Friday, November 6, 2009

Military Base Firearms Regulations Couldn't Stop The Killing

As with any "gun free zone." no amount of laws or military regulations can stop a primal urge to kill, or a Jihadist bent on murder. That just can’t be regulated or legislated away. With that being said, here’s a general look at some military base rules about firearms.

Many people believe that military bases have tight regulations on firearms possession by soldiers. At this time, the policy changes for service members from base to base, but the policy is heavily influenced by state and local gun laws. If there is a general rule, it is that only MP's and civilian base security are allowed to carry weapons on base.

Selective enforcement seems to be the norm, but guns are regulated on most bases. Some installations allow a soldier to keep privately owned firearms in their base housing if they are cased. Those residing in dormitories (barracks) have to store them in the armory. They can be taken off the base if they are cased and unloaded.

Bases do not allow open carry, except for training. However, some members of elite military groups carry firearms, both openly and concealed. Concealed carry for everyone else is absolutely prohibited, even with a concealed carry permit.

Here is a glimpse at regulations at a few military installations.

Civilians are not allowed to bring guns on base.

Firearms are not allowed on the base at any time at the San Diego Naval Base.

Those gun owners stationed at Coronado Naval Base and who live in bachelor’s quarters must make other storage arrangements. The penalty for violating the base firearm policy can include loss of base driving privileges and barring the violator’s vehicle from entering military installations.

Those at Ft Stewart, GA can’t carry one, but can have an unloaded one in a vehicle.

Some base commanders at Ft. Campbell, KY issued orders for soldiers to turn over serial numbers and place of storage of their personally owned guns, but there is no official base requirement to do so.

Some soldiers, sailors, and Marines can actually buy firearms on base. A few Army and Air Force (AAFES) chain stores carry guns. But, the Marine Corps stores carry a good stock of handguns at the larger bases.

Military personnel who are seen with guns in unusual places on a base would be questioned.

And, how did Hasan get his guns onto the Ft. Hood Base?

At a Ft. Hood news conference this morning, a spokesman said, "Soldiers, like citizens are allowed to own and maintain privately owned weapons, and purchase them, and use them for hunting and target shooting. We're looking into, in this case, whether it was registered on the post, which would be a requirement for him to do so, to register it. But, you know random checks are done on vehicles coming in and out of the gate. So, in this case, he could have just brought it onto the installation."

Even if Barack Obama himself issues an order that no privately owned firearms can be carried into military bases ever again, there will still be the same disobedience to the order and the law that was seen in the ignoring of State Law in the Virginia Tech Murders and the Jihadist' shootings at Fort Hood.


Dustin said...

Great post. It is high time such idiotic policies be stricken down, as it is immoral to victimize the very men & women who have fought & died off shore protecting our freedoms by denying them the fundamental right of self protection while on US soil on our US military bases.

Anonymous said...

Since WW1 no solider ( except MP's )has been allowed to carry ammunition on post. Look at you facts before you spout you rhetoric!

jgh said...

"Since WW1 no solider (except MP's)has been allowed to carry ammunition on post. Look at you facts before you spout you rhetoric!"

A second reading by you of this blog will show that this blog addresses firearms on bases, and not ammunition.
But, thanks for your input.

brandon said...

gonna ask you to clarify. i bring ammo on base all the time. i am more than able to defend my on base housing and shoot at the rod and gun club with ammo from any source.

Anonymous said...

Who checks facts? I'm an active duty Army armor. We are allowed to carry private ammo and weapons to and from the ranges on base, as well as the gun shop on base. I can legally buy the same pistol used at the hood shooting (FN FiveSeven) and the ammo from the PX during lunch break (yes, in stock right now). Just a copy of my orders and my CAC.