Friday, November 13, 2009

Detroit City Council Members To Carry Concealed Firearms

In a complete reversal of decades old beliefs in Motown, where the City Council was once dead set against everyone, including the law abiding, carrying guns there,
five Detroit City Council members will have Michigan Concealed Pistol Permits, when they take office in January, 2010.

Gary Brown, Charles Pugh, Kwame (no relation to the ex mayor) Kenyatta. and James Tate each already have their Michigan Concealed Pistol Permits. It is reported that Reverend Andre Spivey wants to get one by Thanksgiving. He used to have concerns that legally permitted permit holders would turn Detroit into the Wild West. But, apparently, no more.

Anti gun groups in Michigan, like everywhere else where concealed handgun carry was legalized, claimed that the streets would be turned into the Wild West during every disagreement and fender bender. Much to the disappointment of the would-be gun controllers, that has not been the case anywhere. Even Liberal Governor Jennifer Granholm changed her mind after the success of the Concealed Pistol Permit law in Michigan.

One detroit Council member carried his handgun to a local radio station during an interview about a proposal for the Council members giving up police security to save money.

Some Council members have received death threats. There is a police unit for the City Council's protection; however, any member can ask for and receive their own security if they feel threatened.

Convicted felon and bribe recipient, former Detroit City Councilwoman, Monica Conyers, had her security team go with her at city expense on trips to Orlando, San Francisco, and Atlanta before her bribery conviction.

Some other Council members are still dead set against concealed carry for members, or for anyone else. They sat that Council members' carrying concealed handguns is bad for Detroit's image.

But with the astronomical crime rate in Detroit, their image has nowhere but up to go.

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