Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Since They Can't Get Your Firearms Yet, They Have Gone After Your Ammunition

Its been predicted for a long time that if anti- gun groups can't get your guns, then They will go after your ammunition.

Governor Arnold Swartzenegger has done exactly that in signing a new law regulating ammunition sales. The ostensible goal is to track the bullets used in crimes.

Criminals will find another way to get their bullets. It will be where they get their guns...on the street. This is another gun law that will only affect the honest individual.

The Governor said just the week before that he would veto the new ammunition law, thus preventing opposition to his signature. Anyone violating this new law will face a misdemeanor charge.

The new law makes these changes in the way you will buy ammunition in California.

1) It will prohibit the sale of ammunition in a way that allows the ammunition to be accessible without the assistance of an employee. It has to be in a case where the customer has no access. You could have to stand in line to see what you are buying..

2) The dealer must ask for identification each time you buy handgun ammunition and the dealer will be required to record personal information including:

a. Your thumb print

b. Your Driver's license number

c. Your home address and telephone number

d. The brand and type of ammunition that you purchased

e. Your birth date

3) It will now be illegal to buy ammunition online or by mail order. It may become impossible to buy any ammunition not stocked by dealers.

In addition to crippling taxes, crime, and draconian gun laws, this is one more reason for Californians to move to gun friendlier Nevada or Arizona.

Governor Swartzenegger said in signing the bill, "Although I have previously vetoed legislation similar to this measure, local governments have demonstrated that requiring ammunition vendors to keep records on ammunition sales improves public safety. These records have allowed law enforcement to arrest and prosecute persons who have no business possessing firearms and ammunition: gang members, violent parolees, second and third strikers, and even people previously serving time in state prison for murder."

Will this start a new ammunition buying frenzy?

Since the dollar is tanking and gold prices are at new highs, all asset portfolios should include a substantial percentage of investment grade ammunition.

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