Thursday, January 28, 2010

Irish Version Of ACLU Says Burglars Have Rights in Your Home When They Invade It

Now, the Irish are weighing in on the proposed change in British law to expand the right of inhabitants to self defense. Ireland's version of our ACLU wants to continue giving their burglars their "protected" status. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties said that changing laws to allow householders to have more freedom to fight back against invaders in their homes would lead to more violent burglaries.
Current British law doesn't allow lethal force against home invaders. Today, Irish burglars know that if householders use more than non-lethal steps to stop their home invasions, that the householders will find themselves in prison, with the burglar himself probably getting probation.

The ICCL is against laws that would justify the use of lethal force to prevent someone from "simply" entering their property. They say that the burglars would come prepared to meet violence with violence, as if they aren't prepared already. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties even said that "Burglars had rights," and one of those rights was not to be killed. But they also said that burglar's rights are diminished if the break into a home and are aggressive.

The practical effect is that the householder  in Ireland has to wait to see if the home invader is going to be aggressive, or if he is armed. By then it is usually too late to act. If he is just there to steal your TV while you are watching it, then you fear the law if you use force to stop him. The ICCL stated that the Law Reform Commission had gone too far in putting the right of defense of property (meaning defense of the home and Irish families) above the right of life.

The Law Reform Commission has proposed a change that would allow householders to use lethal force to keep someone from entering their homes or stealing. there The Commission suggests that the right to self defense extends to their driveways, fields, gardens, and yards.

Just as the Bradys predicted shootouts at every disagreement, and that the U.S. would become a new Wild West with liberalized gun carry laws, the ICCL says that a change in their law would allow landowners to shoot children who steal apples from their orchards. This is extreme warped Brady logic in action. If an American shot children doing this, he would face severe criminal charges, as it should be.  People have been prosecuted and are spending long sentences here for similar reckless r behavior.

One Irish lawmaker lamented that the stress, trauma, worry, and fear he experienced after he was burglarized five years ago has never gone away. He still worries when his wife goes downstairs, and is still alert for her scream.

Home invasion victims should have the state's protection instead of the home invaders having it.

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