Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bear Eats Two Terrorists

A group of four Muslim terrorists camped in a cave to hide, eat, and sleep in Kashmir. But, two of them became the dinner's main course. They didn't realize that the cave they were camped in was actually an occupied bear's den.

The men were cooking pudding, when they were surprised by the hungry bear. Authorities found remains of the pudding and the bodies, along with two AK 47s and ammunition. Two of the men escaped from the cave, but one was seriously injured. They alerted nearby villagers.

There has been an increase in confrontations with bears and other wild animals in the Kashmir Valley since the rebellion against India began. Police confiscated civilian's guns in the Kashmir valley shortly after hostilities began, and this put an end to most hunting.

It is not known if the bear got indigestion, or if their being consumed by a bear qualifies Mohammad Amin Qaser and Bashir Ahmed Saifulla for their 70 virgins.

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