Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama's Government Agencies To Push For Gun Control?

The Centers for Disease Control has been trying to get into the business of gun control for many years. The U.S. House cut off funds to the CDC for that almost 13 years ago after complaints that the CDC was trying to get support from the public for gun control and the appearance of joining hands with gun control groups like the Bradys.

The House believed then that the CDC should spend more time on preventing and controlling serious legitimate health issues such as infectious disease. Their mandate may be changing on their own initiative.

What actually is infectious now is the public's fast and furious purchase of firearms and ammunition, causing shortages of both since shortly before the "Golden Age of Obama" began.

Now, the government is at it again with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) currently financing gun control studies leading to implementing it in a more round about way. They are studying whether a neighborhood's having liquor stores put people at more risk of being shot.

There is no doubt a sometimes connection between bar brawls and other unpleasantness such as drunk driving arrests and alcohol use at bars exists. But, Obama and his government agencies want to link bars, alcohol use, and neighborhood shootings.

Making guns a health issue is Obama's latest tactic for ridding the United States of those pesky firearms. Further, if firearms ownership, use, storage, and possession are found to be health issues, then there are serious implications for gun owners.

With healthcare "reform" lurking in our future, Obama, the Bradys, Freedom States Alliance (what a name for an anti-gun freedom group), and other fringe lunatic liberal anti-gun groups are using this opportunity to force gun owners to pay higher health insurance rates if there are guns in the home, the car, and the office.

Lets not forget the additional "risks" that will be promoted and and the extra "health care costs" proposed by these anti-gun groups, and the higher health care insurance costs that Obama and the Bradys are salivating for directed at those who actually use guns at the range, for hunting, those who reload, and keep or use firearms for self defense.

A criminal being shot by a concealed pistol permit holder in self defense or by a gun wielding homeowner shooting a home invader bent on crime is certainly more of a a health risk to the criminal. Maybe the NIH, CDC, and Obama should concentrate on doing a study on the health risks of criminals being shot while they are committing crime. They are certainly more dangerous than the neighborhood liquor store or pub.

Obama, in his magnificent benificience, will require everyone to have health insurance or face consequences, fines, and possible jail time from the government.

Instead of targeting law abiding gun owners, he should charge higher premiums to those who are convicted of using a weapon to commit crimes. He should also charge higher health premiums to gun toting gang members. But, there is a political point to be made and a crisis to be found. Obama will find that a crisis exists. Or, they will create one. The White House believes that a good crisis can't be wasted.

Of course, like always, another law to a criminal is just another law to break.

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