Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Teen Kidnapped By Armed Gunman..Forced To Buy Them Playstation

While researching another blog subject, we came across this interesting and truly frightening situation a teen found himself in. A Naples, Florida teenager was captured at gunpoint by armed men, and was forced to drive them to a Walmart, where they made him buy them a Playstation 3.

The shopping spree at his expense began when he was kidnapped when he entered a gated community as he was going to visit a friend. It ended inside a Walmart.

He told deputies who came to the store where he was released that he was forced to buy the video game controller just before they got there.

He was kidnapped by the armed criminals when he followed a truck through the gate of a gated community. It had entered through the gate by using the “gate code.”

The truck stopped in front of him, and before he could drive around it, two men, who held an “assault rifle” and a handgun got out of the truck.

The armed men demanded money, and hit him in the head with a gun. They then pushed him back into his car an made him drive them to his house, which was also in a gated community.

They made him take his father’s credit card and jewelry. He was then forced to drive them to a local Walmart so he could buy guns for them.

The gun counter was closed, so they made him buy them the next best thing, a Playstation. They then told him that he was free to leave.

Walmart video security camera showed the young man and his Kidnapper in the store and walking together. Outside video showed him getting help from customers.

The 18 year old who took him into the store was easily identified by the security cameras, and he was arrested on kidnapping and armed robbery charges. Police are looking for three accomplices.

The victim of the kidnapping told police that he is too scared to go back to his home.

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