Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Taser Issues A Warning To Its Stun Gun Users

The phrase, "Don't Tase me, Bro," has new meaning.

After many lawsuits resulting from cardiac deaths and injuries, and after many denials of any cause and effect in the use of Tasers causing cardiac events and even death, Taser has made changes in its usage manual.

The company has advised police and other users of the Taser not to strike a Taser target in the chest area with the 50,000 volt weapon.

In a striking departure from the previous company position of denial of any link between Taser use and subsequent cardiac arrest, the company now says that there is a "low probability" of adverse cardiac reaction to a person being Tasered.

With product liability in mind, the lawyers for Taser apparently have advised the company to issue a warning to avoid shooting the chest area to help prevent fatal injury and future lawsuits against the company and persons using the Taser device.

Some states, such as Michigan have made the use of Tasers by private citizens illegal. But, with the liberal handgun permit issuance laws in Michigan, permit holders are free to use handguns to stop an aggressor when a criminal puts Michiganians in harm's way.

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