3pm eastern time. Many are marching toward the Convention center to protest. They are targeting 100 businesses, such as Starbucks McDonalds, and Marine recruiting Stations. they have overturned dumpsters already. Police have warned these lunatics that force against them has been authorized.

These demonstrations are in stark contrast to the peaceful Conservative Washington gathering on September 12th. Just look at the TV coverage and see contrasts in crowd demeanor and behavior. Some police there said crowd control at that gathering was the easiest duty they had done in their careers.

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