Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"New" Personal Firearms Regulations At Fort Hood

Undoubtedly feeling heat from anti gun groups and the Pentagon, the Fort Hood commander has put a “new” command policy in place that will further make the base appear to be a highly regulated “Gun Free Zone.” What the commander is doing is more forcefully reiterating the base firearms regulations that Nidal ignored. Nadal’s handguns weren’t registered at the Fort as was required for soldiers who want to have private firearms on base. He ignored all base regulations and military and state laws regarding firearms and murder. 
The “new “ regulations set forth how everyone on base must report privately owned firearms taken into Ft. Hood.

Anyone entering the base with a personal firearm must register the firearm with the base, and must declare to gate guards that they are bringing a personal firearm into the base.
The “new” regulations requires all service members and their families who are living or temporarily staying at Ft. Hood to register all privately owned firearms they keep on base.
The “new” regulations say that personnel must notify their immediate commander of their having personal firearms, and keep them in their respective unit arms room.
Service members living on base must notify their commander when they buy, sell, trade, give away, or make any changes in their ownership or long term possession of a personal firearm kept on the base.
All personal firearms carried onto the base have to have post registration documents and are subject to inspection.
The announcement made when the new regulations were issued are specific in saying that they are “punitive in nature, and applies to all of III Corps, subordinate units, and all family members base wide.

All is in response to Major Nidal’s Jihad at the base Soldier Readiness Processing center. He is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder.


Anonymous said...

How idiotic. Not one of these "new" regulations would have stopped the slaughter at Fort Hood.

Patrick Sperry said...

Just what is needed. Another free fire zone for those that refuse to follow the rules...

reeko said...

just got word from my little brother on Ft Riley in Kansas, that the entire base there was given a similar order just yesterday to register ALL firearms - including all owned/kept offbase and/or by dependents living offbase.

since Ft Hood and Ft Campbell got away with it, now it is gonna creep around through all the other bases. fyi, it is ILLEGAL to register firearms in the State of KS.

somebody inform the NRA plz.

Anonymous said...

It would be more effective to require everyone on post to carry period. No other regulations other than open carry would be necessary. This would result in people like Nadal being neutralized within 2 seconds of another attack.