Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Got A Nobel Prize- You Should Get One Too

Barack Obama was awakened from his dreams of being King of The World by Robert Gibbs to find out that he has accidentally taken a giant step to that office.

Many believe that the award really should be for the fleecing of the American taxpaying public with his stimulus plans and big spending. No one has ever been able to create a deficit like Obama.

He got the prize simply because he wasn't George Bush.

Obama's prize equals the accomplishments of those recently celebrated for inventing a bra that can be converted into a gas mask and Scientists who determined that beer bottles can crack your skull even when empty.

It rivals the accomplishment of Zimbabwe's issuing banknotes ranging in value from one cent to 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars, a goal Obama is striving to match.

Barack's prize also equals the accomplishments of Mexican scientists who made diamonds from tequila, and four banks in Iceland that failed spectacularly.

He is being commended by the committee for delaying the request for more troops in Afghanistan and his optimism, slow pace, and work for an American failure there. Special recognition is deserved for his plans to close Guantanamo in January, with no place to send its residents. Maybe they can join Ghadaffi and pitch a tent on the White House lawn.

He received special merit for the politicizing and attempted nationalization of U.S. healthcare. Obama says that he receives the award as a "call to action," meaning that he has not completed his quest to completely socialize all aspects of American life from cradle to grave.

Obama plans to donate the prize money to establish a Hip Hop hall of fame on the Washington Mall.

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