Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cuban Residents Must Register Their Firearms…No, This Isn't 1959

It surprises most; however, there are still a lot of privately owned firearms in this Communist paradise.
The Cuban government has announced that there will be a two month long amnesty for those with unlicensed guns to take steps to keep them. But, and there is always a "but" when it comes to gun licensing everywhere, only those who can pass aptitude and psychological tests can keep their firearms. It may be hard to pass those psychological tests because the Castro brothers likely believe that anyone who would want a firearm in Cuba should be declared crazy.

Apparently, it isn't that unusual to find firearms in Cuba, but most are improvised guns, made from household materials, or guns smuggled into the police state. Generally, the only people allowed to have guns in Cuba are the active military and plain clothes " state security agents." The ban even applies to police who have to leave their side arms in a regional barracks or at the station when on leave or vacation. Even military conscripts use unloaded guns for most military exercises.

The state run news agency, Prensa Latina, announced that the amnesty will begin February 12th. No reasons have been given for the sudden "legalization" of remaining personal firearms. However, gun owners have to pay registration taxes, meet acceptable social behavior norms, and meet security conditions to keep their firearms. The licensing process will be facilitated by security and protection agents, detectives, and bodyguards.

Cubans were required to register all their firearms after Castro gave former dictator Batista the boot in 1959. As typical with dictatorships, Cuban police then used the registration list to go door to door to confiscate firearms on the list. Funny how history repeats itself, isn't it? The police even took antiques firearms from their owners.

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