Monday, November 9, 2009

What Is A Terrorist Attack?

A terrorist attack is like pornography, you know what it is when you see it. Cheney was right when he said America was less safe from terrorists with Obama at the helm, in this first major terrorist attack in the continental U.S. since 9/11. "Allahu Akbar" is the scream heard in Afghanistan, Iraq, Malaysia, the Philippines, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the skies of New York City and Pennsylvania on flight recorders, Fort Hood, and elsewhere in the world when Muslim terrorists kill for Allah.

"God is Great," is something we have all heard terrorists say in their own videos of them blowing up American military vehicles with IED's, and when their snipers shoot Americans. It is what survivors of terrorist attacks report hearing when they happen. It was what was heard when a Muslim U.S. Sergeant killed fellow soldiers in their quarters in Iraq. It was heard in Mumbai as people were butchered there. It may have been heard in the trunk of the car when John Muhammed and Malvo shot unsuspecting people.

And, it was heard in the room at Fort Hood, when 13 people were killed, and over 30 were wounded by Major Hasan. But, this was different. At least that is what Obama, the FBI, and top military officers want us to believe. This, even though Hasan said he supports suicide bombings against U.S. soldiers.

This, from a terrorist who said in medical classes that suicide bombing was justified. A terrorist who posted sympathy for suicide bombers on the internet. A murderer who voiced his opposition to the awars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was afraid of being deployed.

Murders of soldiers, when he believes the U.S. is in a war against Islam. Murders being called non-terrorist in light of his going to the same mosque in 2001 with the same radical Imam as the 9/11 killers, who "worshiped" there.

Fellow doctors and Hasan's superiors heard the words Hasan was saying about Islam, and and would not report the words and actions of the lunatic Hasan. They would not report him for fear that they would be branded "racists, " however; some did complain to no avail. Isn't it is time for political correctness to end? The time is here to fear terrorists no longer.It is past time to say enough. What will it take, a nuke in Los Angeles or New York City? One person can do that, just like one terrorist killed 13 soldiers. Would Obama call a nuke in a big city, made and set off by one person terrorism? Terrorism doesn't exist in his world.

Major Hasan's terrorism couldn't be a pattern of behavior from a man who tried to contact Al Qaeda, and hated being called "Camel Jockey" by fellow soldiers, could it? Terrorism begins with the words "Allahu Akbar."

Army Chief, General Casey, is afraid of reprisals against military Muslims as a result of the latest home brewed Jihad on the base. He believes diversity is very important in the Army. He said this, " As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.” When something like this is top military philosophy, the problem is at the top. Why does he put "diversity" above the lives of American Army Soldiers?

Warning signs of a terrorist must be heeded. And, its at the expense of our soldiers if they're not. How are the rank and file military soldiers and officers reacting to the Joint Chief of the Army's words? All of this reaction is political correctness gone amok.

Hasan was not confused. He was not a good American as his relative called him. He was not a person who "just snapped." He was an officer who let it be known what he really felt, and was promoted after a terrible job performance review. You or I would be kicked out of the service with a performance review like he got. We would be asked to resign our commission. But, that would not have been politically correct. He wanted to get out of the miiltary and couldn't. What evidence is there that he would not have done a similar horrendous act if he were a civilian?

He was and is a home grown terrorist who caused this latest "man made disaster" as it is supposed to be called in the golden age of Obama. He does not want to offend anyone. But, Obama, his government and military brass are not even calling it that. They say it is not terrorism. Its like when they say, " We're from the government and we're here to help you." Its like Pelosi and Steny Hoyer saying the Health "reform" bill will be on the internet 72 hours before a vote. Do you believe them? Do you believe anything the administration says? Ask a ground pounder or a Marine what this at Fort Hood should be called. They will not be so politically correct.

What happened to the end of terrorism and the happiness, hope and change propaganda that Obama supporters promised us when Obama was elected? Wasn't everyone supposed to like us now that this rock star is President? What a deception and lie from the beginning, as is Obama as a whole. But, we have always known that.

Hearing "Allahu Akbar" is hearing a terrorist war cry like the war cries heard when Indians attacked a wagon train. It is someone telling you that they are going to kill you. It is someone telling you that you are an infidel and are going to die because of who you are. No more, and no less. At least the settlers and the military escorts, when present, circled the wagon trains. That was allowed then. It was part of the rules of engagement. Its time for us to circle the wagon train in the 21st century too.

Many are becoming suspicious of Islamic terroristic ideas like Hasan spoke in volumes. Many believe that they have lost whatever trust they have had in our traditional, trusting society.

Some of what he said was just on the edge, but close enough to warrant extra scrutiny and action by police or the FBI. Be alert to suspicious behavior. You know the terrorist patterns as just a layperson. Keep your eyes and ears open. Don't be afraid.

It is time to stand up to terrorism and not be afraid to report suspected terrorists to the police. Hopefully, you will be taken seriously.

Once you are in the middle of a terrorist attack like this it is too late. You will be lucky to have time to do anything if you hear the words "Allahu Akbar." It may be too late anyway if you are caught off guard. That's even if you are armed yourself. We must stop being so politically correct before something else bad happens. This includes government and military officials too.

What will you do if you are in a room, a theater, are on a train, or a plane, or a bus, or anywhere else and you hear a voice yell "Allahu Akbar?"

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