Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dictators Are Becoming Obama's Best Friends - Libya Wants Him To Be President Forever

As a fellow traveler, Barack Obama, who has managed to impress the Bolivian dictator President as the Bolivian slammed capitalism at the UN in an interview, has also made his mark on Libya's dictator.

In a speech that made as much sense as many of Obama's, Qadaffi said in his meandering and disconnected hour and a half rant that Obama is "Our Son," and "His son." This raises the proverbial question, Does the fruit fall far from the tree?"

He apparently was unaware when he said that he wished that Obama could be President "forever" that unlike himself as the head of he Libyan government, and as much as Obama would like to be President of the world, and King for life here, Barack is term limited. At least for now.

He also called for a reopening of the investigation of the assassination of JFK, blaming the assassination on Israel. He also called the Security Council a "terrorist group." If anyone should know about terrorist groups, it is Qadaffi.

Qadaffi also wants the UN to move from the USA to somewhere that people wouldn't have to fly so far to go to. Many readers probably agree with that proposition and that an appropriate place for the UN would be in the Libyan desert.

Perhaps Obama will reciprocate the Lybian's admiration for him by allowing him to pitch his Bedouin tent on the White House lawn, next to the kid's swing set next year.

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