Saturday, November 14, 2009

30,000 Firearms Destroyed This Week By Venezuela

30,000 seized guns were destroyed by the Venezuelan government last week. Visualize 30,000 guns picked up by a crane mounted electromagnet, and destroyed en masse by one of South America's tightest dictatorships.

Some 30,000 guns were seized by police in 2009 so far. Venezuelan police used blow torches to chop up shotguns and pistols this week. Others were crushed into a five ton block, reminiscent of the way guns were destroyed in Australia. Police apparently did not get an artist to use destroyed guns to make a giant pretzel twisted barreled revolver statue like the one in front of the United Nations in New York City.

Venezuela has one of the world's highest murder rates, and the government blames guns, and not their users for the carnage.

The destruction of the guns forms part of the disarmament and anti gun policies of Venezuela as sponsored by the IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms) initiative headed by Rebecca Peters, a woman who has her eye on destroying all firearms in the United States. IANSA is a "Non Government Entity"(a NGO... remember these letters) that former U.N. ambassador John Bolton said was more dangerous than perhaps the U.N. itself when it comes to gun control and gun destruction. IANSA spearheaded the almost complete gun destruction and disarmament of the law abiding in Australia several years ago, and the associated consequences of increases in violent gun crime there. She is pushing an international treaty here to tie the hands of United States gun owners through a United Nations Treaty.

There are some still 6 million guns in a Venezuelan population of 28 million. These are 6 million too many that could be used against the dictator, Hugo Chavez. But, the murder rate is about 8 times of the United States there. This is from lax enforcement of the law against criminal possession and use of firearms. Dictator Chavez believes that 6 million firearms is 6 million too many that could possibly used against him and his repressive government.

Crime has risen under the Venezuelan dictator, just as it has in "gun free" zones of Chicago and Washington D.C. Socialist Hugo Chavez has had his focus on sharing the wealth there, just like Obama, in his version of poverty reduction as a means to take on violence in poor Venezuelan neighborhoods.


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