Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama's First Year Full Of Humor...Unfortunately

In his first year, Obama has been a constant source of unwitting amusement to many as he plods through his first year as President. Other Presidents, such as Gerald Ford, have had their moments because of various foibles committed by them during their terms. President Ford had a penchant for falling down Air Force One stairs, much to the chagrin of his press Secretary and to delight of the M.S.M. and Saturday Night Live.

Obama didn’t wait too long for one of the early Faux Pas committed by him. At a St. Patrick’s Day Party at the White House just one month into the age of Obama, the Irish Prime Minister was just a few lines into his speech, when he stopped reading the teleprompter and told Obama that he was reading the same speech that Obama had just read.

Obama took the stage again to save the day, and when he reached the podium, the rogue teleprompter switched to the correct speech that the Prime Minister was to have read. Obama started to read the Prime Minister’s speech, and graciously thanked himself for giving the St. Patrick’s Day party at the White House. Thus was born “TOTUS,” the Teleprompter of the United States.

And, who can forget Obama’s Gift to the British prime Minister? The President received a custom made writing pen, crafted from deck wood from a slave ship from the P.M. Obama reciprocated by giving the P.M. a collection of classic American movie DVDs. Problem was that they were not recorded in a format that European DRVs could use for playback.

To add further insult, Obama, in an early act of Narcissism and cheesiness, gave Queen Elizabeth II a cheap IPod containing some of his favorite speeches.

Of course, there was the promise of the Golden Age of Obama, where many Obamaphiles were led to believe in the following “Hope and Change”

1. You won't have to think for yourself. Oh my God, its so hard to make decisions or plans for one's future anymore. You can depend on President Obama for the rest of your life to do all your thinking and make all decisions for you from now on. If he is too busy, someone who works for him will. What a load off your mind. Just trust them.

2. All your needs will be provided for. Just wait for your monthly government check. As long as there are wealthy people to provide for us and the government printing presses are well oiled, we will never run out of money. As many heard someone else say on Barack's election day, "I never thought this day would come. I'll never have to work to pay for gasoline again. I'll never have to work to pay my mortgage anymore." Well said.

3. Your college tuition will be free. Why should you leave your parent's house and struggle to get a grant or a student loan or pay tuition when everything will be given to you? It's a fact that under Obama you will get a "B" for just showing up in class now.

4. There will be no world conflict because we will all get along now. Everybody loves Obama. Terrorism has begun to end now that the world knows we are harmless. We no longer have anything to fear. All overseas terrorist attacks don't affect us because we live so far away

5. No one will hate America anymore. Everyone knows that the only reason that all the world hated us was because of George W. Bush. He’s gone, problem solved.

6. You won't have to worry about gun violence or crime. Obama is against guns, gun ownership, and is against concealed carry of handguns. His attorney general announced that Obama “has a few things he wants to do with guns.” We can join Europe in making guns illegal. They have no crime problems.

7. Your health care will be free. We are modeling our free health care after the efficient systems in Canada and England. Health care is for the healthy and the young. Valuable resources won't be squandered in treating the elderly because they have lived their lives. He will give every elderly person a Yugo. "Here are some pain pills for you to relax with. Now, Yugo take them."
The Eskimos used to set their elderly outside in the winter when they got too old. Now we can depend on Obama to do this for us.

8. Your housing will be free. There are lots of vacant houses now. If you don't like the one you live in now, you can just move into one you recently vacated on mortgage default. You can depend on Obama, or maybe even you to pay my mortgage for me if I ever need to get one. I might even hand out bumper stickers to you that say, "Honk if I'm paying your mortgage."

9. And, of course, free food too. Some people get free food now, but the program will expand for everyone. Instead of shopping, You will just show up at a government warehouse free super market and get all the free food that you can eat. Please, always be thoughtful and courteous and not take too much.

10. The wealthy will pay for everything. Need he say more?

11. Chicks dig socialists

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Military Loses Track Of Thousands Of Firearms And Other Weapons In Afghanistan

You and I know where all of our firearms are at all times. I know where mine are at every moment. They are locked up or in a secure place. Of course, I don’t have a quarter of a million of them. But, you and I aren’t the United States Government. A U.S. Government investigative report says that of the weapons it has sent to the Afghanistan government, thousands are missing.

You won’t believe the amount of weapons that the Military has lost track of in Afghanistan.

The U.S. has shipped about 242,000 firearms and other weapons to Afghanistan in a four year period ending in 2008. The report says that the military didn’t keep inventory records that were complete for some 87,000 weapons. That’s over 1/3 of the weapons that are unaccounted for. The report says that there were “lapses in accountability” in that period.

The missing weapons include rifles, machine guns, and RPG’s. The military also can’t say where an additional 135,000 weapons that they got from other countries and sent to Afghanistan are, or if they are even still in Afghanistan.

The Chairman of the House subcommittee on National Security has extreme concern for this lapse. He’s concerned that these thousands of weapons may have fallen into Afghan terrorist hands, and that they may even be turned against and used against American Soldiers. How do you explain that to a constituent with family serving in a war zone?

The military can’t even give serial numbers for over half of the missing weapons.

The report also recommends that the Secretary of defense make sure that when weapons are in control of the United States that there are clear accountability procedures. It also says that all U.S. weapons be tracked by serial numbers, inventory, and know where every one is at all times.

This loss is disgusting.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Man Convicted of Domestic Violence Wins In Federal Lautenberg Law Case..Gun Rights Still Intact

A Federal Appeals Court has ruled that the anti gun “Lautenberg Law” is overly inclusive. It’s a win for a Wisconsin hunter. The man was fortunate enough to have Appeal Judges in his case that applied “Originalist” interpretations of the Second Amendment in deciding his appeal.

Steven Skoien was convicted of domestic battery in a Wisconsin state court and was sentenced to two years in prison.

As a result of his conviction, he was subject to anti gun sanctions of the “Lautenberg Law.” Federal Law stated that he couldn’t own or possess firearms or ammunition because of his domestic violence conviction.

He appealed, arguing that applying the additional “Lautenberg Law” penalty to him violated his Second Amendment right to bear arms as explained in Heller.

The Federal Appeals Court ruled that his Second Amendment rights are still intact, regardless of his misdemeanor domestic-violence conviction. The Government Prosecutors just used their own assertive “conclusion” that people convicted of domestic assault were excluded from firearms rights just like felons are. They didn’t use any legal arguments, just their own conclusions. That” lawyer speak conclusion wasn’t sufficient enough for the Court.

The Judges ruled that the “Lautenberg Law” was over-inclusive for three reasons.

First, “The firearms prohibition exists indefinitely.”

Second,” ….it contains no exceptions nor any basis for potential restoration of gun rights;”

And third, “it does not require an individualized finding of risk that the domestic-violence

misdemeanant might use a gun in a future offense.”

The North Carolina State Supreme Court became the first high Court in the country to restore Firearms Rights to a man convicted of Domestic violence earlier this year.

Here’s what got the man into firearms problems. His Probation officer discovered that he had bought a deer hunting license, and suspected he had a gun to use for hunting. They searched his home and found a 12 gauge shotgun, which belonged to his father, and several other guns. He admitted that he had gone deer hunting earlier in the day. They also found a deer carcass in his garage.

His lawyer argued to the Appeals Court Judges that he had the gun for hunting, and not for the right of self defense. This was an argument that worked against Lautenberg firearms sanctions.

The government prosecutors also made several mistakes in the appeal. As basic as it may seem, they didn’t argue that a person convicted of domestic violence or the shotgun he possessed actually falls outside the scope of the Second Amendment as it was understood to be at the time of its adoption.

The Court found it odd to argue that a conventional hunting gun is completely unprotected by the Second Amendment. They also looked to Heller ‘s referring to the founding era’s importance of the right to bear arms “ for self defense and hunting.” The Court also said that a “long gun” used primarily for hunting is “obviously useful” for defensive purposes too. The Judges also noted that Heller said that generally the sorts of weapons protected were those that were in common civilian use for lawful purposes at the time the Amendment was ratified. Nothing in Heller remotely suggested that a standard shotgun is immune from second Amendment protection.

The second mistake made by government attorneys was that they did not assert that a person convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor is categorically prohibited from exercising the Second Amendment right as a matter of founding era history.

The court also noted that scholars, even today, argue if, and to what extent, that persons convicted of felonies were excluded from owning or carrying guns during the “founding era.” Felons were not absolutely banned from gun rights until 1968, although there was a somewhat loose prohibition before that.

So, the Defendant in this case has made a base hit to third with his argument. It remains to be seen if he will round the corner to home plate with the U.S. Supreme Court based on any further action.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Senator Schumer Finds Another Firearms Loophole to Close

New York Senator Schumer finds another firearms loophole to close.

How Do YOU Feel About This?

Here is his press release, and his letter to Attorney General Holder.

"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 16, 2009


Current Background Checks Do Not Raise Red Flags When Someone who Has Been the Subject of a Terrorist Inquiry Buys a Gun - Allowed Fort Hood Shooter to Purchase a Gun Unnoticed by Joint Terrorism Task Force

Schumer Calls for Requiring Immediate Notification to JTTF When Someone who Has Been the Subject of a Terrorist Inquiry Buys a Gun

Schumer: We Cannot Let Another Threat Slip Through the Cracks

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today called on the Department of Justice to require that a red flag be raised when someone who has been the subject of a terrorist inquiry attempts to purchase a gun after reports emerged today that the Fort Hood shooting suspect was able to purchase a gun and pass the background check even though the Joint Terrorism Task Force had reviewed certain communications of the suspect related to a terrorist investigation. Presently, the FBI unit responsible for background checks on gun purchases informs the FBI Counterterrorism Division when the gun purchaser is listed in the Terrorist Screening Database; but that watch list is not nearly inclusive of everyone the government may have concerns about.

“The bottom line is a giant red flag should have been raised when Major Hasan tried to buy a gun. We simply cannot allow bureaucratic firewalls to get in the way of tracking potential threats. The FBI and all branches of federal law enforcement have been working around the clock to investigate this tragic incident and I fully support and applaud their efforts, but changing these rules is common sense.”

Below is the Senator’s letter to the Attorney General:


Dear Attorney General Holder:

I write today with grave concerns regarding reports that the Fort Hood shooting suspect Major Nidal Malik Hasan was able to pass the required federal background check and purchase a firearm without the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) ever being alerted to his purchase, even though Mr. Hasan had repeatedly contacted a radical Imam suspected of ties to Al Qaeda.

It is my understanding that when an individual is buying a handgun, National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) staff checks with the Terrorist Screening Center for hits in the Terrorist Screening Database. In the case of valid hits – where the purchaser in question is the subject of a preliminary or full terrorism investigation – NICS staff can delay the gun transaction for up to three business days and contact the FBI Counterterrorism Division to determine whether those agents have prohibiting information about the individual that is not yet contained in the automated databases.

In the case of Maj. Hasan, according to the FBI press release issued November 11, 2009, the FBI was aware of Maj. Hasan as part of an unrelated investigation being conducted by the JTTF. Moreover, the press release indicates that Maj. Hasan’s communications to the subject of that investigation were subject to inquiry. Given Maj. Hasan was a subject of a terrorist inquiry by the JTTF I find it shocking that no red flag was raised when he purchased a firearm.

I understand that FBI Director Mueller has ordered a full review of the facts and circumstances surrounding the Fort Hood tragedy and will be actively searching for any polices or practices that should be changed as a result of what we learn. I fully support this effort and stand ready to help should further regulatory authority be required through legislation.

The bottom line is that a red flag should have been raised and the JTTF notified when Major Hasan purchased a gun. I am sure you will agree that we simply cannot allow bureaucratic firewalls to get in the way of tracking potential threats.

Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter. I know that the FBI and all branches of federal law enforcement have been working around the clock to investigate this tragic incident and I applaud your efforts.


Charles E. Schumer, United States Senator

CC: Director Robert S. Mueller, III, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Acting Director Kenneth E. Melson, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives"

Saturday, November 21, 2009

27 Anti Gun Groups Beg Obama to Ban FN Herstal 5.7 Handguns

Proving the validity of the “Law of Unintended Consequences again,” Anti gun groups are unwittingly helping to boost the sales of the FN Herstal 5.7 pistol, its ammunition, and high capacity magazines, by asking Obama for an import ban on them. The events of the last 13 months have shown what happens to gun, magazines, and ammunition sales when Americans have good reason to fear draconian changes in our gun laws.

Never failing to further their agendas by using tragedy, 27 anti gun groups have joined together to blame the gun, the ammunition, and the high capacity magazines for the Fort Hood killings. Never mind the mass of evidence that points to the fact that Hasan is a fanatic, Muslim lunatic, and a murdering, Jihadist. Never mind the fact that Hasan was, by all appearances, on a mission "for God" to kill.

Never mind that he probably would have loved to have done the killings with a more traditional Muslim Scimitar, lopping off heads in the Sharia way, or would have used any other weapon he could lay hands on to commit mass murder if he didn't have a FN handgun. Mass murders have been done in Asia with knives.

Never mind the fact that all of his victims were helpless, were unarmed, were in a “gun free zone” that these groups favor, and could not shoot back.

Never mind that, except for the M.Ps, the entrance guards, and during training, loaded guns are absolutely prohibited on the base.

Never mind that murder and assault are against the law.

Never mind that Hasan knew he would face the death penalty for his murders, if he survived, but preferred his “72 virgins.”

This group of 27 gun haters has banded together, believing there is strength in numbers, has written the following letter to President Obama, asking him to ban further importation of the FN Herstal 5.7, the pistol used by Major Hasan at Ft. Hood.

These anti gun groups are in urgent need of some kind of a victory, any kind of an anti gun victory. They are looking for any movement in their thus so far stalled effort toward ending our gun ownership rights. They are seeking any victory, however small or large in the light of their thus far fruitless efforts and failure to totally disarm American citizens. They are becoming desperate.

Will Obama accede to their demands? There’s good reason to believe he will. A ban of importation of this gun would be a further Obama effort to shift away from the politically incorrect blaming of a Muslim terrorist for killing American soldiers. It would be further evidence that Obama blames guns, and not a Muslim terrorist for the killings. He can ban the gun from import, please his political base and contributors, and still seemingly remain opposed to more comprehensive bans. But, wouldn't this be a good first step toward fulfilling his longtime anti gun agenda?

In Obama’s na├»ve world, what does he have to lose in giving a victory to his lunatic anti gun far left base? Of course, the anti gun groups could use any "victory" as a morale booster for the anti gun liberals. They can use a ban like this in fundraising efforts by saying, "Look what we did. We got a ban on the importation of a gun. Look how powerful we are."

Obama is urged to directly and administratively ban the import of the guns and accessories and bypass Congress. He wouldn’t have to get the irksome Republicans in Congress involved. The Freedom States Alliance says that Obama “ With the wave of his pen could ban the foreign made, armor piercing (sic) handgun used at Fort Hood Massacre.”

These groups want the import stopped because they say that the pistols fall into a category of not being, “generally recognized as particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes.” In typical liberal manner, they brand the gun a “Cop Killer,” just like they do your 30.06 deer rifle.

Here's the letter.

“November 19, 2009

The President

The White House

Washington, D.C. 20500

RE: Request for immediate ban on the importation of military-style firearm used in Fort Hood


Dear Mr. President:

The undersigned national and state-based gun violence prevention organizations write to urge you to act immediately to halt the importation of FN Herstal 5.7 handguns and any ammunition used in the weapon that may have the potential to pierce body armor. This gun, originally designed for elite military special forces, is the handgun used with tremendous destructive force to kill 13 and wound 34 more in the tragic shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, on November 5th.

While we urge you to join us in pushing for other much-needed policy changes to help

reduce America's epidemic of gun violence that were also relevant to the Fort Hood shooting, such as gaps in the federal background check system that allow suspected terrorists to legally buy guns and the ready availability of high-capacity magazines (including the 20-round magazines used by the Fort Hood shooter), preventing the importation of any more 5.7 handguns is an important step that can be accomplished immediately through administrative action by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)―without the need for any action by Congress.

Under longstanding federal law, ATF has the clear authority to prohibit the importation

of any firearm or ammunition unless it is “generally recognized as particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes.” (1) This provision of the 1968 Gun Control Act has historically been used to exclude from import many non-sporting firearms, including so-called “Saturday Night Special” handguns, “Street Sweeper” shotguns, and many foreign-made assault weapons. The FN 5.7 handgun is clearly the type of firearm to which Congress intended the import restrictions to apply. (2) ,(3)


1 18 USC 925 (d)(3).

2 ATF describes the types of firearms eligible for importation as “four narrow categories,”

Department of the Treasury Study on the Sporting Suitability of Modified Semiautomatic Assault Rifles, April 1998.

3 According to ATF, “The legislative history shows that the determination of a weapon's suitabilityfor sporting purposes is the direct responsibility of the Secretary of the Treasury [now the Attorney General].

The Secretary was given this discretion largely because Congress recognized that section 925(d)(3) was a difficult provision to implement. Immediately after discussing the large role cheap imported .22 caliber revolvers were playing in crime, the Senate Report stated: [t]he difficulty of defining weapons characteristics to meet this target

without discriminating against sporting quality firearms, was a major reason why the Secretary of the Treasury has been given fairly broad discretion in defining and administering the import prohibition.” Department of the

End Of Page One


FN Herstal originally created the novel 5.7X28mm cartridge used in the 5.7 as

the ammunition for a submachine gun, the P-90, which was designed at the invitation of NATO and in response to military needs for a weapon to be used by troops that would be effective against the body armor that had become a standard accoutrement on the battlefield. In the mid- 1990s, FN created a pistol that used the same high-velocity, armor-piercing round and the 5.7 was born.

However, even the manufacturer recognized that the gun was inappropriate for the

civilian market. In 1996, a spokesman for the company described the pistol as designed for antiterrorist and hostage rescue operations and "too potent" for normal police duties. (4)

In 1999, theNational Rifle Association's American Rifleman magazine stated, "Law enforcement and military markets are the target groups of FN's new 5.7 pistol," adding, "Don't expect to see this cartridge sold over the counter in the United States. In this incarnation, it is strictly a law enforcement or military round." (5)

In 2000, American Handgunner magazine assured the public,

“For reasons that will become obvious, neither the gun nor the ammunition will ever be sold to civilians or even to individual officers.” (6)

Yet, as is too often the case, gun industry profits trumped public safety concerns and today the 5.7 is freely available in American gun stores. In fact, the gun is one of the most popular with traffickers supplying Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) who have nicknamed the gun the “mata policia” or “cop killer.” (7)

FN currently markets a variety of types of 5.7X28mm ammunition rounds for use in the

5.7, some of which clearly have the ability to pierce law enforcement body armor. Ostensibly, the armor-piercing ammunition is not available on the civilian market as the result of a voluntary agreement between FN and ATF. (8)

However, a quick search of the Internet identifies several sources for supposedly banned ammunition.

The ready availability of the 5.7 handgun presents a clear and present danger to

public safety as evidenced by the horrific shooting at Fort Hood. When the 5.7’s

availability is combined with the easy accessibility of complementary armor-piercing

ammunition it becomes not only a direct threat to law enforcement, but a potential national security threat as well.


Treasury Study on the Sporting Suitability of Modified Semiautomatic Assault Rifles, at page 6.

4 “SAS gets handgun that can shoot through walls,” Sunday Times, July 7, 1996.

5 Dan Shea, “Military Small Arms Update: FN’s FiveseveN System,” American Rifleman,

November/December 1999, p.51.

6 Charles E. Petty, “FN Five-seveN,” American Handgunner, January/February 2000, p. 54.

7 See e.g., Indicted: Types of Firearms and Methods of Gun Trafficking from the United States to

Mexico as Revealed in U.S. Court Documents, Violence Policy Center, April 2009.

8 See 2005 ATF statement on 5.7x28mm ammunition at



We strongly urge your Administration to act today to prohibit the importation of the FN

5.7 handgun as well as any 5.7X28mm ammunition that has armor-piercing capabilities (whether or not that ammunition meets the standard of the weak federal armor-piercing ammunition ban). None of these products meet the “sporting purposes” test that is the prerequisite for importation. We urge you to act before these military-bred weapons are used in another tragic incident. Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.


Paul Helmke- Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Josh Horowitz- Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Sally Slovenski- Freedom States Alliance

Robyn Thomas- Legal Community Against Violence

Barbara Hohlt- States United to Prevent Gun Violence

Josh Sugarmann- Violence Policy Center

Executive Director Executive Director-Violence Policy Center

State and Regional Gun Violence Prevention Organizations

Lisa Delity-Chair Ceasefire Maryland

Bryan Miller-Executive Director CeasefireNJ

Shawn Alford-President Ceasefire Oregon

Joe Grace- Executive Director CeasefirePA

Hildy Saizow- Chair Arizonans for Gun Safety

Heather Martens- Executive Director Citizens for a Safer Minnesota Education Fund

Ron Pinciaro- Executive Director Connecticut Against Gun Violence

Alice Johnson- Executive Director Georgians for Gun Safety

Dee Rowland- Chair Gun Violence Prevention Center – Utah

Art Hayhoe- Executive Director Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Thom Mannard- Executive Director Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence

Karen D’Andrea-Executive Director Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence

Cathie Whittenburg- Director New England Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

Jackie Hilly- Executive Director New Yorkers Against Gun Violence

Roxane Kolar- Executive Director North Carolinians Against Gun Violence

Toby Hoover- Executive Director Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence

Abigail Spangler, Ph.D.-

Laura Hyer- Executive Director Stop Handgun Violence – Massachusetts

Jim Sollo- Executive Director Virginia Center for Public Safety

Jeri Bonavia- Executive Director Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort Educational Fund

Patti Koltnow- Executive Director Women Against Gun Violence – California”

Let these people know what you think about their letter.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Anti-Gun Group Bashes Concealed Handgun Permit Holders

A new Violence Policy Center Press Release touts a claim that Concealed Handgun Permits lead to police killings and other murders. This “cause and effect” November, 2009 Press Release claims that, “contrary to the false promises of the gun lobby the simple and deadly fact is that state concealed handgun systems are arming cop-killers, mass shooters, and other murderers."

The VPC also says that Concealed handgun permit holders have killed 8 law enforcement officers and 77 private citizens over a two and one half year period.

That’s 85 people killed by CPL holders out of the hundreds of thousands of law abiding concealed handgun licensees in the country. But, of the VPC numbers, 50 CPL holders were convicted in a 30 month period. And, another 25 cases are being contested and have not gone to trial. These 25 people are innocent of all charges, unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.10 of the 85 were suicides. VPC blames the gun for the suicides, and the fact that the person committing suicide had a CPL, which is a fallacious assertion.

The VPC totals do not include any CPL holders who are charged eventually acquitted of the charges, although guilt by implication is implied because the VPC site details the facts of the shootings.

For example, one CPL holder listed by the VPC was charged with manslaughter. However, a Judge agreed to toss out the manslaughter charge after his attorneys argued that he fired in self-defense under Florida’s “stand your ground” law. But, this man is "Guilty" in the eyes of the VPC.

His story is lumped in the same general category as CPL holders who may have killed intentionally, but he is not counted in their total.

So, is self defense with a firearm objectionable to the VPC? The FBI also says that in 2007, there were 202 self defense justifiable homicides by firearms by private individuals. These shootings that were found to be self-defense were the most since 1997.

Would the VPC deny these people their right to defend themselves from certain death or serious injury by using firearms. The answer is simple….YES.

Another 37 people did justifiable homicides with knives. The FBI says a homicide committed by a private citizen is justified when a person is slain during the commission of a felony, such as a burglary or robbery.

According to the latest FBI statistics, in 2007, there were 10,086 firearms homicides.

The FBI also says that in 2008, there were 9,484 firearms homicides. There were 204 citizen justifiable homicides with firearms. Another 30 did justifiable homicides with knives.

The number of homicides done by CPL holders, as portrayed by the VPC, is very small when compared with other firearms homicides. The total number of people who kill with a gun after going through the background and permitting process and getting a CPL is extremely small, almost infinitesimal in fact , when compared with those CPL holders who do not do violence

Let’s just for one moment be extremely generous when considering the VPC numbers, and consider a hypothetical look at what the VPC claims. We'll compare the number of CPL holder homicides against the total number of firearms homicides. Let’s hypothetically say that all of the CPL killings VPC refer to happened in just 2008 for comparison purposes, and not the30 months VPC used. Let’s put them all in one year and not 30 months. When we compute a percentage of CPL holders who committed homicide in this theoretical period. It’s just 8/100ths of one percent of firearms murders that were done by done by Concealed Pistol License Holders.

It’s not even that much. Part of the total 85 killings by CPL holders that the VPC claims also included killings that happened between May, 2007 and December 2007, and January, 2009 through October, 2009, further diluting the percentages of CPL holder homicides versus total firearms homicides. That’s 77 Homicides spread over 2008 and an additional 18 months of CPL homicides versus all firearms homicides during those additional 18 months.

And, when one considers that there are 80,000,000 firearms owners in America, with some 240 million guns, the 77 CPL holders who VRC killed private individuals over a 30 month period is just 0.0000009 % of all American gun owners. Also, considering the 80,000,000 gun owners, only 0.000185% of those gun owners killed someone with a firearm in 2008.

One intentional and unjustifiable death by firearms is too many. But the solution is enforcement of current laws. If a person is absolutely intent and determined to kill another person, there is no law anywhere in the world that will stop him or her from doing so. Even VPC cannot name one that will stop a person like Major Hasan. One more new anti gun law is just one more anti gun law that a criminal intent on killing or committing any crime with or without a gun will ignore.

VPC also laments the privacy given by the law in the government’s not publicly releasing CPL holder’s names. They say, ”Because most state systems that allow the carrying of concealed handguns in public by private citizens release little data about crimes committed by permit holders, the VPC reviews and tallies concealed handgun permit holder killings as reported by news outlets. It is likely that the actual number of fatal criminal incidents involving concealed handgun permit holders is far higher.”

The VPC has “vignettes” of CPL holder Homicides on their website. But, nowhere in their press release or website do they note the fact that, according to the FBI, there has been on average over 200 justifiable self defense homicides by firearms each year for the past few years.

It's just about no guns for everyone, except the criminals. I'ts a liberal fantasy that they are promoting. Its also a good way to make a living.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Handgun A Month Purchase Law In NJ Also Limits Firearms Dealers To One Handgun A Month Purchases

The now, thankfully, lame duck Governor, John Corzine signed into law the new measure limiting New Jersey resident to the purchase of just one handgun per month.

The "feels good" objective was to cut down on the supply of handguns to criminals. That is, assuming that gang members, drug dealers, and career criminals buy their handguns through legitimate dealers. And, that is not a correct assumption.

But in the fevered liberal frenzied rush to limit handgun purchases, the Legislature also banned legitimate gun dealers from buying more than one handgun a month too.

The law does not apply to Police purchases and Curio & Relic Licensees’ purchases.

Nor, does it apply to transfers of handguns between licensed retail dealers. However, transfers between retail dealers are not where gun dealers get the vast majority of their handguns for stock inventory.

The problem is that it does not exempt dealer purchases from wholesale distributor suppliers, the middle men from where the retail dealers get the majority of their new handgun stock.

So, since they can’t buy from wholesale distributors, they are limited to buying one handgun a month too.

The State’s Firearms task force has asked the Legislature to fix that mistake.

This new law, former Senate Bill S-1774, is known as the one handgun a month law, and as all gun laws do, it only affects the law abiding citizens.

For what it’s worth, even the anti gun Ceasefire New Jersey is for the fix.

But, the Executive Director of Ceasefire NJ's response to a commenter on his blog criticizing his one handgun every 30 days stance was blunt. He said, “So tell me…do you really “need” to be able to buy more than 13 guns a year? Hmmm?

As if “Need” is a Constitutional requirement to buy a handgun. But anti gun groups have never let Constitutional rights stand between them and their agenda.

Some might suggest that we need a law to limit the amount of vehicles a person or a family can own, as this will reduce the number of cars on the road, and cut down on accidents. This is the same tortured logic that Ceasefire NJ uses.


The Senate gave final approval yesterday to amending a controversial law limiting handgun purchases to one every 30 days. One bill (S 3104) would allow need based exemptions to the one handgun a month requirement, allowing people who want to buy multiple handguns from an estate, for a collection or for competitive shooting to apply to the State Police for the ability to buy numerous weapons. Another bill (S 3068) would exempt licensed retailers from the limit. It also would clarify that registered gun wholesalers and manufacturers are not held to the one a month limit.