Tuesday, September 29, 2009

United Nations Still After Your Guns

The UN General Assembly has been in session, and if typical of the UN, some nasty things are probably in store for American gun owners as a result.

The Citizen's Committee For The Right To Keep and Bear Arms (CCKRBA), in a recent mailing, said that The UN is still actively pursuing the guns you own, and the ones you want to buy. Don't count out associated non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as The International Network On Small Arms (IANSA.) IANSA's Rebecca Peters was largely responsible for the disarming of Australians and the associated increase in violent crimes there as a result of criminals retaining and using their firearms in assaultive crimes while the now defenseless law abiding general public turned theirs in for destruction.

Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton has said that one of the the greatest dangers to American's gun rights are non-governmental organizations, such as IANSA. Just consider Rebecca Peters and IANSA's Australian success that they want to use as a model for the United States. There is still a UN anti gun treaty pending here.

CCRKBA reported in their letter that "The Report to the Secretary-General on the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice contains provisions which directly target the rights of law abiding American gun owners. Among the proposals included in the section of the UN report entitled Measures to Regulate Firearms are:

A requirement for hunters to store their firearms in so-called sporting clubs;
Allowing only smooth bore firearms or shotguns for personal protection;
Allowing firearm collectors to possess only those firearms that have been altered so they can no longer be fired;
Requiring firearm owners to establish a need for possessing their guns;
Requiring hunters to obtain insurance before hunting;
Generally to discourage the private ownership of firearms."

Its interesting to note that "weapons" the UN defines as "Small Arms," lumps rifles, carbines, revolvers, and automatic loading pistols into the same classification as exploding bombs, incendiary bombs, hand grenades, rocket launchers, missiles, missile launching systems, light machine guns, and land mines.

Both IANSA and the UN want to ban the ownership of all military firearms too. They believe that would be a good beginning. The military firearms ban paints with their broadest multinational brush and is dangerous. The UN definition of military firearms includes all firearms ever used by a military.

If the UN and IANSA are successful in just banning military firearms, then say goodbye to all the usual suspects you own that anti gun groups are after. Goodbye to Shotguns, 1911 Colts, numerous revolvers, Baretta 92F, the Model 70, the M1 Garand and Carbine, and others too numerous to list.

Taken to a ridiculous extreme, even flintlocks and percussion rifles and pistols would fall under the broad definition of military weapons. But, anything is possible with the UN and Obama. It can't happen? Just consider NYC Mayor Bloomberg recently becoming apoplectic over a man's private ownership of a working Revolutionary War replica flintlock in the Big Apple and refusal to register it. The law specifically exempts this type of firearm from the onerous New York City registration requirement. But the law does not matter when anti gun emotion is involved.

Even the Clintons in their misguided Assault Weapons Ban would not include the M1 Carbine andGarand on the banned list because of the feared backlash from multitude of veterans who served from pre-WWII through early Viet Nam and carried these workhorses. The majority of these vets would have loudly protested the ridiculousness of these guns or any guns for that matter being included in a ban. They would have loved to have brought them home with them when discharged. But, now with the median age of WWII vets at about 87 years old, they won't be around too much longer to argue the foolishness of bans on these guns.

Lest we forget, the attack on our firearms freedoms is still underway and persistent. Its like quicksand- always there. The UN, IANSA, groups like the Bradys haven't given up. And with Barack Obama's shaky hands on the wheel of the ship of state, we must remain ever vigilant.

For more information on the CCRKBA letter about the UN, contact www.ccrkba.org.

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