Wednesday, October 28, 2009

University of Washington Campus Vigilantes Arm Themselves

A College student who has been robbed four times formed a self defense group called “University of Washington Campus Vigilantes.” Their goal was to patrol the area surrounding campus with other students who had concealed-pistol permits. It is currently illegal to carry guns on campus.

The group started a Facebook page under the name of “University of Washington Campus Vigilantes.”

Don't bother going to Facebook to see the page now because it was removed by Facebook site administration due to a "Violation of Terms of Service." They had 15 members before being TOS'ed by Facebook officials.

The group may not officially exist anymore, but students still carry concealed handguns in the area surrounding the University. Students believe that they still need to protect themselves since the campus police department investigated 10 robberies and assaults, mostly against students since the beginning of September.

Anti gun groups are apoplectic about the group's formation. In a Brady blog, they said, "...our movement believes that fewer people carrying guns will help make our neighborhoods safer."

The Bradys also proudly proclaim, "The gun lobby believes the opposite, that the solution to dangerous neighborhoods is pushing more people to carry more guns." They say the students' actions are paranoid.

The Bradys further say that many in the blogosphere make it a point to "Denigrate law enforcement." We are not denigrating law enforcement on this blog. Law enforcement performs as well as it can perform when you consider manpower, distances involved, and time needed to respond.

It is an indisputable fact that you can call 911 and be put on hold. You can call and get a busy signal. You can get an unconcerned 911 dispatcher. You can expect an 8 minute response time in the best of circumstances when you do reach 911.

Just this week 911 in Wyoming, Michigan was called for an emergency response when a neighbor heard frantic screaming at a neighboring residence. The 911 dispatcher told the caller to, "Call back if the screaming continued." A death resulted from 911 non response.

This writer believes believe that, "Police get there in minutes, when seconds count." There is no doubt about that.

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Sam said...

I personally witnessed an attempted home-invasion of our neighbors house when I lived at 4726 17th Ave NE (University District). The UWPD finally showed up after over 30 minutes. Several people had been attacked by gang-members with bricks... One neighbor had a broken septum and went to the emergency room.

After UWPD miraculously managed to apprehend 2 gang-bangers nearby; they were MISTAKENLY RELEASED because of confusion as to whether or not our neighbors wanted to press charges!!!!

UWPD and SPD don't scare anyone. They almost never step out of their cars. When I lived on 17th, there were people being robbed, stabbed, and sexually assaulted on a weekly basis..... Their solution: send more cars, and drive around the neighborhood in circles. Needless to say, the crime has continued.

The Ave Rats and crack-heads need to have FEAR in the form of REAL people, ON FOOT with the ability to blast a hole their freaking face.

Usually, that's the only thing a meth-addict understands....