Monday, January 25, 2010

One Brit Answers "How Do The British Defend Their Homes From Home Invaders? ...They Can't"

Our recent blog pointed out that the British face criminal sanctions for forceful defense of themselves from home invasions. One Brit, Munir Hussain, got 30 months for breaking a cricket bat over the head of a home invader who tied up his family. He was released shortly into his sentence. British star, Myleene Klass, was recently chastised by police for waving a kitchen knife and yelling at thugs breaking into her property.  
However, another Brit was against all British gun ownership. Here's what he said about the British "gun free" paradise and "free" healthcare, and our response to him.

Gary - Britain said..."We don't want guns thanks very much. Thankfully america (sic) is there to constantly remind us why guns for all is a terribly bad idea. We would rather have the freedom to live without the risk of being shot by a random nutter. In the UK we have the police to deal with crime, not vigilantes. But then we also have a free health care system and 4 weeks paid holidays a year. With a bit of luck one day america will achieve the rights and freedoms that Europeans have.

jgh said...Yes, and you can also be sent to prison for defending your family like Munir Hussain, who was sentenced to 30 months for doing that, and was just released by your appellate court for an "excessive" result in Court. Or, you can waive a knife and yell at teens breaking into your property like Myleene Klass, and be told by police that you have done something wrong. We don't have to leave our sheds unlocked for the convenience of criminals like you do. We really like your "protected" criminal class.You know that there is a move afoot there to legalize fighting back against criminals without liability. At last.

And, under your "free" healthcare that you pay dearly for in taxes and fees,and death. Your colon polyp will turn to cancer as you wait months for a colonoscopy to remove it. If you get Prostate cancer, you will be a dead man before it is treated. Or, you can come to America to pay to have double hip replacement, when you can hardly move because your hips have disintegrated, because the waiting list is too long.

As far as "random nutters," your chances are great that you will meet one in your house because he knows that he can tie you and your family up on the floor, ransack your home, put everyone in fear of their lives, and steal your TV with impunity while you are watching it.

Are you saying that it's OK for only criminals have guns in your house or on the street? Latvians are converting blank firing guns to shoot 9mm, and they are being sold on your streets for 1,500 pounds. These were used in 300 gun crimes last year. Your government even says that your criminals are renting guns.

Law abiding Brits can't have one in the home and defend their families as they are attacked, or are you saying that there are no home invasions there? Criminals will always get guns, even if they have to make them. Criminals believe that gun laws are just more laws to break. Thank God, we had that little unpleasantness with you in 1776, so we don't have to live in such an atmosphere that pervades and infects your Great Britain."

We should have pointed out that, although police do their best, Courts have held that they have no duty to defend you, and police are always there in minutes, when seconds count. 

Perhaps Gary in Britain would rather be stabbed than shot. 

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